A wide range of influences have led to the creation of Fishkiss' unique blend of alternative and folk, characterized by the vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars and violin. Music you'll wake up humming the next morning, and music that will always offer you more on a return visit!


Based out of Oakville / Toronto, Fishkiss has been performing and writing together since 2004. A wide range of influences have led to the creation of their unique blend of alternative rock and folk, characterized by the strong melodies, vocal harmonies, poetic lyricism and the use of the acoustic guitar and the violin extensively within a rock ensemble; the Fishkiss mission is certainly one of maintaining a sense of melody and poetry in alternative rock.

Fishkiss places a strong emphasis on songwriting. Live, Fishkiss draws its audience in with "creative lyrics which tell poignant stories" (CNC Music Productions, "Unsigned Artist Search"). The vivid natural imagery invoked by the music and lyrics of songs like Cedars and Stars and Bancroft County define the unique character of Fishkiss' songwriting.

In February 2006, the song Cedars and Stars was judged a semi-finalist in the lyrics only category of the 2005 International Songwriting Competition, finishing as the only Canadian semi-finalist in the category out of thousands of submissions from all over the world. (filed under 'Alex Palmer' -

Fishkiss began performing extensively in the summer of 2006, when Zak Ward joined the band. As a full band, Fishkiss combines the folk sensibilities of their songwriting with the excitement and energy of alternative rock. Melody, harmony, story-telling, and a passion for music are what brings Fishkiss together, and what Fishkiss brings to the stage.


Cedars and Stars

Written By: Eamonn Palmer

We could take a short trip,
Get away from it all.
Under cedars and stars,
Time would slow to a crawl
As I tell you tall tales, about constellations
I’ve never, ever seen,
And the cedars would echo them up to the stars,
And they’d laugh in spite of me.

So inside me I’d laugh,
Just in echo again.
Under cedars and stars,
You would turn to me then,
And you’d sing to me, soft, about revelation,
And what I’m meant to be,
And the cedars would echo it up to the stars,
And they’d laugh, in spite of me.

I stand unmanned, and I see that I’m
So behind all I should have been by now,
I stand unarmed, and wait
For the stars to mock me, or the horns of heaven to sound.
And should they sound, that could guide me,
But if it’s laughter, promise you’ll hide me,
‘Cause I stand… unmanned…

So let’s run and hide…
Maybe I can dissolve.
Under cedars and stars,
I’ll win back my resolve…
So sing to me, soft, about revelation,
And what I’m meant to be,
And the cedars will echo it up to the stars,
And they’ll laugh, in spite of me.

In Silence

Written By: Blaise Alleyne

In silence we reside,
Our anger we hide;
Our fears remain trapped inside.

Between us a wall
Of pride stands tall.
Show me how to tear it down,
And rise up through the wreckage and emerge
Read to return to you.

Wasting away
All but erased
But as a memory it remains.

In silence we remain,
disguising the pain,
Ignorant to the damage done to the other one.

Between us a wall
Of injury stands tall.
Show me how to travel through,
And makes amends with you on the other side
Rediscover unity.

In silence we will stay
In every way;
In vain I've tried to make things change.

Between us a bond
Of amity is gone.
Show me how to rearrange the pieces that have fallen
Into something new and beautiful.

Wasting away,
All but erased,
But as a memory it will stay.


Written By: Eamonn Palmer

Verse 1

Like a traveller, from the other side of morning,
Rising off the water,
Rising, like a watcher,
Raise in me a new awareness.
Rise in me.

Verse 2

Like a siren, calling me from deeper waters,
Cast me into stasis,
Cast, within me, stillness,
Cast the spell of dawn upon me.
Cast a spell.


So wide-eyed and gazing star-ward
I await a glimpse of you.
Traveller, journey onward,
Sweep me up and into you,

Verse 3

Like a Goddess, rising to command the heavens,
Turn my eyes toward you,
Take me in your orbit,
Let me move along beside you,
Beside you.


October 2005 Live Demo:
1) April Showers
2) June Comes December
3) Traveller
4) You Asked Me
5) In Silence

Fishkiss is currently working on a new demo set for release in the spring of 2007.

Additional mp3s are available to download/listen to at

Set List

Fishkiss typically plays a 45 minute set when part of a evening with a variety of artists, or two 45 minute sets when headlining.

Fishkiss performances usually consist of original repertoire. A few covers will often be added to the set list when playing for over an hour.

Fishkiss is comfortable performing in any of the three following formats (as details on our 'basic requirements' page): full band, full band unplugged, or singer/songwriter duo.