Fishtank Ensemble

Fishtank Ensemble


Fishtank Ensemble offers a unique musical experience--and a rollicking good time! From the smokey cafes of Bucharest to the Gypsy caravans of yesterday, this band evokes the spirit of a past age and the sounds of tomorrow.


Fishtank Ensemble is a lively and unusual ensemble consisting of violin, saw, accordion, shamisen, flamenco guitar, bass, percussion and voice. Rumanian folk music forms the bulk of the material, with a healthy helping of Flamenco, Swedish folk music, Klezmer, other folk sources and original songs.

Audience reaction to our hastily formed ensemble been extremely positive.
Fishtank formed around the arrival in our midst of the gifted young fiddler Fabrice Martinez. Originally from France, he has spent the last seven years traveling around Europe in a mule-drawn caravan learning and playing folk music with the ensemble "Croque Mule." Much of that time was spent living in Rumania, often in Romani (Gypsy) villages.

But almost as soon as Fabrice came, he went back to his mule-drawn caravan in Europe.

One thing which has amazed us and our audiences is how quickly we were able to bring the music to its present level.

The only explanation is that we were each accomplished enough on our instruments playing other related folk styles that we each understood what to do. But then perhaps an occurrence of this kind can't really be explained...


Fishtank at the Fishtank (2005)
Super Raoul (2006)