Fishamon & MindWorld Steppers

Fishamon & MindWorld Steppers


Reggae-based with roots and dub underpinnings, but not restricted to the parameters of tradition. We have all walked different musical paths which joined at our mutual love of Reggae music.


We all love reggae music, both listening and playing it. But we reject the notion that it must be done within rigid confines of tradition. We all have different musical backgrounds and bring different influences to the table, which allows our sound to permeate through the walls of convention and pre-conception, and deliver an up-beat sound with philosophically and spiritually stimulating lyrical content that clearly stands on the shoulders of artists like Midnite, Dub Syndicate, Horace Andy, ans Singers & Players, but which applies compositional and improvisational strategies from a wide array of styles including hip-hop, funk, jam, African rhythms and whatever else lights us up.


Steppin' Atcha E.P.