Johnson City, New York, USA


Throughout recorded history, man has attempted to harness the artistry of musical expression in order to convey loving sentiments, and thankful appreciation for beauty of all kinds.

FISTPRINT is more like a knuckle-busting, liquor-fueled celebration of inappropriate, violent behavior, sociopathic tendencies, and unrestrained hostility.

It’s been said that FISTPRINT’s message is one of timely, blue-collar frustration, lashing out in regard to the crippling socioeconomic injustices that have brought New York, and America, to the brink of ruin. The truth is that they don’t know why they are so angry.Their music conveys this sentiment concisely, like being hit in the face with a cinder block would.

The new album will be out this spring. So begins the world-wide, bare-knuckle extravaganza