Fist City

Fist City


Fist city is loud, fun, and exciting. Get ready to dance! We're gonna spit on you. x


Fist City grew out of the demise of two well known and well received Lethbridge punk bands, Endangered Ape and The New Danger Kids. We've been together since late 2009.

All members of Fist City have been instrumental in making the Lethbridge music scene into what it is today. Brittany and Kirsten paved the way with The New Danger Kids, and Evan and Ryan worked very hard as key members of Endangered Ape. Evan is also half owner/director of the recently successful Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

We have multiple releases from DeadBeat Records, Pop Echo Records, Scotch Tapes, Bart Tapes, Geographing Records, and Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

Last summer we embarked on an awesome West Coast US tour including stops at SMMR BMMR in Portland and Total Fest in Missoula.

We recently had our music video: "Debbie Get YR Boa" aired on the premeire episode of "The Wedge" on MuchMusic. The national broadcast caught the attention of fundamentalist christians who accused Fist City of being Satan worshipping reptilian hermaphrodites.

It was through our experience last year at Sled Island that we gained exposure and formed a relationship with Damian Abraham AKA "Pink Eyes" of Fucked Up - current host of The Wedge.

In May this year we are heading east to Toronto to record with the legendary Don Pyle of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - touring along the way with a featured performance in Toronto presented by the legendary promoter and publicist Gary Topp.

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Hunting You
2010 - LP
Deadbeat Records

Split (w/TimeCopz),
2010 - EP
Geographing Records

Fist City EP
2010 - EP
Pop Echo Records

Bloodstains Across Alberta
Various Artisit compilation
2010 - EP
Mammoth Cave Recording Co.

Demos//Live Fisting
2010 - Cassette Tape
Bart Tapes

Scotch Tapes Singles Club #1
Split w/ The Moby Dicks
2011 - Cassette Tape
Scotch Tapes

Fist City has Charted on Missoulas College radio and Calgary's CJSW - we are in the process of completeing our radio mail-out.

Set List

Our typical set is generally about 30 minutes long. We have about 20 songs, and we usually pick about 10-12 of them to play at a show.

couple songs:

Murder Bitch
Space Age
I Grew up in Fist City
Demon Birds
Live Forever
Thalido-my-mother took the Pill
Can't Say No
Debbie Get YR Boa (We're Goin Sex'n)
Queen of The Slugs
Iggy Pup
Boring Kids
Fine Young Fire Starter
Evan Van Dreamboat