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The best kept secret in music


"PA Musician CD REview"

One generation plants the trees, another generation gets the shade. In many ways, Fith's debut release harvests the fruit of those who struggled before them. "Reborn", which was recorded, engineered and mixed by Fith's guitarist, Hector Munoz, bears zero resemblance to all those garage/basement bands that patch together song bits, gloss over catastrophic errors, and generally 'make-do' with whatever final sound they can tickle out of the equipment at hand. Without belaboring the point- "Reborn" sounds every bit as good, as polished as anything coming out of the major recording studios.

Secondly, Fith inherits an automatic connection to anyone who is a fan of quality hard rock. Whether you go back to Korn and Nine Inch Nails or are tapped into Breaking Benjamin and Adema, Fith hits the mainline of drums crashing, impossibly streaming guitars and vocals which are equal parts melodious menace and harmonious anguish.

There is also good song construction on "Reborn" throughout. Each song, on its own, is a clean cut right hook. Which is both the power and the puzzle of this CD. Take any one song; the ripping opener "Drowning" or the spasmodic "Blink", for instance, and you've got a gem quality keeper. Pile too many similar shiny goodies up in one place and you are sometimes 'casting pearls before swine'. "Reborn" might have benefited from a reduction in the number of songs laid down (11) or by putting a few pace change-ups into the mix. That said, there is not a toss-away track among the buzz-sawing, primal collection of tunes on "Reborn". If Fith remains smart, continues to tap further into its creative roots and catches that lucky ray of sunshine, there is no reason, based on the ultra-solid results on "Reborn", that they shouldn't be the trees shading the next generation of musicians.
- John Train

"FLY Magazine CD Review"

November 2004

"Reborn was released in August of 2004, and reflects a strong, ambitious first effort from a band that started out playing cover songs two years ago. The CD was recorded by Hector Munoz, who also happens to be the newest member of the band, rounding out the lineup as the second guitarist. This sounds as good as or better than any major label band you"ll hear on the alt rock radio airwaves today."

"These guys are damn good musicians, too. Stylistically, Fith invite comparisons to such bruising rock acts as Helmet and Slayer, yet also retain a sensitivity and prettiness that makes their music far more uplifting than nihilistic. It's a mix that works well for them, and sets apart from so many other bands in the genre whose approach to songwriting seems to be exceedingly one-dimensional and, well, boring." - Jason Tabor

" CD Review"

The spanking new album Reborn, from Harrisburg based Fith has to be one of the best if not the hottest independently produced and released albums I’ve heard in a very long time if not ever. It's filled with hooks, emotion, and power.
To describe this album in terms of relations to other artists, it has the feel of The Deftones, Tool, Trapt, Trust Company, Failure, etc. But listing these bands just doesn’t do it justice there is clear originality in the music and the lyrics. The writing is absolutely incredible. I can’t say enough, or I’ll say too much. Basically, get this record as soon as humanly possible. Beg, borrow, and steal for it. You won’t be disappointed.
Make it your mission in life to get Reborn as soon as possible. - Rodger Brennan


October- EP - 2002
Sun2Set - radio single- 2003
Reborn -LP- 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


fith. Four letters. Everyday, people ask “What exactly does fith stand for?”, or “What does fith mean?” Well anyone who needs to ask that has obviously never been to a fith show. Or if you really want to know what fith stands for, just ask someone who has been to one of their shows.

If you come to see a fith show, be prepared to receive an old fashioned, rock n roll ass kicking. Fith’s power rock combined with emotionally charged melodic vocals will leave you trying to catch your breath while at the same time desperately wanting more. Fith is a feeling that combines the euphoria of riding a kick ass roller coaster, having an intense orgasm, and punching your most hated enemy in the face all at the same time

Fith formed in April of 2002, when Andy Brightbill(Bass) and Chad Farling(guitarist), both formerly of Sullen, got together for an impromptu jam session with the Infamous Snyder Brothers, Adam(Vocals) and Brandon(Drums) The session, which could be better described as beer drinking, produced instant chemistry and later on, hang overs.

The band practiced constantly over the next few months, learning an eclectic array of covers while also writing and developing original material. In January 2003, Fith released its four song CD/EP “OCTOBER”. “Sun2Set” became an immediate crowd favorite, while easily jumping into’s top 100 Hard Rock genres. January 2003 also marked the launch of the band’s website,, which to date has over 22,000 hits, allowing fans to check the band’s schedule, listen to MP3’s, and let their voices be heard on the band’s Guest book.

2003 was a very eventful year for fith. The band experienced highs of playing out in front of live crowds for the first time, fan attendance at both shows and practices was remarkable for a band with such little exposure, and demand for the band’s music was growing at a feverish pace. Even while blowing crowds away with covers of Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, and Incubus, fan passion for Fith’ originals prompted the band to head in a new, more serious, artistically challenging direction.

In February 2004, Hector Munoz told Fith, “Hey, I want to be in your band!”. Fith said O.K., and a new chapter in music history was born. The five members dedicated themselves to writing new original material, and delivering hard pounding right hooks to the fith faithful’s musical solar plexus. In March 2004, the members of fith agreed to be managed by Hollywood Promotions, hoping to bring organization and direction to the bands’ non-creative interests. Since joining forces with Hollywood Promotions, the bands bookings have tripled.

Inspired by Hector’s creative and producing talents, fith has been working hard in the studio finishing their debut LP “Reborn”. “Reborn” is an eleven track CD which will be released in August 2004. Fith continues its’ busy summer schedule of performing, while putting the final touches on their first album. Thus, after you listen to it just once, will make you stop trying to figure out what Fith stands for or means, because after your pulse settles down, I’m sure you’ll finally know.