Fiske and Herrera

Fiske and Herrera

 Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA

Soothing folk melodies with more layers to explore with every listen, Fiske and Herrera perform their own brand of acoustic-centered music. Tested touring artists, look for Jared Fiske and Amy Herrera to come by your area soon.


Jared and Amy met in a choral group in high school that drew from schools all over Massachusetts. Amy, spotting Jared across a crowded room, was intrigued to see someone reading a book. Trusting her instincts, she introduced herself. They became high school sweethearts, and their chemistry and comraderie only grew when they began to swap songs as well as love letters. Ten years later, Jared and Amy married. They now reside in Massachuetts as full time musicians with two children.

For their most recent CD, Jared and Amy teamed up with production wizard Lorne Entress (Lori Mckenna, Mark Erelli, Catie Curtis) The result was the album "Till the Sea Disappears", a tour-de-force of folk-pop music. The album quickly gained radio play on a number of stations, most notably the proving ground of sorts for New England acoustic musicians, WUMB.

The band has achieved 10+ songwriting awards, including the $5,000 grand prize at for the month of December, 2009. Often engaged in fundraisers and other socially conscious events, F & H have helped raise money for "curry kitchens" in Sri Lanka, and their song "Choice" was featured in a short film for the non profit group Planet-Aid.

Fiske and Herrera perform regularly, often touring for months out of the year. Most of their performances take place in New England, but they've been spotted in venues as far flung as Michigan, California and Texas.

Fiske and Herrera's performances feature both Jared and Amy on vocals, and acoustic guitars. They can be found playing clubs, coffeehouses, festivals and the occasional street corner or living room, in addition to ongoing songwriting and recording efforts.

About "Till the Sea Disappears":
Inspired by but not tethered to the acoustic folk music of their New England region, on their latest CD "Till the Sea Disappears", Fiske and Herrera bravely blend traditional sounds such as dulcimer, mandolin, and reed organ with instruments not often found in the acoustic genre, for instance, vibraphone, analog synthesizers, and even hip hop drum samples. Yet these disparate elements are not jarringly experimental or a forced stab at hipness, but a beautiful blending of sound that perfectly supports and envelops their gorgeous voices—the natural outcome of twenty-somethings equally influenced by Radiohead’s Kid A and Joni Mitchell’s Blue.


Colorado Rain

Written By: Fiske and Herrera

Feel a little hurried up,
pushed out of this place where I was comfortable.
Find a way to question where I am,
and where I've never been.

Why should I worry at my age?
I need to build, I need to fall.
Don't know the story when you turn the page
unless you read it all, no, you've gotta read it all.

I've thrown away the last of
the things that I thought composed a home.
Standing back, I measure up
the part of my life that I've disowned.

So tell me the story of how it goes,
I need to know the twists and bends.
People don't know how we live on the road,
You just can't care where it ends, no.
I don't care where it ends.

So let it rain down on me.

Feel a little need now
for a cleansing Colorado rain.
The shock of looking out your door,
and seeing the Arizona plains.

But why should I worry at my age?
I need to trip, I need to fall.
Don't know the story when you turn the page
unless you write it all.

oh, you've gotta write it all.

So let it rain down on me.

Tricky Little Fingers

Written By: Amy Herrera

Tricky Little Fingers

Baby, there's a way I like to do things. 
Can't you see, can't you see you are the only one for me? 
Tricky little fingers and a twisted heart;
baby you're enough to tear a girl apart. 

Baby, I'm a broken lady with a damaged soul.
Is it me, is it me who can lead you deep into temptation?
'Cause everybody else has got a game or two,
and everyone but me it seems can be with you.

Baby, there's a way I know I gotta love you.
But you know, but you know i cannot be the only one.
Tricky little fingers and a twisted heart;
baby you're enough to tear a girl apart. 

Saint Patrick's Day

Written By: Jared Fiske

Saint Patrick's Day

The first time I laid there awake.
The second time felt like a mistake.
Packin' in the breeze,
you caught me off guard.
Everyone I know  
sayin' don't, don't touch her.

And late night shots the weekend sorts
the impulse moves from drunken sport.
Seems the pilot light, it never died,
it just smoldered under out of sight.
Today is Saint Patrick's day,
tomorrow we'll meet by the sea
and drink deep from our mistake,
from what we want, not what we'll be.

And I won't decide.
No I won't decide.

What I've figured out 
is this feels right for now.
And now's a thing
I've just discovered for myself.
I can hold it  hard, 
'cause it's free of consequence.
No after, no before,
just a touch, a quick breath in. 

Wood Castles

Written By: Jared Fiske

Wood Castles

Watching the children play
in the sand on a blue sky day.

They're building up towers
to watch 'em fall down,
and flooding their cities,
and watching the wood people drown.

They're building wood castles 
and playing at war,
and little wood people
fall under the sword.

Watching the swing set there,
as it cuts through the crisp clean air.
There is a girl with a red paper moon in her hair.
She kisses the air as she leaps from her swing,
and the boys simply stare.

Wood people slam doors
as the rain pounds the shore.
Wood castles tremble
and bridges crumble.

A newspaper blows in the wind.
A little boy slips and they cringe.

The parents are watching and smiling at them.
Admire their innocence.
The people are passing and waving at them
over a chain link fence.

Wood people slam doors
in their wooden worlds.
Wood castles tremble
while children smile.

My Little Fish

Written By: Amy Herrera

My Little Fish

His face is a face that's familiar
nostalgic and unthreatening.
But that's a comfort I should remind myself 
was worth forgetting.

My little fish gets the better of me.
Swims in my head like a sailboat in the sea.

The salt water comes pouring down.
I'm afraid not to let it.
The party police said "girl, your dignity called,
it's time to go and get it".

But my little fish, he misreads every word.
He contradicts everyone,
his reasons always absurd.

Help me to see the place I draw the line.
My tired body has given up this time.
The color of green's replaced the color of red
in the form of a fishy in my head.

This place is a bad place to be
where emotions shoot like stars.
But my little fishy and me,
we're quite happy as we are.

So we'll keep on dancing this dance every year.
The same afternoons till the sea disappears.
And I'll hear the sound of a thousand loud cheers,
singing praise to the passing of my little fish.
Poor little fish.



Till the Sea Disappears: released 10/10/2010

Just Breathe: released 9/17/07

Set List

Fiske and Herrera draw from a wide variety of sources for their concerts. They're capable of performing all original material for 2+ hours.