Fish Pocket

Fish Pocket


People say we sound like Primus mixed with The Dillinger Escape Plan. We funk it up and rock whole-heartedly. It sounds arrogant to say so, but we don't sound like most of the crappy bands you hear today.


We started jamming in April of 2004, and things have been going right since. We're all into Primus, Mr. Bungle, Nuclear Rabbit, and stuff like that. Also, our bassist is one of the best around both technically and in terms of composition. We keep it funky and heavy most of the time, but our songs span several different genres. This probably sounds like the same kind of pretentious crap you'd hear from any group of teenagers trying to ripoff Primus, but trust me, we're better.


We released the Cat Ear Medicine EP as a demo and later our live LP entitled Seafood Buffet. Our songs get airplay at the local college radio station.

Set List

Our typical set list is as follows:

I Vote Republican
Five Star
Pillowcase != Clothing
Kidsized Coffin
Jam Sandwich
Drunken Stumble
Spectre Blues/Tapdance

We're always adding new songs and we sometimes throw in a jam or two, but that's our basic set list. We usually play for about 30-45 min.