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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock




"NEWS: First You Get The Sugar Release Music Video for “Foreign Lands”"

Montreal’s very own, First You Get The Sugar have just released their newest single and music video for “Foreign Lands” off their upcoming full EP to be released on October 28th, watch the video for “Foreign Lands”, also have a peek at the artwork the band has shared below. - Confront Magazine

"[Big Takeover Magazine] First You Get The Sugar - Foreign Lands EP (Self-Released)"

12 November 2014
by Cody Conard
Montreal’s First You Get The Sugar have all the makings to be the next indie darlings. On their new Foreign Lands EP, they show off a stylish, polished brand of pop, injected with a dark and stormy undercurrent. The four piece display a varied bag of influences, and in turn create something entirely new and utterly infectious over the course five songs. The opener, “Foreign Lands,” is all at once danceable, rocking, and even a little post-gothic, like the poppier child of Bauhaus. It’s followed by the even darker “To Be Great,” which does a marvelous job of folding in layers of synths.

“Real Burnout” is, perhaps, the most surprising song here. Disregarding the broodiness of the EP before and leading no clues to the contemplative sound following it, it may at first sound out of place, but it is nevertheless a strong highlight here; a rave-up undoubtedly inspired by proto-psychedelic, _Revolver_-era Beatles and the mod posturing of The Jam. “Kick It” is the softest and most subtle song here, a moody acoustic number with absolutely beautiful harmonies, and the final song, “Point Reyes” brings back to mind the earlier songs on the EP, but it also much more relaxed and melancholy comparatively.

Without spoiling any more of the delights to be found within this little body of work, the best way to experience Foreign Lands is really just to listen to it. It’s now available from the band for free on their Bandcamp. - Big Takeover Magazine

"[Largehearted Boy] Daily Downloads"

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First You Get the Sugar: Foreign Lands EP [mp3]

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Reptile: Something and Nothing EP [mp3] - Largehearted Boy

"[CHOM 977 FM] P on Music: New releases from Rancid + Montreal's First You Get The Sugar"

P on Music: New releases from Rancid + Montreal's First You Get The Sugar - CHOM 97.7 FM

"[The Scene Magazine] First You Get the Sugar Album Launch – Montreal Live Review"

First you get the sugar – La Vitrola – Nov 1st 2014- Photo by Andrej Ivanov
After years of going to shows, seeing many bands, many different genres, and many festivals, I can safely say that seeing a band launch it’s first album is usually something I enjoy more than a 30 minute set at a festival. The reasoning is simple: the band usually gives it their all. First You Get the Sugar did no less than give their utmost back to their fans. They showed that it doesn’t take a full house to have screaming fans. As a matter of fact, the people that were there were loud enough to be heard from the entrance of the small, cozy venue. And if you ever doubted a musician’s dedication: playing an acoustic song with a bandaged up hand is no small feet. Mick Mendelsohn was able to pull it off, despite one or two pained winces.
The set list consisted of some old songs, and many off the band’s new EP, Foreign Lands. The jazzy/folk sound the band has come to call their own – and quite a nice blend of Montreal sounds at that – is one that resounds throughout their entire set list. To boot, every member of the band plays more than one instrument. Every member sang and had his moment in the limelight, taking center stage while leading the rest of the band. It never felt overbearing. As a matter of fact, it felt quite refreshing to hear so much variation and to see such teamwork from a band.
The band, at the end of the night, delivered a solid set, with a decent enough presence considering that it was the night after Halloween, and definitely launched their album in full force. These Montreal boys are setting the path for a very successful career. - The Scene Magazine

"[Exclaim!] First You Get the Sugar 'Foreign Lands' (EP stream)"

By Greg Bouchard
Montreal's First You Get the Sugar are an FM radio rock band, which means more today than anyone could have imagined 10 years ago. As listening becomes more and more the realm of laptops and headphones, First You Get the Sugar are writing songs for blasting at parties, driving with the windows down, and doing shots in bars. It's music for sharing, but in the way that you share a pitcher of beer, not a Facebook status.

Foreign Lands is their third EP, and it brings a major leap forward in their sound. Its five songs feature nuanced, catchy melodies that are underlined by the band's good ear for when to throw in a guitar solo. The lyrical themes range from political to downright fun, always aiming for big, relatable stories and experiences. It's the kind of stuff that could get fluffy in lesser hands, but these guys know what they're doing.

The fully independent EP comes out on October 28, but you can stream it now on down below, where you'll also find the video for the release's title track.

Look for First You Get the Sugar in New York for CMJ on October 23 and in Montreal for the official EP release party at La Vitrola on November 1. - Exclaim!


First You Get The Sugar‘s Foreign Lands EP has a classic rock foundation with a modern indie rock twist. In some ways, this combination is unoriginal. There’s something interesting about the way they approach this formula, though. None of its five songs stick to the same style of classic rock as the one before it. This variation is easily explained by the fact that the band has three main vocalists and songwriters, who each sing the songs they’ve written. They also often switch instruments on the record and in a live setting. The only exception to this is drummer Daniel Moscovitch who instead plays a second role behind the soundboard, mixing all of the songs on Foreign Lands.

The EP’s opening title track sounds like a 90s alt-rock hit. Its cool and calm intro eventually leads to a noisy crescendo without losing any of its groovy, melodic appeal. “To Be Great” is the most modern of the bunch and sounds like it could have been written by the current Arctic Monkeys lineup. “Real Burnout” kicks off like an early metal song but moves back and forth between that aggression and the beauty of a 50s rock ballad. The word “fuck” makes enough appearances in the song’s lyrics to convince the audience of its modernity and reinforce the band’s subtle but undeniable tough rock ‘n roll attitude.

“Kick It” is ironically the tamest song on the EP. Its acoustic-based folk sound is beautiful and the lyrics are deeply personal. There is something fragile and honest in Mick Mendelsohn’s voice on this song. Differing greatly from his singing in “Real Burnout,” it separates itself from the others. Stylistic diversity is definitely Foreign Lands’ greatest strength. Paying homage to older styles of music without sounding generic is a difficult task and First You Get The Sugar has found an innovative solution to this problem.

Foreign Lands will be available online as of October 28th and First You Get The Sugar will be celebrating its release at La Vitrola on November 1st alongside fellow Montreal rockers The Frisky Kids. In the meantime, the first single, “Foreign Lands,” is available for free on their website and has an accompanying music video. - Bloody Underrated

"[AUX TV] PHOTOS: POP Montreal 2014"

Exclusive photos from POP Montreal 2014.

Photos by: Andrej Ivanov, AUX TV - AUX TV

"10 Montreal Made Songs To Enjoy While Drinking On A Terrasse"

Let’s set the scene for this playlist: you’ve just arrived to your favorite Montreal terrasse, you’re surrounded by some good friends, and you’ve just ordered your first drink. What better way to really set the mood for your night out on the town than music made right here in Montreal?!

We have such a diverse music culture in the city, and no doubt there is a song for every kind of music lover created right here, in this place we call home. These 10 songs are not only by some great MTL acts; they are 100% feel good tracks to really set the mood for your evening. Terrasse drinking just might be one of our favorite pastimes in Montreal (sangria after work, anyone?!) and we’ve got the perfect playlist for you; from indie to electro, check out our top picks.

1. I Died So I Could Haunt You by Stars

Genre: Indie
Why you’re drinking to the song: The electro/indie vibes will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head in the first 30 seconds. Stars is just one of those bands that can put anyone in a good mood- the drinking on a terrasse definitely helps!

2. Passing Out Pieces by Mac DeMarco

Genre: Blue Wave/Indie Rock
Why you’re drinking to the song: It just kind of seems like everything on Mac DeMarco’s latest album ‘Salad Days’ was created to be enjoyed in the summer with a drink in your hand. ‘Passing Out Pieces’ has such a laid back, relaxed vibe to it, there was no doubt it had to be on this list.

3. Without a Map by Sam Roberts

Genre: Indie/Rock
Why you’re drinking to the song: The title of this track is enough to throw all your worries away and prepare you for an adventurous night out with friends. Not too crazy, though. Terrasse drinking just feels right with Sam Roberts blending into the background of your evening.

4. Ready to Start by Arcade Fire

Genre: Indie/Rock
Why you’re drinking to the song: The name of the song kind of says it all (Ready to Start… Drinking?!) but in all seriousness, this track off their critically acclaimed album ‘The Suburbs’ is a favorite and go-to for a feel good song. See also: Rococo off the same album!

5. Mission Bell by Le Trouble

Genre: Rock
Why you’re drinking to the song: This band is just getting started in Montreal, and this is the track you need to be listening to by them, without a doubt. You’ll be the crazy person dancing around the terrasse with your glass of sangria because, damn, is it ever catchy (and fun!)

6. Just a Beat by Maridee

Genre: Future Soul/R&B
Why you’re drinking to the song: Independent artist Maridee creates such a unique blend of soul and R&B. This particular track keeps you guessing, but keeps you interested the whole way through. One thing’s for sure while this is playing though; you are feeling really good, and this girl’s voice is just so smooth.

7. Come Alive (ft. Toro Y Moi) by Chromeo

Genre: Electronic
Why you’re drinking to the song: Chromeo’s latest album ‘White Women’ is a great 2014 release leading into the summer months. The high energy tracks are perfect for a hot summer day; this particular song featuring Toro Y Moi is just one of many worth playing on a nice terrasse.

8. Drinking in L.A by Bran Van 3000 (JPOD and the Funk Hunters Remix)

Genre: Alt/Rock/Electronica
Why you’re drinking to the song: This is probably the most classic feel-good Montreal song there ever was. You might not be in L.A, but you’ll definitely be drinking and singing along when this is blaring in the background!

9. Disco Volante by First You Get the Sugar

Genre: Rock
Why you’re drinking to the song: These guys have a bit more of a rough, edgy sound to their music, with some seriously catchy melodies. Request this track if you’re on a date and order another round of drinks- it’s got that late night feeling to it!

10. Who You Are by Misstress Barbara

Genre: Pop/Dance
Why you’re drinking to the song: Ladies, this song is going to make you want to get up out of your chair to enjoy that drink. It’s fun, catchy, has cute lyrics, and it’s the perfect way to get a night out really started with your girl friends. - MTL Blog

"[Montreal Gazette] From Arcade Fire to Tofu Stravinsky: Soundtrack of the year"

Danceable, sophisticated wavoids First You Get the Sugar have a self-produced EP due, and shows in the works. - The Montreal Gazette

"[Hot Soupe] First You Get The Sugar + Elephant Stone at Divan Orange"

First You Get The Sugar entered the stage. They are a four piece, with a drummer, two guitarists and a bassist. The bassist and guitarists all share vocal duties more or less equally, and they frequently switch instruments throughout their performance. Their set was that of some intense genre-bending, as they would switch styles from song to song and even from riff to riff. The styles ranged from 50s rockabilly to surf to modern indie and beyond. There were even some parts where one guitarist would play a particular style while the other guitarist played a different one, much like how a DJ mashes two songs together with turntables. I could, however, detect a strong Beatles influence among the vocalists, which made for a very interesting mix when applied to the music they were playing. I was definitely nodding my head and moving to the music while they performed, and I highly recommend that you go see them.
- Hot Soupe

"[The Main Montreal] NEW SOUNDS: First You Get The Sugar's "Point Reyes""

Posted by Sarvenaz Amir-E. × April 30, 2013 at 2:39 pm

It’s been non-stop busy times lately for our booming local rockers, First You Get The Sugar. Ever since they released their first self-titled album, the climb towards success has been a steady and consistent one.

From being selected to record at Converse’s Rubber Tracks Studios back in 2011 (which made them an obvious choice from there on after for Converse’s pop-up studio sessions during Pop Montreal 2012), to getting interviewed by CNN, MTV, CBC Radio, and having an article written about them in The Gazette, the band’s had a lot going for them, and they’re showing no signs of relenting.

To further this point, First You Get The Sugar recently took part in CHOM 97.7 radio station’s Shows To Go sessions, and had the chance to play CHOM listeners a brand new, yet to be released song called “Point Reyes”. It’s ridiculously addictive, a dash poignant, and mostly very respective of their soulful classic rock roots.

The band graciously made the song available for FREE download, for a limited time. If you click here, you can get direct access to it, and share it with the rest of your friends! - The Main Montreal


First You Get the Sugar at The Garrison
They were followed by Montreal’s First You Get the Sugar, a band whose stage uniform of blue jeans and matching white t-shirts with their faces printed on them may come off as a bit gimmicky, but underneath the goonish shenanigans lies a carefully developed melodic finesse. Being able to play the best bar mitzvah-come-reggae anthem complete with high kicks and frequent tempo changes just demonstrates their instrumental prowess. Equally adept at storming high-energy garage rock as they are soothing vocal harmonies, FYGTS’s set left a very good impression. Able to comfortably channel a wide variety of influences into their own unique humorous sound, First You Get The Sugar can definitely claim to be one of the best Simpsons reference bands playing today. Also, I cannot help but add, they had their grandparents in the audience, which was super cute. - Demo Magazine

"[Montreal Street Fashion] First You Get The Sugar @ Divian Orange"

First You Get The Sugar has really taken things up a notch since first seeing them in 2011? Their rise has brought them to NYC, MTV, NXNE, POP Montreal and Indie Week Toronto to only name a few. Progressing their classic rock and blues funk to a more garage dance party with experimental synesthesia on the coast of some island filled with clean-cut beardos and head banging west coast grungers tapping toes unsure if they should break out in full swing. I, of course, indulged n front row self-love, not that is uncommon for the boy who jives on the metro. With riffs that take you up mountains and down canyons I am eager to see how sweetly FYGTS grows.
- Montreal Street Fashion


Just around a week ago, I introduced a fresh new indie band from the busy city of Montreal. First You Get The Sugar have hopefully made its way onto your iPods. However, if it hasn't, here's your chance. This down-to-earth and oh so kind band hailing from my hometown has just recently released a new song up for grabs 100% free.

Featured on Montreal Rocks on CHOM, the link for download is right here. Get it now before it's too late. Don't miss out on discovering this band that's sure to emerge from the small screen and make it big in the indie world. - Indecent Xposure

"[INDECENT XPOSURE] Indie Find: First You Get The Sugar"

In search of discovering a new indie band? Think you're hipster and cool? Well look no further. First You Get The Sugar is fun, danceable, happy and funky. If you haven't heard of them yet, then oh boy have you been missing out.

Continue reading... - Indecent Xposure

"[New Music Ten] Last Night’s Culture Snap: First You Get the Sugar at The Garrison"

First You Get the Sugar. And that’s it. That’s all you need for this recipe. After that well, you know what Tony Montana says right? No? I’ll let you google that then. Go on. I’ll wait. OK, maybe we’re mixing up a slightly different recipe here. Slightly.

First You Get the Sugar is an incredible band outta Montreal who really knows how to stir things up (see what I did there? OK I’ll stop). They sure did at Toronto’s The Garrison last night – constantly rotating lead on the mic and hardly standing still on stage. Check ‘em out and see if I steered you wrong.

- Henry V/Culture Snap - New Music Ten

"VIDEO: CHOM Shows To Go"

First You Get The Sugar
CHOM Shows To Go - CHOM 97.7 FM

"[Scene 1245] Lancement d'Elephant Stone:"

En second lieu, First You Get The Sugar; cet autre groupe local, qui commence très sérieusement à faire parler de lui, nous a également offert une prestation digne de ce nom. Servi par une versatilité et une énergie sans pareilles, la bande a décliné un entraînant mélange des genres; on est alors passé de la Power Ballad à l’Arena Rock, en faisant un crochet par la country et toute influence rock qui se trouvait sur le passage. Voici un groupe solide, grandiose dans l’exécution, et étonnement modeste. À suivre également, de très près. - Indercent Xposure

"[Montreal Gazette] Mark Lepage 2013 Montreal Band Preview"

Danceable, sophisticated post-wavoids First You Get The Sugar kicked the year off with a show last Friday in Divan Orange and will troop out to CMW and NXNE and release new material without a fixed date yet. Can’t go wrong with three-part harmonies.

- Montreal Gazette

"Indie Week Band Of The Day"

Montreal’s First You Get The Sugar has spent 2012 making the festival circuit supporting the release of three new songs recorded at Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, NY. Late last year, the band won the opportunity to record tracks with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Geoff Sanoff (Green Day, Beirut, The Sheepdogs), which they then had mastered by Andy VanDette (Rush, David Bowie). The dancey, feel-good tunes posses indie swagger that channels the likes of Tokyo Police Club and Franz Ferdinand. Polished, poppy beats that sound slick and ready for a remix. Fresh off their Pop Montreal performance, this is a band that will be fun to watch and will likely make it decently far in the judging portion of the festival.
- Indie Week Canada/Toronto Music Scene

"[Montreal Gazette] Pop Montreal 2012, Day 3: First You Get the Sugar, O Patro Vys; TOPS, Jef Barbara, Cabaret du Mile End; Hollerado, Casa del Popolo; The Darcys, Club Lambi"

There was First You Get the Sugar, with a striking maturity for players this young. Not every group in this town can deliver three-part harmonies and sophisticated songwriting laminated to brilliant singing. They all sing, but Alex Silver’s voice is a special instrument. Also special: watching him wrangle successfully with his mic and guitar strap in Hanna, and win on all counts. Late in the set, a piece called Three had almost too much going for it, a knockout built on elevated songcraft and a striking lead vocal. - The Montreal Gazette

"[Indecent Xposure] Pop Montreal: A Pulse Music's Heartbeat, Pt. 1 (feature)"

I also ran into Montreal’s very own First You Get The Sugar, who’s music is made of brilliant festive rock, and who has had three of their singles recorded in Brooklyn’s Converse Rubber Track Studio and engineered by Geoff Sanoff (Beirut, Green Day, Nada Surf). After telling us a about their recording adventure which took place last December, the guys also let us know about some rad Halloween tradition involving playing an album “cover 2 cover” (past edition included Strokes and Weezer albums) we are so looking forward to this year, with the surprise not having been yet unveiled. Love, love love. - Indecent Xposure

"[The Gate] Video: First You Get the Sugar on Converse Rubber Tracks at NXNE"

During this year’s North by North East festival in Toronto, Converse brought the mobile edition of their Rubber Tracks music studio to Canada for the first time, giving musicians a chance to work with Converse’s team of exceptional engineers.
On Friday, June 15, I dropped by the studio, which was set up inside Mushroom Studios on Queen West, and had a chance to tour the space and meet two of the bands–both Montrealers, for the record–who have been involved with Converse’s Rubber Tracks. Down in the studio, Nash was working on a track for his next album, and upstairs, First You Get the Sugar were relaxing and preparing for their performance that night at the festival.

Watch the interview with First You Get the Sugar below, who talk about how they found out about the Rubber Tracks studio, and what their plans are next. - The Gate

"Masterdisk Presents: First You Get the Sugar"

First You Get the Sugar is an exciting young band from Montreal who are building an impressive career through sheer hard work, talent and positive energy. Their first, self-titled album was mastered here at Masterdisk by Andy VanDette last year, and it’s a powerful, polished statement of power-pop and classic rock intent. Not “classic rock” so much in terms of the genre, but “classic” in terms of offering those key elements we all look for in great rock: excitement, hooks, and maybe a touch of danger. The band made a big impression on us here at the studio not only through their music, but by their friendliness and positive attitude. Since that first album, First You Get the Sugar recorded three songs at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn and brought them to Andy for mastering — all in a whirlwind three-day period. One of those songs is attached below. I hooked up with the band’s drummer, Daniel Moscovitch, on Facebook to discuss the band’s career so far. If you’re in Toronto for NXNE you can catch the band tonight at the Wrongbar. - The Masterdisk Record

"The Converse Rubber Tracks Experience Heads To Toronto For North by Northeast 2012"

The official NXNE festival showcases will feature artists such as Purity Ring, Killer Mike, Rival Schools, The Men, as well as Converse Rubber Tracks recording artists First You Get The Sugar. - Canadian Newswire

"[Forget The Box ] First You Get The Sugar Ticket & Album Giveaway!"

For a chance to win tickets all you have to do is tweet this article, or tweet at the band prior to the show! We will be picking a winner at 7:00pm Friday eve.

Fresh off their performance at Canadian Music Week, First You Get the Sugar is launching their newest single, Hannah, this Friday at O Patro Vys!

First You Get The Sugar are quickly becoming one of Montreal’s best and brightest up and coming bands. Their grooving tunes combined with their catchy lyrics are helping them build a name in the city, but it’s their vision as modern day musicians in a changing musical landscape that is really going to help them succeed in the future. The band understands that in today’s market, on top of the music, a band needs to reach out to their fans and the community to make an impact. That`s exactly what they have been doing since day 1.

The latest way they are connecting with their fans is by giving away a pair of tickets to their show tonight as well as their latest album.

For a chance to win tickets all you have to do is tweet this article, or tweet at the band prior to the show! We will be picking a winner at 7:00pm Friday eve.

The show is being put on by Indie Montreal, who is graciously offering the tickets. Check them out for lots of great shows.

First You Get The Sugar + Daniel Isaiah
Friday, March 30, 2012, 8:30 pm
O Patro Vys (356 Mont Royal E.
10$ or 34$ for 4 tickets
- Forget The Box

"[CHOM 97.7FM] First You Get The Sugar Dropped By This Morning"

Montreal band First You Get The Sugar dropped by the CHOM studio this morning to chat about their new single and how they made their way into the music world.

You can listen to the full interview on the player to your right.

You can also find out more about the band here. - CHOM 97.7 FM

"[See Them Play] Canadian Music Week 2012"

Winner of the very official See Them Play CMW Best Band Name award, Montréal's First You Get The Sugar (did you pick up on The Simpson's reference?) revved up a sea of bobbing bodies at the be-twinkled The Painted Lady on Wednesday. Devilishly defying being pigeonholed, FYGTS jumps playfully from grungy punk rock to disco (yes...disco), with effortless flare. Fans old and new can catch these rascally rabbits live at their single release party for "Hannah", March 30th at O Patro Vys in Montréal. - See Them Play

"[Spinner] First You Get the Sugar Play 'Tight Tunes' at CMW Music Festival"

You might think of 'The Simpsons' reference when you see Montreal-based First You Get the Sugar's name in print, but hearing them play live will change all that.

Last night at their CMW performance at Toronto's lively disco ball-adorned Painted Lady, many people got Sugar-coated. First You Get the Sugar's style defies easy description (so does their name, explained in our Weird Band Name at CMW feature). They blend bits of rock, pop, soul, funk and at least one kitchen sink. They're a jam band without the yuck factor, groovy but never ironically so.

"We all have pretty eclectic tastes," Mick Mendelsohn told Spinner.

"People bitch about being force-fed pop music on the radio, but the flip side to that is that anyone with an active interest in music has more exposure to a diverse array of sounds than ever before. Ask anyone what kind of music they like and nine times out of 10 they'll say 'everything.' We're no different; our goal has always been to distill all our influences into a coherent style."

And that style had Torontonians dancing in a bar on a Wednesday night. As far as accomplishments go, this is on par with cracking the Enigma code machine.

Sadly, the band's set was a scant eight-songs long, which is fairly standard for CMW. Happily, they closed strong. 'Always Wrong,' featuring lead guitarist Alex Silver prominently on both guitar and vocals, was a heart- and show-stopper. While the band has no designated vocal frontman (Silver, Adam Kagan and Mick Mendelsohn all take turns), Silver brought some old-school rock star swagger (and serious skill) to the stage.

First You Get the Sugar might be representative of what the Montreal's scene's sound is or is becoming these days. In contrast to the aughties when the Dears, Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire and various other bands defined what Montreal sounded like, FYGTS are actively trying to explode that notion.

"There are so many brilliant musicians in [our] city, and great bands like Arcade Fire and Sam Roberts and Islands come from here, yet so many acts that have become synonymous with [Montreal] seem to take pride in sucking," said Mendelsohn. "The worse you are at playing, or singing, or writing, the more hipster cred you get. The whole hipster scene is like the Emperor with no clothes. We don't think this is indicative of what Montreal has to offer. It's tight tunes vs. tight pants." -

"[Spinner] CMW 2012: From Connoisseurs of Porn to Cowpuncher, Why 10 CMF Bands Picked Such Weird Names"

Your band’s name is First You Get the Sugar. What’s that all about?

Mick Mendelsohn: "Got to credit my bandmate Adam Kagan for the name. Ironically, he hates sugar. Maybe for reasons unexplained he wanted us to be the common link between 'The Simpsons,' 'Scarface,' 'Mary Poppins' and cocaine. I suppose depending on the success of the band we'll either be a 'Jeopardy' question or a Carnac joke."

So what does getting some sugar actually sound like?

"Instant gratification and euphoria. Later followed by uncontrollable cravings and ultimately, obesity." -

"[Converse Music] Buttery Canadian Pop"

Montreal-based band First You Get the Sugar play tight, rhythmic, new-wave-influenced pop compositions with infectious hooks—basically, the kind of songs you hear and then wonder why they aren’t hits. We spoke to guitarist/vocalist Adam Kagan and bassist Mick Mendelsohn about the perks of self-releasing an album, working with Andy DeVette, and, of course, their favorite TV show. - Converse Music

"[Citeeze] Keep an eye on their multifaceted rock!"

Montreal's First You Get The Sugar are, as you probably already suspect, named after something Homer Simpson said in one of the greatest episodes from the golden years of that erstwhile great show. And yet, not only for that: "We didn’t want to be a 'The' band," says bassist Mick Mendelsohn.
Me, my mind's in merchandising heaven.
I suggest that given the moniker's origins and its relative cachet with people of a certain age and pop culture literacy, the band might want to make their merch reflect the little in-joke. Maybe a t-shirt with the snippet, "In America..." across the front, if you get my meaning.
Mendelsohn wasn't having it, however. "Literal representations of a band’s name probably shouldn’t dictate the direction of their artwork," he says. "I mean, take Arcade Fire, The Beatles and Sam Cooke. I have t-shirts of all three, and none of them feature a blazing inferno, insects, or a guy making pancakes."
Two things, here, speak to me: One, Mick Mendelsohn ain't playin' and two, someone needs to design an Arcade Fire shirt featuring, say, a charred, still-smoking Arkanoid unit.
But I digress.
If you've spent any time on St. Laurent Boulevard anytime in the last few years, you've seen FYGTS flyers affixed to, well, lots of things. You've probably heard 'em play their brand of winning, multifaceted rock that's more than a little bit poppy and even a tad dance-y. Hell, you've probably had a beer and shot the breeze with them.
What you probably haven't seen is a certain world-weariness. Case in point: Asked to fast forward ten years in the life and times of FYGTS, then look back and tell me where he thinks the band will be, Mendelsohn replies, "Happy but unsatisfied, wise but curious." My question requested a literal, career-specific answer; he offered a philosophical, existential one. This, clearly, is not a band bent on international sell-out superstardom. Rather, they're decidedly more akin to that third-line winger who does his job, never makes mistakes and always comes through in the clutch. Sure, maybe my Canadian is showing, but so's theirs (even though there is a Californian, guitarist Alex Silver, in their midst).
"Every band that makes a name for itself usually has a different story," Mendelsohn says, getting back on topic. "With the record industry in decline, there’s no longer any single template for how to make it. Even what it means to 'make it' is up for debate."
And then the coup-de-grâce: "For us, I think we’d just like to be able to turn on as many people as possible with our music and still be able keep our cupboards stocked with Pringles and vodka." - Dave Jaffer @ Citeeze

"[Montreal Gazette] Montreal bands: Keeping the flame burning"

Danceable, giddily hooky First You Get The Sugar are likely headed to NXNE, Canadian Music Week and SXSW, have conducted interviews with CNN and MTV News, and will release three new singles between January and the summer recorded at Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn. So they’re going places.

- The Montreal Gazette - By Mark Lepage

"[CBC Radio One] First You Get The Sugar"

Members of the Montreal band First You Get the Sugar visited host
Frank Cavallaro in studio on January 5th.
The band just got back from Brooklyn, N.Y, where they were recording
at Converse Rubber Track Studios.
- CBC Radio ONE

"[CNN] Converse searches for music 'All-Stars'"

Converse searches for music 'All-Stars' - CNN

"[Montreal Gazette] First You Get the Sugar: The name might confuse, but the music doesn't"

MONTREAL - It’s a you-get-it-or-you-don’t proposition. If you’re a Simpsons or a Scarface fan – or preferably both in combination – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. If not, well, you wouldn’t be amiss in thinking that the members of Montreal’s First You Get The Sugar shot well wide of the net when it came to selecting a title for their grand musical endeavour. Either way, they’re happy.

“People in tune with The Simpsons get it pretty quick,” observes drummer Daniel Moscovitch.

“While others still don’t understand what it is,” chimes in guitarist Adam Kagan. “Which is good – I say go rent Scarface, then watch The Simpsons, and then you’ll understand.”

The band name (a multi-tiered riff on the famous movie line by coke-dealing Scarface protagonist Tony Montana – which, paraphrased, states “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women” – and then co-opted by Homer Simpson in an episode dedicated to that other pricey white stuff, sugar) is not the most attention-getting feature of the foursome, however. That would be their music.

Officially a going concern since the launch of their self-titled, eight-song debut in May of last year, First You Get The Sugar – rounded out by bassist Mick Mendelsohn and guitarist Alex Silver – have been waging a campaign of conversion made easier by multi-pronged writing that successfully synthesizes a variety of styles. Post-punk, new wave, classic rock, ’60s pop and ’70s soul/funk all settle into the deep groove that cuts through the composing. Add to that the fact that, for all intents and purposes, the band has three lead singers in the form of Kagan, Mendelsohn and Silver, and that’s a lot of guns in one belt. They also come armed with a mission statement.

“We want songs that you could play with an acoustic guitar in front of a fire … if you had to,” declares Kagan. “But in the context of the band, it becomes something that people can dance to, something that has a groove to it.”

Perhaps more so than for most bands, which is perhaps a testament to the depth of their references, what and who they sound like is a matter of some debate. The topic of artist comparisons elicits a wary “Hmmm …” from Moscovitch.

“That’s a dangerous question,” laughs Kagan.

“It really depends who you ask,” says Moscovitch. “I had a friend say that we’ve got Dave Grohl drumming, The Beatles doing harmonies, some Strokes rhythm guitar and then a Queen guitar solo. So I guess our diverse tastes come together and just advance everything forward. We’re all deeply aware of the last 40 or 50 years of music, and we feel it’s important to know what came before us to know what to do next.”

“Someone said we’re like Franz Ferdinand meets Yes,” adds Kagan. “I loved that one – it made me so happy!”

Not to let the air out of anyone’s happiness, but there’s no sense tiptoeing around it: there’s more than a little Maroon 5 in the mix as well. In the best possible way, of course.

“Yeah, sometimes we get that, too,” concedes Moscovitch. “Everyone has their ‘I hear this’ or ‘I hear that’ ideas, and the most fun thing about that is we get to look that person in the eye and say, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’ Whatever the influences, chances are they’re absolutely right.”

It’s a crazily confident place for a band to be at this early juncture, and the unapologetic posturing has not gone unnoticed. First You Get The Sugar were among the first to get the love from Converse’s new Rubber Tracks recording program, which launched last summer and offers worthy bands two days of recording at a top-shelf, full-service studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. – complete with engineers and set-up crew – all for free. Just ’cause.

“I think one of the greatest moments of the trip,” recalls Kagan, “was when we finished our first live-off-the-floor takes and walked back into the mixing room and the engineer, Geoff Sanoff – who’s worked with Green Day and Beirut – looked up and said, ‘Whoa, you guys can play!’ ”

Indeed, after 48 hours of bouncing around the Rubber Tracks studio, First You Get The Sugar fully completed two tunes: the pretty and propulsive Pearson (if McCartney suddenly finds he’s missing a song, he’d be wise to start looking here) and the serrated, decidedly post-punk Hannah, as well as what Moscovitch describes as a “sort of secret third one that we want to slip out as a surprise – the song’s called No Surprise.” The plan is to release said songs one at a time in the lead-up to the summer, employing them as calling cards for the spate of festivals they hope – perhaps intend is a better word – to be performing at.

“We’ve got Canadian Music Week in March, and the CMJ Music Marathon in New York in the fall,” says Moscovitch, “and we’re hoping for SXSW and NXNE. I don’t see why not at this point. The momentum for shows and festivals is building, and once you do one or two, others start to come through. Hopefully there’ll be some Osheaga and Pop Montreal, maybe a little Bonnaroo - The Montreal Gazette - by Jamie O'Meara

"Episode 7 Dan from First You Get The Sugar talks Rubber Tracks, CNN and MTV with The REaktor!"

Dan from First You Get The Sugar Updates us on the band's RUBBER TRACKS recording experience and their new singles! - CJLO 1690 AM Montreal The REAKTOR

"VIDEO: First You Get The Sugar perform"

Montreal band First You Get the Sugar rehearses the song Pearson (about being delayed in Toronto's cavernous airport). The band recently recorded some new tunes at Converse Rubber Track Studios, in Brooklyn, N.Y. Video by Vincenzo D'Alto/The Gazette

Read more: - The Montreal Gazette

"MTV News: 01.09.12"

MTV News: 01.09.12
"Converse Music" segment
includes interview with First You
Get The Sugar - MTV News

"Interview With First You Get The Sugar Jan 5, 2012"

Homerun Playlist for January 5th, 2012
3:16 “This Song Saved My Life” by Simple Plan
3:26 “Jet Lag” by Simple Plan
3:40 “Claire” by Rheostatics
3:45 “I Wanna Go to Yemen” by Bidiniband
4:15 “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder
4:50 “Tell Your Mama” by First You Get the Sugar
5:16 “I’m Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO
5:27 “Astronaut” by Simple Plan
5:45 “Pearson” by First You Get the Sugar - CBC Radio ONE Montreal

"[Midnight Poutine] Call & Response: First You Get The Sugar"

Call & Response is a series of Q&As with bands, artists, and random people we dig that live in Montreal, visit here, or have some dubious connection to the city. This week, we were lucky enough to catch up (if only virtually for the time being) with Mick Mendelsohn, guitarist/vocalist of the local rock quintet First You Get The Sugar, just in time for their single launch this Friday at O Patro Vys. Delivering true Canadiana and an amazing early childhood story, read on to learn a bit more about this musical Montrealer.

1. Who is your favorite Canadian artist?
Ever? Neil Young. Leonard Cohen. The Band. Hawksley Workman. Depends on the mood I guess. Paul Anka! It's kind of sad that most Canadians are embarrassed by our musical tradition, as if all we've got to offer is some sort of bizarre Rita MacNeil-Anne Murray CBC Yuletide nightmare.

2. Besides family, friends, other music, and long walks on the beach, what influences your music the most?
Slingshots, jets, explosions, springs, hammers, stew. No joke, these are the things bands talk about when they build songs. Or at least we do.

3. Some members of First You Get The Sugar have played together in various other combinations/incarnations in past years, including the Dust Jackets and Slippery Peat. Are you guys completely fresh, or do you dabble in the work of those other bands?
You draw on past experiences for sure. First You Get The Sugar was originally an amalgamation of my old group The Rhythm Method and Adam's band The Dust Jackets, which I was also involved in. We used to play some of our old songs, but not so much anymore. Both of those groups were good, but this one is on a whole different planet. So yeah, we keep the produce fresh.

4. Where is the best place to listen to your music?The best place to listen to all music: in a car.

5. What do you love most about Montreal? Do you guys call here home?
This city has personality. I came from Vancouver to visit some friends who were going to McGill and seven years later I'm still here. Something about Montreal fosters a culture that's more inclined to leisurely and artistic pursuits, as opposed to say Toronto, which is more career oriented. Montreal might be the coolest city in the world.

6. What do you love most about poutine?
The anticipation.

7. What do you hate most about poutine?
Squeaky curds and remorse.

8. What was the first live concert you attended? Was it everything you had ever imagined?
Ray Charles when I was two. Supposedly my parents took me backstage and Ray Charles lifted me up. Not sure if I believe it myself, but the folks swear it's true, so there you go.

9. What's the best way to spend one million dollars in 10 minutes?
Make change, fill a giant room with coins, and swim in it like Scrooge McDuck. Save just enough to buy the Kubrick Collection. [Ed. note: best answer to this question yet. I always wondered whether Ol' Scrooge would hurt himself on that initial dive, though].

10. What's the best place you've ever been to?
Sinai at dusk. Memphis is pretty great, too.

11. What's the worst place you've ever been to?

12. How did you spend your 16th birthday?
To paraphrase the greatest Paul Simon song never written: drinkin' in the park after dark.

Make sure to check out First You Get The Sugar this Friday at O Patro Vys, and stay tuned for their album release later in the spring. - Midnight Poutine

"[Exploremusic] Explore Music Podcast"

Sully checks in with Taking Back Sunday while they were in Toronto, plus Cyrus from New Found Glory joins the show to talk about their new album, Radiosurgery. Plus new music from First You Get The Sugar, Bon Iver, and Drew Smith. -

"Interview With First You Get The Sugar"

Episode 2 First You Get The Sugar Interview on The Reaktor. 11/18/11 - CJLO 1690 AM Monreal

"[Delete Bin] First You Get The Sugar Play “Tell Your Mama”"

Listen to this track from nervy nouveau new wave nabobs with a dancefloor fixation, the Montreal-based four-piece First You Get The Sugar. It’s a highlight from their upcoming debut record, “Tell Your Mama”, a tune that mixes rock instrumentation with post-punk attitude, in turn with a danceable groove that will get everyone up under the lights and onto the floor. - The Delete Bin

"[Newdust] First You Get The Sugar"

For those of you in the Montreal, QC area, come out tonight and celebrate the launch of First You Get The Sugars’ debut album at Divan Orange. For the rest of us, check out the disco-infused “Tell Your Mama” below, and click here to download a free copy of the single “Sabre Rattlin.” These guys are young, energetic, and are sure to put on one hell of a show so don’t miss the launch party if you’re in the Montreal area. Doors open at 8:30, you can get your tickets here. -

"[Baeblemusic] t.g.i. mixtape 100 - Friday, March 25, 2011"

7. First You Get The Sugar - "Sabre Rattlin'"

This is another Montreal band that you've likely never heard of but should probably start paying attention to due to their sheer awesomeness. "Sabre Rattlin'" is just one of the many catchy tracks from the band's self-titled debut album that will be released on May 17th.

- Baeblemusic

"First You Get the Sugar's debut album a Tasty Treat"

First You Get the Sugar. No I do not mean kisses and lovin’ in its direct form; but rather a Montreal-based band—whose debut self- titled album was released this May. It is available on iTunes—and listening to it sure is a musical treat. Instant gratification in the best way. San Francisco’s own Alex Silver, who attended high school in Marin and graduated from McGill University in Montreal, plays guitar on the eight track album. The band is already getting great coverage on Montreal radio stations, in reviews of their album, and of their rollicking CD launch show.
The band honed their stage presence and craft leading up to this CD release through all night shows in Montreal, and even the occasional “Cover 2 Cover” shows; jamming through full albums of some of their favorite bands such as the Strokes. Silver (guitar and vocals) has loved the Beatles since he was a child, and their influence is felt in the instant appeal of First You Get the Sugar’s sound, but also the classic formulas of pop music found in their choruses and music. He explains that their all-night shows really let them learn “-how to function with each other as musicians and how we all function together with the crowd. So many of our musical idols--the Beatles, to pick an obvious example--cut their teeth doing these kinds of until-3 or 4 am rave-ups. So we did that, and we also worked hard at getting something really well-crafted and polished musically for our album.” Band-mates Adam Kagan (vocals and guitar), Mick Mendelsohn (vocals, bass) and Daniel Moscovitch (drums) are all native Canucks, hailing from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal respectively. Their debut album was mixed by Glen Robinson (The Ramones, The Tea Party, Keith Richards) and mastered by Andy Van Dette (David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Beastie Boys).
Their music is poppy enough to get your feet stompin, but enough rock and lyrical emphasis to leave you asking for more. This is not the work of a group of college graduates wanting a fun side project—in fact, most of the band members have played in various bands for years prior to this album release. This is a smart, incredibly catchy, and stunning first effort. Silver explains that growing up in the Bay Area shaped his outlook on creating the music he plays today: “There's such a great open-mindedness there, and such a great history of music and culture. There's no way that me growing up steeped in that didn't influence who I am. Growing up there, you feel like you're part of the whole extended world and not just the little town you call home. Even the geography--you drive 10 minutes to the top of a hill and you see the whole Bay Area and the Pacific Ocean stretching out in front of you. I remember as a kid looking out over that ocean, pretending that I could see Japan, and just being fascinated by the idea that there was this giant, world-spanning ocean that began at my feet and stretched over the horizon. It's an absolutely fantastic place to spend your childhood, and I think my musical and cultural sensibilities are totally influenced by that sense of connectedness and possibility.”

To get your disco on, and a get a feel for the range of what this four-piece is capable of, check out “Disco Volante”, with lines like “You’ve been counting on the world to save you, and now you’re raising your glass to the good news”. Some songs are as smooth as this track, while others like “Scavengers” take a darker, bass-driven angle. We look forward to more sugar soon. Please and thank you. - No Depression (San Francisco)

"First You Get The Sugar"

If you want to stream their songs, go here.
And if you dig it, buy it. Whether it's the whole album, or just one song.. they are awesome.

They also have a Facebook page you can check out right here.

I think they have the potential to become big.

Thanks for any support! You guys and gals are fucking amazing. - Rooster Teeth

"Tracklistings May 28th 2011"

WE did the MATH.. Here this week tracklistings in advance... heard a song on the show or.. HELL follow along! xo Jay - CHOM 97.7 FM's MONTREAL ROCKS

"Signature 2011: Road To The Show Miniseries"

(Our song Tell Your Mama featured at 6:35 of episode 3)

The largest fashion show in Canada right in the heart of downtown Montreal.

The Signature fashion show, put on by the graduating class of the International School of Fashion Arts & Design at LaSalle College, is an intense, thrilling and revealing experience that will take your breath away.

Graduating students have their work cut out for them: armed with nothing but their creativity and their talent, they have just one night to prove that a top-notch education in fashion was not a waste.

For 22 years, this has been the most important fashion show in Canada, where students take the next step and enter the professional realm. - Signature 2011

"This Week In Montreal"

First You Get The Sugar @ Divan Orange – Tuesday, May 17th - Meet You At The Show

"Toothache Disco"

My sweet tooth and dance craving was well taken care of Tuesday night on the Main. Walkin in it was toasty, a nice off set to the cool breeze on the street.
Indoor picnic tables lined the wall and little baggies of treats,
no not those kinds, but actual candy! Appropiate as this was the launch party presented by Indie Montreal for First You Get The Sugar, a four piece all male band from Montreal.
Grabbing a pint of moosehead and the closest seat to the stage and sat back to enjoy a date with my city.
- Montreal Street Fashion

"The Midnight Poutine Podcast - May 18 - 24, 2011"

Now that we've come down from our BOM high, we get back to the regular business of our weekly podcast. Helping to restore normalcy is the return of Amie, who promptly resumes trying (futilely) to keep Jer and Greg in line. We also get around to covering this week's shows and talking about bands comprised entirely of donkeys.
- Midnight Poutine

"Road To The Show Episode 3"

Follow the Fashion Design students at LaSalle College as they prepare for the biggest fashion show in Canada - Signature 2011!
- Signature 2011

"First You Get The Sugar [Album Review]"

It’s took me awhile to get this review up.
But got a chance to listen to the self-titled album from First You get The Sugar.
For those that don’t know who they are, here is a blurb:
First You Get The Sugar is a fresh new rock group from Montreal.
They are a four-piece, like Talking Heads and The Beatles.
They are all male, like the Kennedy Administration.
Their music is a blend of bruising riff rock, pulsating dance rhythms, and oven-baked pop goodness.
Their sound is a thoroughly modern synthesis of 50 years of pop, rock, and soul music, from the Merseyside to the Motor City. T
hey place a premium on melody, energy, and groove.
Listening to the whole eight tracks.
There is a mix of indie pop rock with that funky groove sound.
Reminds me of Fire & Neon but more refined and a toned down Winter Gloves.
Surprising for a debut band most of the songs range from the 3-5 minute. Usually they are about 2 mintues.
They seem to have a lot of potential in their music.
I really like the album with it’s catchy synth-pop rock sound.
Definitely check out this album - Photog Music

"Six Canadian Bands You Need To Hear"

Unashamed, unabashed pop that heads straight for the gap in your life that's never been filled since the Beatles split up. If every Canadian postman isn't humming 'Sabre Rattling' by this time next week then they need to get their hearing checked.
- The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"Six Canadian Bands You Need To Hear"

Unashamed, unabashed pop that heads straight for the gap in your life that's never been filled since the Beatles split up. If every Canadian postman isn't humming 'Sabre Rattling' by this time next week then they need to get their hearing checked. - Choonz

"Artist Feature - First You Get The Sugar"

It’s always a nice surprise to stumble upon a band or artist that is in the midst of its transition from underground to on the charts. That is exactly what we came across with Montreal-based band, First You Get The Sugar. More of a pop-rock band with danceable beats, First You Get The Sugar stands out as something different and fun to listen to in the midst of the music playing on the radio stations today.

Band members, Mick Mendelsohn (Bass), Adam Kagan (Guitar), Alex Silver (Guitar), Daniel Moscovitch (Drums) make up the foursome of First You Get The Sugar. The band has a bit of an old-school vibe, a classic feel to their tunes that brings a smile to your face. Each track has an airy and effortless feel to it that just makes you want to get up and enjoy the moment.

The band will be celebrating their full album release on May 17th at Divan Orange in Montreal, check out their website for information on how to get tickets and to download their first single off the self-titled album, “Sabre Rattlin” for free!

First You Get The Sugar has only begun in their most recent journey, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for the band. Check out an album teaser for the upcoming sounds! - ASAP Music

"The Midnight Poutine Podcast - Mar. 22 - 28, 2011"

Cue the fireworks. Drum roll please. It's the 200th episode of the Midnight Poutine Podcast. That's almost 5 years of weekly show previews, thousands of songs by artists of all stripes, and countless hours of inane banter. It's been quite a ride, Montreal (and everywhere else in the world that tunes in), and we thank you for joining us. Not much has changed since our first couple podcasts. We still don't get paid, we still don't get swag, we still don't even have groupies. What we do get is wonderfully kind feedback and comments from our listeners and that's what keeps us going. Join us for this celebratory podcast where, true to form, we do what we've always done. - Midnight Poutine

"Tracklisting! March 20th 2011 Heard a song you liked on the show? check the tracklistings!"

Montreal Rocks with Jay Walker, Sunday Nights 9pm to 11pm COMMERCIAL FREE on CHOM 97.7FM! 120 mins of the best new rock, every Sunday night! Only on CHOM 97.7 in MTL or - CHOM 97.7 FM's MONTREAL ROCKS

"NEWS: First You Get The Sugar launch Self Titled debut album May 17th"

Seedy bars, all-night sets, months in the studio, rave-ups and promises. The band has endured. First You Get The Sugar will be launching their debut album at Divan Orange, for an energy filled night of awesome new music. Come check out the show on May 17th!

First You Get The Sugar will emerge from the Montreal underground to take its place as one of the country's premiere musical acts. - Noisography

"First You Get The Sugar"

Check out First You Get the Sugar as they joke around with Bianca during one of their rehearsals after their show at the Jupiter Room. 4000 bands play at their rehearsal space? Mick works at a raincoat factory? Buttermilk Pancakes? Cop cars? - TV McGill

"A Real Treat: First You Get the Sugar"

By Gillian Sonin

It’s the time of year when butternut squash is on the dinner menu, apple picking is a weekend activity, and roasted pumpkin seeds are smelling up your kitchen. The climax of this delicious season is Halloween party weekend, and no doubt your Facebook event list is growing by the day. What to do when your wallet is kinda empty and you’re looking for a not-too-cheesy party option? Enter Montreal’s most famous pub and microbrewery – Brutopia.

On Saturday, October 30th, get revved up for a frightful night as Bru is hosting a hot Halloween party. While the pub has been a main stay on Crescent for as long as we can remember, it used to be a tad cramped on a busy night. But they’ve renovated to open the place up, giving it a better flow and much more room to get your groove on.

The best part of the night? First You Get the Sugar is playing a FREE show all night long. Soon to release their debut album which is jam-packed with original music, this band is about to explode onto the scene. Bru veterans, they’re sure to keep the party going with their high-energy tunes and dashing good looks. They’re continuing their tradition of donning a musical costume and playing an album “Cover 2 Cover” for one of their sets. This time, it’s The Strokes debut “Is This It”. With three sets of pumping music, FYGtS is the perfect band to help you get your party on, Halloween-styles. Get them free, while you still can.

What more could a Bandit ask for? Great music, free cover, hot guys in a band, an excuse for a skimpy outfit, and delish raspberry beer! It’s a real treat. - City Bandit


Still working on that hot first release.



"Montreal’s First You Get The Sugar have  the makings to be the next indie darlings...something entirely new and utterly infectious…" -Cody Conard, The Big Takeover Magazine

"Danceable, giddiliy hooky...they're going places." -Mark Lepage, Montreal Gazette

"…An exciting young band from Montreal ...offering those key elements we all look for... excitement, hooks, and maybe a touch of danger." -James Beaudreau, Masterdisk Record

Combining disparate strains of musical inspirations like Talking Heads, Zombies, The Strokes, and Cake, First You Get The Sugar is a musical Megazord, equaling more than the sum of its parts. Featuring multiple songwriters, lead singers, and multi-instrumentalists, they can slam a riff or coax a tear with equal aplomb.  Based out of Montreal, each member originally hails from a different city (Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco and Montreal respectively), leading to a melting pot of diverse influences and perspectives. The resulting music is a fit in both the dens of academia and the stickiest of downtown dance floors. First You Get The Sugar has shared the stage with notable acts such as The Damn Truth, John Jacob Magistery, Elephant Stone, Heat, Metz, and more.  Be sure to follow the band on social media for regular updates on upcoming concert dates. 

New EP, "Foreign Lands" Out Now: Track 1, “Foreign Lands” currently in 8th month of heavy rotation on Montreal’s CHOM 977FM ( and has been joined i by Track 2, "To Be Great", now in its 3rd month of heavy rotation. They combine for a play rate of 24 spins-per-week (as of June 8, 2015). 


First You Get The Sugar (Self-titled), 2011

Hannah (single) 2012

Pearson (Single) 2012

130 Hope Street (Mini EP,2014)

Foreign Lands (EP, 2014)

*First You Get The Sugar is 100% independent. Distributed domestically and internationally through Tunecore, iTunes and direct from the band's music page.

Band Members