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The best kept secret in music


"Covered in Flames, Until you come around again."

I'm half-convinced there's something in the water in Ontario.

It seems to me that almost every single rock band that comes out of that province is absolutely flawless. There's a certain "Canadian sound" that you can sample in bands like Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, and a young band called First Time Fallen.

Even though the band is comprised of a handful of twenty somethings, the band sounds like it's been crafted over the last decade. One of my favorite "shower bands," (the albums you listen to while you're showering so you can revel in the alleged greatness of your voice which is really just a product of amazing acoustics) this band hails from Burlington, a hotbed of musical intensity.

There's nothing about this band that doesn't come close to perfection. The vocals soar over the crushing guitars, bruising melodies and heartwrenching lyrics- this is one of those bands that you cannot help but rock out to. By the end of the first track, you're guaranteed to be singing into your hairbrush microphone to your imaginary audience of thousands.

You know those rare moments in songs where you have that surge of electricity in your soul that screams, yesss yesss, one of those moments that can only be described with devil horns?

This band will make you want to do that with every song they play.

- Music is Art

"CD Review: Your Vietnam EP"

First Time Fallen
Your Vietnam

Kill the lights, listen to the newest EP from Toronto’s own First Time Fallen and kick yourself for not listening to this album sooner. Their 2005 release “Your Vietnam” is a follow up to the success of their ’04 release “The Spectacular View From the Ground to the Sky” (Independent) which earned them both radio play and the ever-coveted ‘buzz band’ designation among Toronto’s mainstream gate-keepers.

Reminiscent of all the things that made Silverchair and Incubus a solid figure in the world music scene, FTF hold all the key technical elements necessary to make it out of the sea of independent obscurity. Their originality stays noticeably in-tact throughout the album, a feat seldom achieved in this genre. While not lowering the grit and balls to accommodate the mainstream, the sound is strong and unapologetic from start to finish.

Indication that the band is very capable of thinking outside the box, FTF has also drawn influence from various samples and synth elements making for a dynamic approach to hard rock that is no doubt going to contribute to their success with a wide range of discriminating genres now embedded in the ‘Rock’ category.

Look for more from First time Fallen as they play live shows in Toronto and the GTA all summer long. Forgive yourself for not knowing about this band sooner, go see them live, youÂ’ll be glad you did.

-Farren Whittaker - -Farren Whittaker

"CD Reivew: The Spectacular View... EP"

First Time Fallen
The Spectacular View From the Ground to the Sky ...

by Allison (everydayfear)

Favourite Tracks:
About Tomorrow
Covered in Flames
Forever and a Day
First Time Fallen has put a lot of time into carving themselves a niche in the musical hotbed that is Burlington, Ontario. Over the past few years the band has successfully secured a loyal following and respect among their peers. However, having only produced a three-song demo in 2001, they’ve remained a bit of a local phenomenon.

That is about to change.

Though it took longer then planned to come to fruition, 2004?s The Spectacular View From the Ground to the Sky is definitive proof of age-old adage? Good things come to those who wait.? With any luck, this masterpiece will help the band forge their way onto the national scene.

I’ve never spent a better ten dollars.

Technically speaking, the recording and production are a cut above even some of the best major label albums I’ve heard. The effort and care put into every song is evident, and the quality impressive. The guitars are carefully layered, but not to the point of overkill. The solos are tasteful and never detract attention from the overall song. The melodies wind themselves into your soul while the soaring bass lines and vigorous drums command your attention. The result of the forgery of these elements is a full-out wall-shaking rock album.

The strength of this band undoubtedly hinges on the phenomenal talent demonstrated by each of the four members. There is, however, something particularly endearing about the vocal tracks. Lead singer John Kirby enunciates with such passion and intensity that you can’t help but feel his words with every ounce of your being. With emotions ranging from utter desperation to heartfelt apologies, these songs cry the listeners name and bleed at their feet.

The structure of the songs verges on the brink predictability, but the bands penchant for dramatic pauses and unexpected timing changes makes them anything but uncreative. Just when you think you know what is coming, you’re caught by an attack on the cymbals; a bass solo; a vocal wail.

Never let your guard down.

Perhaps the most powerful song on the album, About Tomorrow was an instant hit with me. The strong and steady vocals are complemented perfectly by an amazing combination of dramatic bass lines and climax-building guitars. The drumming is quirky and unique, and injects the song with an unfathomable amount of energy. One of my favorite moments on the entire album is the delivery of the line ?I hate this weakness and I can’t be that strong.? Kirby’s voice tears through me with such force that I want to scream every time I hear it.

Another surefire hit is the sullen and beautiful Covered in Flames. A heart-wrencher if there ever was one, First Time Fallen bares all on this song with lines like? Awake, covered in flames I’ll wait, until you come around again? The versatility of the band is evidenced by their ability to take the listener on a roller-coaster ride of emotions in a mere four minutes. The ambiance changes flawlessly from pained and delicate to strong and commanding. The result is a feeling of deep involvement and a yearning to hear more.

These are truly songs that must be listened to at high volume and with a willingness to be engaged. First Time Fallen has raised the bar for indie musicians everywhere, and nothing about this album could make me give it less than 5/5.

- (Allison)

"CD Review: The Spectacular View...EP"


by Kristyn (Avarice)

Favorite tracks:
Covered in Flames
About Tomorrow
Through Wicked and Wise
Maybe I’m a fool, but I believe there is no better music than Canadian alternative rock. There is a certain flavor to it that is really powerful and much more precisely crafted than alternative rock from any other country. I have many bands from Canada that I’ve been in love with for years- Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, etc etc.

So when I first listened to First Time Fallen’s disc, The Spectacular View From the Ground to the Sky, (one bonus point for a kickass album title), I wanted to be really hard on it so I was sure I wasn’t biased. So I was. I wrote it off quickly as a cliché trite, run of the mill rock band. Yawn, I said, I’ve heard this before.

But I was wrong. This album is intricately woven- every instrument is incredibly well-played and not a single one is shoved into the background. The result is a resonating, almost overwhelming harmony that makes your heart rise along with the climax of each song. Listening to this disc through headphones is the ultimate experience, though I loved listening to it full blast in the car the other day. I sang at the top of my lungs with my eyes closed (no, I wasn’t driving), basking in the adrenaline rush that listening to good music gives you. The harmonies on this disc soar- it’s easy to feel like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster while listening to this disc. It was good therapy- music with lyrics I can easily apply to my own life (About Tomorrow? is my mantra at the moment) helps me to heal.

I have two complaints about this disc, however. First, Still is painfully disharmonious. The verses are whiny and droning and the slowed down vocals clash with the high tempo melody. It’s one of those songs that you dislike for reasons you can’t easily explain- every second of that song grates on my nerves. I tried to like it- I listened to it over and over again, trying to find things about it that were good. Unfortunately, the only thing that happened was that it got stuck in my head and I’d growl to myself every time I started to whine the words out loud. I was going to take off points for this song, but truthfully, the rest of the disc is so stellar that it makes up for one flop.

My second complaint is that the disc is entirely too short. Seven songs? (Eight if you count the hardcore kickass hidden instrumental track) I always feel cheated when the CD ends, like a small child stomping her foot at the end of an amusement park ride. It can’t be over already! Lets do it one more time! I listen to the CD at least twice all the way through (skipping Still of course) and I’m never wholly satisfied. I wish there were at least 4 more songs on this disc- at least then I’d feel like I’d gotten my socks fully rocked off. Of course, I’m not taking points off for that, but I want the boys to know that the next disc they put out has got to be long enough to sate my need for rock.

I’m still going to nail them for sounding like an Arnold Lanni Production, though no one ever said Lanni doesn’t know how to make a great record. Okay well people have said that (Matthew Good comes to mind), but he’s churned out some of my favorite artists so I might be little biased. Regardless, this is a really solid effort and a must have for any alternative rock fan, particularly any fans of Canadian alternative rock. I assure you that you cannot be disappointed in purchasing this disc.

- (Kristyn)


Kaleidoscope LP - 2007 (Coming Soon)

1. Maims
2. Your Vietnam
3. Entertained
4. Murder of a Storeowner On a Dark City Street
5. Demri's Inside
6. Subvert Submission
7. Crosses & Badges
8. The Compound
9. Lights Off
10. Kaleidoscope

Your Vietnam EP - 2005

1. Your Vietnam
2. Subvert Submission (Live)
3. Kaleidoscope (Live)
4. Confinement Insanity (Live)
5. Murder of a Storeowner on a Dark City Street (Live)

The Spectacular View from the Ground to the Sky - 2004

1. Until I'm There
2. Forever and a Day
3. Confinement Insanity
4. Covered in Flames
5. Still
6. About Tomorrow
7. Through Wicked and Wise


Feeling a bit camera shy


What you discover about yourself and the world around you, the way you interpret old and new perspectives of your life. What you learn and will learn through the wicked and wise.

Not the pressure that makes you resist conformity, not the raising of your middle finger with a salute of "FUCK YOU" to the rest of the world. Not a push to sway your individuality. Its a choice you make, when you choose to learn, from your First Time Fallen.

In the summer of 2001, an entity known as FIRST TIME FALLEN appeared. An entity designed only to exist as a reflection of human behavior and scream with melodic cries at the sites it sees. Taking its form in 4 residents from the Toronto suburban city of Burlington, Ontario, the entity engulfed them in passion for creating solid post alt/rock music the likes of Silverchair or Finger Eleven and would shape this young brethren. Bound them tighter then unified hate, to grow stronger as friends, as a one. This manifestation, a catalyst that would be responsible for the release of a 3 song demo in 2002, would be the first steps of an infancy leading FIRST TIME FALLEN to its feet and the recording of their debut EP titled, "The Spectacular View from the Ground to the Sky". (2004)

With the release of "The Spectacular View from the Ground to the Sky", FIRST TIME FALLEN exposed countless numbers of onlookers in and around Toronto, at Universities and Colleges, to popular rock venues in Ontario (London, Guelph, St. Catherines, Hamilton), anywhere its cries would be heard. Latching itself into the minds and ears of students and fans through college radio station interviews and the occasional intimacy of acoustic communication FIRST TIME FALLENs rock pressing of 500 CDs was quickly out of stock.

Tired but knowing more needed to be exposed, FIRST TIME FALLEN would regroup, reevaluate and consume more, releasing "Your Vietnam"(2005) less than a year later. A live EP that contained the title track and 4 live songs recorded at The Reverb in downtown Toronto. FTF would again set out to promote its creation, this time taking it to a new level where the band received airplay and interviews on the FM dial most notably Edge 102 (Toronto) and Y108 (Hamilton). Over the next year FTF pressed on, touring behind both EPs and took part in the Indie Rock Shmooze Fest, Rogers Spring Music Festival and Burlington's Sound Of Music Festival.

Currently, FIRST TIME FALLEN is in rest, finishing its 1st full length album, "Kaleidoscope", recorded, and produced by the band and is scheduled to be released in the Summer 2007. Tour dates for Kaleidoscope will be announced soon.