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Nigerian U.S based lyrical genius.


Born in Europe, in the small West German county of Fulda, raised in the African country of Nigeria, and now living in the United States, Fishé -- real name Andrew Mosheshe, 25 -- can be rightfully termed the most unique rapper currently on the scene. "My music portrays the lyrical ingenuity of a typical African warrior" says Fishé with a crooked grin. This profoundly gifted and outspoken lyrical maniac has the potential to set forth a tidal wave of hit records with his outrageous skills and naked ambition. His lyrics are original and his poetic gift cannot be ignored. Influences include Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base, Rakim, NWA, Nigeria's own Fela Kuti, The Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, Dr. Dre and all other successful rap acts.

This is a Man, a self-described "nobody", who, ultimately, will be remembered for taking his destiny in his own two hands and, after relentless efforts spurred by extreme determination, fulfilled all of his dreams and aspirations by becoming the first African MC to hit the spotlight in the United States. "Realistically speaking, continental Africa is currently ravaged by poverty, war and disease, made worse by years of mis-rule, thus I intend to be philanthropic in all its ramifications, and sometimes, constructively critical and political with my lyrics" says Fishé about the situation in his homeland, and further adds about himself, "simply put, I'm a phenomenon. A unique though sometimes controversial and extremely gifted wordsmith," with his characteristic Muhammad Ali-like braggadocio.

"As a kid, I mimed the words to songs from every popular MC of that age, from the Sugar Hill Gang to Curtis Blow," he recalls, before turning introspective, creatively penning words at a furious clip as a young teenager about the misery he'd constantly see on the streets all around him from arson, murder, thievery to the notorious Nigerian campus gangs widely known as secret cults. Using his wits to not only create his dark poetry but to stay alive, Fishé developed a knack for catching the action of whatever he saw within his rhymes.


The E.P: Moment of Truth. Go to the music page to listen (and purchase) the debut Ep release.

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