The balls of rock. and the anger of punk (not the kiddy kind)


Introducing Fishmilk,
a emerging new rock band out of Montréal.

They fuse the power of the 70’s rock sound and the anger of the 80’s punk scene, with intricate, frenetic rhythms punctuating powerful melodies. This rich musical blend is what gives the band its edgy modern sound.
The playing however pays homage to the past, to an era when bands had to bring it for real. This band definitely brings it live.

Carlos Camacho (guitar) and Marc Thibodeau (singer) first started writing songs together back in 2006. It eventually came time to step up the commitment and the two reached out, looking for musicians to form a band.

They found J-S Nicol (Drums), J-P Pelletier (bass), and ace studio engineer Greg Smith (guitar) immediately willing to join the band after a quick listen to a home demo.

Within a few short months, they composed over 20 songs as a band and are currently playing gigs all around their home province.
Recent shows include the 2007 Festival de Musique Émergante with Bionic and White Cowbell Oklahoma .

Fishmilk is also hard at work on their upcoming first album. Advance singles will be hitting radio this coming spring with the full length scheduled for release late 2008.


Fishmik have just completed a 4 song ep.
Streaming available on,

Set List

We have over 20 songs, our setlist can be from 30min to an hour.