Firstlook sounds like U2, Weezer, Maroon 5, influenced by Switchfoot and Relient K. They are a breaking new rock band that wants to use their music to move people into action by inspiring them to reach out and help people.


This isn't your ordinary rock band. Firstlook formed in November 2007. After eating their Grandmom's delicious Thanksgiving dinner, the three Nelson brothers and their cousin Jeff Perry decided to go jam in the garage. After a few songs, the guys thought they sounded pretty good and decided - what the heck? - let's start a band! The four members of the up and coming rock band have known each other a LONG time. "We're like brothers from another mother....except three of us are from the same mother and the other is from our mom's sister," says drummer Johnny Nelson. What?.....
Firstlook's music is positive, appropriate for a wide range of audiences and original. Musically inspired by bands like Switchfoot and Relient K, the band's sound ranges from Weezer-like bro jams to introspective love songs in the tone of U2. Firstlook wants their music and their actions to mean something. They hope that through their musical journy they inspire people to find hope and meaning in their lives. Their debut albulm, La Vie Continue, was released in early January 2009 and the band is excited to see how it will be received by the public.
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Singles "Our Life Story"
Debut Album "La Vie Continue"

Set List

Day Late Dollar Short 2:59
Fighting For Unity 2:32
Second Chances 5:24
Our Life Story 4:27
Dance With Me 5:18
Breaking the Day 3:30
Make Up Break Ups 3:10
Chains 2:58