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Fist of the North Star @ Club 527

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Fist of the North Star @ Garage 305

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Fist of the North Star @ The Muse

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Snarling, nasty-assed, energetic, fresh and rockin' good old school style hardcore punk rock. If this music doesn't make you want to mosh, I don't know what does. The band has attitude, super fast guitar work and harsh vocals. Fist of the North Star really rock it out without leaving a bad taste in your mouth or your ears ringing. Yeah, they're simple, but the songs are damn good - quick, catchy, high-octane and bad-ass. The only thing I found as a slight turn off is that the singer has a tendency on a few of the songs to reach for a few notes that he can't reach and screams a little more than I really like - Jonny Taint - PunkRockReview.ORG

These guys may be the hardest working band in Nashville. They were asked to play this gig mere hours before showtime and answered the call of duty honorably. I mean damn, if one member can't show they just rearrange the band and rock on anyway. The five piece version definitely works better for them (Edwin, stuck behind the drum kit this evening, is one hell of a frontman), but they still pulled it off in fine form. Rhythm/lead guitarist Jeff did a fine job playing those riffs and taking over the lead vox at the same time (the mighty dual guitar thrash punk of Fist is a bit more involved then your typical three chord punk), and lead guitarist Jeremy sounded better than ever, shredding through solo after balls out solo. Good job. I applaud them for stepping up to the challenge. See these guys whenever and wherever you get the chance. - Adam Smith Riggs - "Eat Grits and Die" Zine

Fist Of The North Star
Here’s To An Early Grave
By Keith Carman

Adventurous and aggressive, Here's To An Early Grave proves that more comes out of Nashville than a bunch of twangy wankers. Clearly raised on a mixture of ...And Out Come The Wolves, The Shape Of Punk To Come, Zeke and old school L.A. Hardcore, this 11-track opus is a haven of Rancid's inherent melodies and bass guitar meandering fused together with Refused's brash vocals, Zeke's speedy intensity, thrash metal's uncompromising delivery and Minor Threat's forthright, disgruntled attitude. Still, the quartet manage to bastardize each influence enough to ensure that Here's To An Early Grave is unique, not a bargain-bin pilfering of obviously great inspirations. Best situated amongst the newer hardcore traditionalists such as New Mexican Disaster Squad and Cloak/Dagger, yet clearly on their own playing field, and not really willing to let others join in, Fist Of The North Star are an impressive display of youthful vigour and malicious aural designs. (Stik Man) - Exclaim Magazine


Debut EP - "Here's To An Early Grave" 2009



Started in 2006, Fist of the North Star is quickly rising as one of the best know/hardest working punk bands from the music city of Nashville, TN. After a hundred plus shows, multiple drummer and guitarist changes, a West coast tour and numerous opening spots for National touring bands, Fist of the North Star has made a name for themselves with a loud in your face, Thrash Punk sound that stands alone in todays cloned music world. With their debut CD, "Here's To An Early Grave" and a video of the first single "We Are Legion" set to come out in early 2009, the Trio has set themselves apart from most bands with independently supported non stop touring, hard work and dedication to bring their music to anyone who will listen, anywhere they can.