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"CD Release Worth Your Time...Fishhawk"

And this shall be my Pick of the Week!

I'm a big fan of new and unusual sounds, which is why I'm happy to pass along this tidbit of show info for you. The next local show I'm pulling my ass out of a warm bed for is the Fishhawk CD Release, featuring a band I've been trying to catch, Winter Ransom.

Just to give you an idea, I was hanging out at Johnny's Pizza Thursday night right before close, and someone threw Fishhawk over the loudspeakers, and the whole place came alive like they'd just been hit with a defibrillator. I've included a download of their single on here in the past. If you weren't paying attention then, give it a whirl now. If you want something fun, catchy, and innovative compared to every indie rock band riding the waves of the scene right now, then you need to be at this show. I've only heard good stuff, which, of course, makes me curious.

So, mark Saturday night off for this. It's at Vinyl, and it's $10 at the door. Pay your rent, and save a few bucks for this. - Confessions of a Music Addict

"Fishhawk - Fishhawk"

The eponymous debut album from Atlanta band Fishhawk is truly an exercise in experimentation. From the opening track to the last chord, there is no telling what direction these boys are going in or where they’ll wind up. Dabbling in everything from electro-trance to jazz inspired soul, to post-rock hip-hop, this first effort promises only one thing: to keep you moving. No matter if it’s spacing out or popping and locking, it will be hard to keep any limbs and extremities still. The quartet of Nick Nickerson (lyricist, vocals), Andy Slagle (songwriter, vocals), Matt Williams (vocals) and Chris Euton (bass) has created an album that takes the idea of electronic music to another level. Drum machines, sequencers, keyboards, synthesizers, loops and samples pervade this record, but in terms of musical comparisons, it’s definitely more Massive Attack than Autechre, with a lot more swearing. A look at the band’s MySpace belies a wide range of influences and there’s no doubt that The Four Tops and Dr. Octagon probably did play a part in influencing the album. The themes of most songs range from fun with illicit substances to starting the revolution, with maybe one love ballad thrown in for good measure. It’s hard to pick out the highlight tracks with such a diverse CD, but “Cash and Remedies” and “Closing Doors” are probably the most representative of the band for first time listeners. And with a sound that’s this engaging and energetic, the only problem now is finding out where to get a copy. (Self-released)

-Charley Lee - Southern Performer


Fishhawk - Self Titled 2007



Legend has it that there exists a sacred funk stone. Although the origin of the stone is unknown, it is said to possess great powers. It holds the key to link the future of music to the legacy of it’s past, giving the power to create the perfect balance between the two. Some suggest the stone is just a myth, while others believe it has been eternally lost. The truth couldn’t be further from the reality. FishHawk, extracted the powers of the stone allowing the band to create monolithic songs that bleed every inch of sanity out of you, fuse it with electric sex, and then drip it back onto your tongue.

FishHawk was formed during the summer of 2006 when guitarist Andy Slagle and vocalist Nick Nickerson stumbled upon the funk stone one fabled day. The result proved other-worldly. Almost immediately there began an endlessly flowing creation of life, death and altered reality pulled together with lyrics that are conveyed with soulful exuberance. Atmospheric based beats strained through a style of emotive and immaculate production would be woven around this energy to create a recipe for a new dawn, but not before adding guitarist Matt Williams, who, alongside Andy shares full co-producing responsibility. With the aggressiveness of Matt’s pastel guitars now warming the canvas, the stage was set for the live FishHawk experience to be repeatedly painted, erased, and then reinvented right before wondering eyes. The buzz has already started generating.

“No matter if it’s spacing out or popping and locking, it will be hard to keep any limbs and extremities still.” Though this quote in Southeast Performer magazine was meant to describe FishHawk’s first release, it epitomizes the band’s live show. With their newly developed hype in the Atlanta area, the band continues to draw an ample number of people to venues such as The Vinyl, Smith’s Olde Bar, and Seven Stages Theatre. As stated in the first lyric of their debut album, FishHawk is “most positively moving in the right direction!”

This collaboration of Hip-hop-flavored electro beats and the soul of the 70’s funk era may be new to some when sprinkled with an electrifying live show and the decadence of 80’s synth-pop, FishHawk and their funk stone have masterfully combined these elements together to form a fresh yet timeless experience. This experience, some say, is no more than just another fairy tale, but to others who have witnessed them in person, the FishHawk legend continues to spread.