Brighton, England, GBR

FitsRoy are an Indie/punk/dance band and aim to continue their uplifting dance music, enjoyed by unsuspecting ears as well as their loyal following from day one.


In 2006, Jordan (singer/guitar) and Gary (drummer) reunited after once studying and working closely with each other on a Popular Music course at Brightons City College 5 years before.

After writing and experimenting with different ideas, the decision was made to form a band and recruit a bassist. After asking around at a Brighton rehearsal studio, Jordan and Gary were given the number of a bassist who had just moved into town. An audition was arranged and Marcus was hired.

The name FitsRoy was decided on at a very early stage, however the style and the sound of the band under went a number of changes over the first year. Finally the formula was set and is still the foundation on which their current material is being written.


FitsRoy EP (2008)
FirsRoy 09 (2009)
Mix It Up & Break a Rule EP (2010)
Us We're From Brighton EP (2011)

Set List

Any of the following:
Resonate Me
Your Shell
Us We're From Brighton
Disco 1
This Needy
Weird Hero
Maybe Ok We'll See
A Cliche
Staring at the Floor
Hour Time
Shes Called Keith
...and more older songs are available