First Parable

First Parable


Imagine a band that incorporates a steady fusion of indie rock with the acoustic stylings of folk, celtic, and jazz.


Beginning in the summer of 2004, First Parable began playing coffee shops and various venues. The original stylings of their music however, which incorporated more worship and pop, has and is continuing to change.

-Nickel Creek
-The Decemberists
-The Ditty Bops
-Relient K
-Casting Crowns
-Nat King Cole
-B.B. King
-Louis Armstrong
-So on and what not


Odysseus Song

Written By: First Parable

I am a sailor lost at sea,
please come drift by me.
I'm on my own,
but alone is a word not for me.

What you see as loneliness can be
silent words for a love that's between you and me.

Drifting on the silent seas.
(Waiting on the shores nearby)
Dreaming that you're waiting for me.
(Wondering if you're coming to me)
Wishing that the wind will push me
(Praying that you haven't left me)
Closer to a shore that I can't see.
(Closer to a land across the sea)

I've waited so long for a chance just to see you again.
Please be patient, my dear, I'll be home someday.

Up and Down

Written By: First Parable

I wandered down a lonely road
with nowhere else for me to go.
My road was well trodden, truth be told.
I guess fools like me aren't so alone.

Like when rain come beating down a stained glass window, vision gets oh-so-blurred.

Like a trampoline, everything is bouncing all around.
Like a trampoline, everything is bouncing up and down.
Up and down, up and down.

Do you believe in life after death?
When understanding fails, does certainty catch its breath?

Now the rain's still beating down upon your window, making patterns in the glass so unpredictable. I still say that faith is only true when you don't know when your lonely roads will end.


Written By: First Parable

I stand in a hallway
of what's gone before me.
Here are pictures upon the walls.
Each frame a memory
of good things and bad things.
A hallway of rights and wrongs.

One picture I see
of what's gone now.
A boy and girl on the aged wall.
And that's when the boy leaves
the girl and the green leaves
are red as the summer falls.

See this young boy drift away.
Will I see him again?
A thousand times I've seen his face.
Will I see him again?
Will I see him again?

How I've lied, and I've tried
I've tried to say goodbye.
Through my eyes, there she cries.
Please let me say goodbye.

I stand in a hallway
of whats gone before me.
Here are pictures upon the walls.
Each frame a memory
of good things and bad things
but bad things invade these hallways.

See regret slowly fade away,
replaced by forgiveness for myself.
A thousand times I've seen her face.
Now the walls of the halls fall down.
I turn around.

These hallways are nothing.
Learn from your mistakes,
but apply these mistakes always.


(Summer '05)Our First Show: EP
(Winter '05) Silent Nights In Snowy Places: EP

Set List

45 min. Set:
-Nickels and Dimes (instrum.)
-Up and Down
-Odysseus Song
-Autumn Leaves
-Sea of Troubles
-Not So Simple

1 Hr. Set:
-Not So Simple
-The Other Side of the Wardrobe
-The Sun Will Still Rise
-Sea of Troubles
-Autumn Leaves
-Love Psalm
-Be Thou My Vision
-Nickels and Dimes
-Odysseus Song
-Up and Down