First Tiger

First Tiger

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

First Tiger mix echoes of early American jazz and French chanson, filtered through a contemporary Scottish feel.
These are songs that make you want to dance and damn well fire your imagination.
There's a lot of care and detail in here if you've got the time... or you can just sit back and smile.


First Tiger: after a few years of living in various places around the world Primo and Shorts, one summer in a beach house in the south of France, arranged their songs for a two man acoustic act and took them back home to Glasgow.
At their first open mic night they were spotted by a local gig promoter and offered their first show.

After playing venues of all sizes around the city they started to recruit a rhythmn section playing the full band versions of the songs as they were originally intended.
As well as regular live performances they've continued to write new songs and develop and expand their sound.

Most recently they've begun to play with a trumpet section to recreate live the full complexity of the songs as they've been recorded. They've also begun to work with a string section on arrangements of songs by Jacques Brel - a performer close to their hearts.

Taking their cue from musicians like Duke Ellington, the Tigers like to dress for the occasion and would happily take a train around the world and play in a different town every night of the year.

Set List

Walking on air
For Pete's sake
Take care
Smiley's funeral
No struggle
You should learn to keep your mouth shut
The party's over
Other people's taste