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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"You Guys Rock"

I got the EP. Man this shit fucking rocks me right outta my shoes. I
showed it to my wife Theresa and her exact words were, "Jesus Christ
Chuck, If i wasn't married to you, I'd wanna fuck each and every one of
these guys!" I was a little mad at first, but I thought about it, and I
realized I'd let you guys stick it in my ass any fucking day! Most
Rocking Album of 2005!...And it's only fucking January

Best Luck, and remember me when you guys go big,

Charles Litwack - Charles Litwack


We have an EP with 3 solid tracks that was released March 5th, 2005. The demo includes Nails and Bolts, September's Problem, and Bridget Cleary. Download it here or at


Feeling a bit camera shy


At last, Boulder, Colorado has something that you can’t drink, shove down a pipe and smoke…that’s right, it’s the Fisticuffs. With a sound range that wraps punk, hardcore, and rock ’n’ roll into a burrito of scratchy, catchy, creative songs, you can rest assured that they are out to please everyone willing to take them on. The band is comprised of Mike Cascio (drums), Kevin Halcomb (bass), Brian Gregoire, and Danny Maguire (both guitar and vocals). The band, now entering its sophomore year of performing brings to the table a live performance that brings crowds to their knees. While some people lose sleep when they realize that their sex lives are far overshadowed by their shows, this is just what keeps the Fisticuffs going strong. Featuring viscous covers from the 80’s to go hand in hand with their original tunes (including Nails and Bolts, September’s Problems, and Burning Bridget, which are on their EP) they’re willing to play any venue, audience, or party that comes their way. The band’s name, (which frankly reminds me of this one thing I did with this whore from Nantucket) originated from the song “Justifiable Fisticuffs” by the street dogs, a wholesome sing along. From Mike drumming harder than my dick ever gets when I fuck my wife, Kevin screaming his lungs off, and Brian and Danny unleashing the beast, this band has everything it takes to be the next big thing—STAY CLASSY COLORADO……..