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"Dallas Observer May-2005"

Fishing for Comets
Fishing for Comets may be the poster children for 2005's DOMAs, a year that marks the first time fans' votes created the ballot. Because Fishing for Comets is here for one reason: fans. Fans who voted in the ballot phase. Fans who voted in the award phase. They credit their fans for everything; they're fortunate, they say, to have people who like them. (Counting Cindy Chaffin from as one of those fans doesn't hurt either.) As a group, Fishing for Comets has been playing for less than six months. They're not widely known, they've played mostly opening gigs, their debut CD isn't well-distributed. In fact, the female-fronted quartet didn't start a nomination campaign until the week before the ballot voting was over, and even then it was at a fan's urging. So, for those who haven't heard this dark-horse contender--an all-acoustic band that also features Sam Romero on guitars, Eric Swanson on bass and mandolin, and John Solis on drums--the easiest comparison is The Sundays, a band that singer-songwriter Camille Cortinas hadn't even heard of until recently. Both have sweet, simple vocals trilling over equally sweet, simple lyrics. But the Lisa Loeb comparison works, too. Neither would be bad company for Fishing for Comets, but the band members prefer to think of their music as intimate and personal, which is how they like their shows, too. They like smaller clubs such as Ginger Man, Club Dada, Liquid Lounge and Standard & Pours (though they've also played Trees). This is one folk/acoustic winner with no aspirations of plugging in and taking off; they just want more gigs in more venues in more cities and to finish their first full-length within the next three or four months. Sweet and simple, just like their music. --S.S. - Shannon Sutcliffe

"Fishing For Comets - C.D. Review"

By Timmy Newell

This four-piece band out of Dallas consisting of singer Camille Cortinas, guitar player Sam Romero, Eric Swanson on the bass and drums by Tom Bridwell, could be the next big thing from North Texas. With cute as a kitten looks and catchy songs like, Hello January and Swan, it will not be long before the rest of the country catches on. A few of my favorites are Sunday Mornings, a pretty song that you just want to curl up with; Captured in this Frame, which displays the vocal talent of Camille Cortinas and continues the acoustic guitar sound of most of the album. The pick of this adorable litter is Still Below You, a love song in the truest sense, beautiful lyrics accompanied by just enough guitar and bass, but by the end of the ballad they unleash the full band (just like Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven). The target market for this wonderful effort is either 20-something females or male stalkers of any age.
- Timmy Newell- Venues Magazine


"This band is sheer excellence, so book'em , buy their music, go see 'em'll thank me in the morning". - Cindy Chaffin,

"Harder Beat Review"

"The sweet, melodic sounds of Fishing For Comets could be therapy for the sad, or medicine for the downhearted. If the good vibes emitting from this acoustic/rock group could be bottled, it would surely be the cure for something". - Wayne Ansell

"Dallas Observer May 2006"

Fishing for Comets >br>Best Folk/Acoustic

Though Fishing for Comets isn't in the same category as Fair to Midland, Mugzu or even the Deathray Davies, folk or acoustic it ain't either. The band does, however, have a mandolin player and an accordion player, so you know how that goes. Add lead singer Camille Cortinas' easy vocal melodies and Sam Romero's subtle electric guitar work and it's clear why Fishing for Comets has captured the Folk/Acoustic award every year the band's been in existence (that'd be twice). The eclectic instrumentation and matter-of-fact vocals at times recall 10,000 Maniacs, but Fishing for Comets' songs are smaller, cuter and less worldly--and that's a good thing.

Started by best friends Cortinas and Romero, who also write the majority of the songs, the band's whimsical name came from a "stupid thing" Cortinas once said to her mother to explain away what she'd been doing out late the night before. Cortinas' creativity also extends to personal touches like the homemade refrigerator magnets available for sale at shows and her quirky MySpace postings. The band's only official recording, an eight-song, self-titled EP released more than a year ago, is now somewhat out of date, but with a bit of luck and a new CD due for release in August there's no reason why Fishing for Comets can't make next year a three-peat. -

- Sander Wolf

"Northeast In-Tune review"

Fishing For Comets is an acoustic band, which comes up nothing shorter than amazing pleasant to listen to. The band is a four piece ensemble featuring drums, bass, guitar, and of course vocals. The tracks I was assigned were off of their upcoming full-length album, which left me wanting for more.

The first track was entitled “Hello January;” it opens up with bass and guitar showing off some very impressive chops. As the song continues it becomes much more rich in tone with the adding of backing vocals and even small percussion. Sunday Mornings is an extremely melodic song in 12/8, which takes hold of the concept of less is more. Throughout the song you can hear subtle guitar chords being strummed and arpeggiated. The bass guitar and drums lay a solid foundation for the vocals and guitar to ride over. The lyrical content is one that most people driving in their car can relate to. The vocal tone and intonation couldn’t be more perfect.

Swan is by far my favorite song thus far in my musical adventures with Fishing for Comets. The song opens up with a vocal and guitar call and response that worked quite well with the build up that was occurring. The intro expands very effectively and the next thing you know the entire band is playing. The use of rhythmic figures (2-8th notes followed by a 8th note rest over 2 measures) was also used effectively in between sections making the segues virtually undetectable. The bass guitar stays solid throughout the song following the chord changes with a subtle fill every now and then. There is a guitar riff being played in the background throughout the chorus, which stayed humming in my head for hours after.

The drums were not overplayed and extremely appropriate for the song. The vocals are amazing and couldn’t be improved! After listening to Fishing For Comets there is no doubt in my mind why they took home the award for Best Folk Acoustic act at the 2005 Dallas Observer Music Awards and Camille Cortina's was nominated for Best Female Vocalist. I look forward to hearing more in the future from Fishing For Comets. Kudos!!!

- Jason Caffelle


Self titled EP released 2004
Full Length Album "Scattered Among the Archipelago" released in late 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fishing for Comets is a folk-rock quartet from Texas featuring Aaron Thomas, Sam Romero, Camille Cortinas and Gary Rivers. The group cites Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum, The Flaming Lips, The Innocence Mission and Grant Lee Phillips among their influences.

The band's most recent release is Scattered Among the Archipelago. Released in 2006, the album looks, among other things, at the marriage of inspiration, and art and how the two can change a person's life. It also takes on darker themes like destructive relationships.

At both the 2005 and 2006 Dallas Observer Music Awards, the band won the honor of being named Best Folk Acoustic act.