Fito Espinola

Fito Espinola

 Hollywood, Florida, USA

My music is upbeat with happy vibes from Cumbia to guaguanco and a bit of flamenco flavor, also i got very emotional songs with a lot of soul and romanticism all over, if you hear my song you will fall in love the minute that you listen to it, my gift is that i am very easy to come out with melodies


Originally from Paraguay, I grew up in a house were there was always a Harp, my father plays the Harp but not professionally he was a merchant seamen, but every body on his family play Harp, Guitar Accordion or contrabass.
Wen i was fourteen years old my Father brought me a guitar that i love so much that i used to put it at rest in my bed and cover with a blanket, until one night my sister jump in the bed without knowing that the instrument was there and broke the guitar in pieces. After that i have my heart broken for the first time and cry for several days.
From that day on i just started to practice how ever i can wen some one bring a guitar home i was always watching and asking to teach or show me something i was just want to learn this beautiful instrument, and i did, then i start to play with another friends and family members in festivals, church, family reunion, fairs, serenades, i was just try to get most play in front of peoples as i can.
At 19 i got the opportunitty to become a part of a group called "Conjunto de Arpas y Guitarras Guarani" which was a set of Harp and Guitars consisting in 10 Harpist and 4 Guitarist, with this group we travel with in the Country also Argentina and Brazil.
After this, I got the opportunity of going to play music at a restaurant called "The Wharf" in the Cayman Island with fellow Harpist Eugenio Leon, i stay there for 4 years.Then i move to Miami and here i start to produce my music on CDs
i started to play clubs and different venues with my group until i play in one particular club were i was attack and knocked unconscious in the parking lot of the club, i was lucky to survive, from that day on i promise my self that i have to do everything possible to put my music out there, because it felt i was given a second chance, now am back on my feet and doing what i always want it to do, play the guitar for living, and is a life long journey for me.


I have three cds, "Nostalgica" (instrumental) "Sin ti soy nada" Vocals and instrumental (All Originals)my best seller. And my last one "Fito Espinola"

Set List

45 Minutes, start with instrumental song from the gad father or one of my originals, one arabic song "Sahara" then i do Gipsy kings song "Volare" after i do a solo of guitar, a cover i mix stair way to heaven with malagueƱa, them i introduce my song "Al compas the la guitarra" and "Un poquito the cerveza" wihc is in my last cd and i mantined that i have my cds for sale and voala< with this son i would like to said good bay to everybody ill see you next time CHAO!