Beacon, New York, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Being free is with creativity is the greatest empowerment in the world. Writing music comes from life experiences. I want people to feel my music. Every situation is a song that has to be bought to life. Why not be the music to your walk and talk . A theme song for everyday would be pretty cool!!!!!


Born in the Bronx lived in Mt vernon but raised all over New York. A lot of my childhood was spent moving from place to place. I found music to be nourishing to my soul. Just put on a song and it would usually be something that would express whatever emotion I was feeling at the time. I have been a Femcee ( Female Emcee) since the age of twelve. I started off with hooks wasn't really sure of what I was doing but I was very intrigued by other female Hip Hop artist. Rah Digga, Eve, Vita, Lauren Hill, Queen Latifa, and Mc Lyte are some of few names that has inspired me to be the best at what I do today.
I started writing my own music when I was about nineteen years old. I didn't want to wait on someone else to write my songs. I needed to master the craft of being a song writer. I love all types of Genre's of music you can always learn something new to enhance your skills. When my songs are played it going be the turning point of Hip Hop.
I have job to do for the future of music. As a woman I have reputation and image I have to keep. I know sex sale but can being a great artist with passion, beauty, and drive also sale. Who knows maybe it can! I just hope the world is ready for what I have to offer.


I have made many songs since the age of twelve .
My first demo was called "Reality Check" it was recorded in 2005. Then I worked on an EP called "Floetic"( Flow Everytime I Clutch). I am currently work on my first mix tape called "Time To Let Em Know" . This is basically an introductory of who I have developed into as an hip hop. I am also working on my album and so many other things. You can hear my music Ready, able, and willing to be that turning point that Hip Hop deserves