Sam Fitzpatrick fronts a collective of musicians and friends performing sincere and intricate acoustic/alternative folksong. With their wistfully folky sound, these boys bring a special sort of energy to their music, gracefully waltzing between the "get up and dance" and the "sit down and listen".


Fitz. is an acoustic/folk/alternative collective fronted by singer/songwriter and producer Sam Fitzpatrick.

This collaboration is formed around the nucleus of vocalist, guitarist and multiinstrumentalist Sam Fitzpatrick, multi-instrumentalist Richard Potts, bassist and guitarist Joel Careless, and percussionist Benjamin Maines-Blatherwick. The core band is augmented by a myriad of friends, guests and additional musicians, both in the studio and on the stage, which further enriches their intricate, sophisticated sound. The songs are timeless, sincere and beautifully envisioned, filled with stories of hope, loss and awakening; entwining intricate acoustic guitar with an honest, provocative voice, the music shifts and shimmers exacting a rare brilliance.

Although Sam had been creating music for many years – whether in alternative/posthardcore bands or at open mic nights as a solo performer – this current project was born
out of a passion for music production and sonic experimentation, and a love for acoustic music. Having completed a BA in Music Technology at Keele University and honed his skills and experience even further, Sam began refining both his DIY work ethic and his artistic voice.

Sam said, “I like to compose songs to work dynamically and build arrangements to complement the story the song is telling. I've always been fascinated with the idea of ambiguous lyric. It builds mystery and intrigue, and allows the listener to relate it to their own life and experience.”

Sam – who grew up in Tamworth, a typical small town in central England – began performing acoustic music in 2006 with a notebook full of songs accumulated through travels and life experience. The songs are nomadic, rooted in the honesty and authenticity of folk music, but are also informed by the experimental nature of alternative rock and post-hardcore. The result is a highly evolved concoction that matches intricate guitar lines against shifting dynamics and classical melodies. This versatile writer, arranger and
performer is not afraid to experiment with sound, form and structure.

Fitz. – both with and without his core band – has evolved into a seasoned live performer, comfortable in front of audiences both small and large. He has played events for Unicef and sell out performances to crowds of over 1000 people. Fitz. have entertained audiences at such notable venues as the Dublin Castle in Camden, Moles in Bath, and the Cavern Club in Liverpool, as well as the 2000 Trees Festival 2012 and Liverpool Sound City 2012. Each performance is warmly received from critic and audience alike, and reviews reveal a magnetic and impassioned performer. Fitz. has three releases to date. The latest single ‘Caves’ - a story of maturity and growth depicted through lyric and musical arrangement - was produced by Sam Fitzpatrick himself and mastered by Dom James (Johnny Foreigner). The first single 'Maps' – a tender meditation of spiritual awakening and the healing power of nature – was produced by Sam Fitzpatrick himself and mastered by Robin Schmidt (Ben Howard, Mumford & Sons, Razorlight). Bare Bones is an EP of live sessions, and features powerful, heartfelt performances in the most intimate of atmospheres. The EP – which is available as a free download and limited edition CD – shows Fitz. also has the ability to strip away the layers of production and present the songs in their purest, most direct form.

Forthcoming album Patchwork was self-produced and recorded in a 16th century barn in the Welsh mountains, which Sam converted into a project studio. The songs that make up the album were written over a three year period. Describing the album, Sam added, “I like to believe that popular music can be as credible as an art as classical music, and that belief is mirrored in my approach to writing the album." Patchwork was written so that it flows as a whole, with no song amongst them not relevant in defining the entire collection of works as one. The album is filled with interweaving stories and recurring meaning throughout, which binds the songs together through the amalgamation of lyric, melody and sonic texture.”

Patchwork, due for release in Spring 2013, will be available along with Fitz.'s other releases at all major digital retailers, and on limited edition CD and Vinyl via independent label Us Is The New Them.


– Dublin Castle - Camden, London
– Proud - Camden, London
– 02 Academy - Islington, London
– Hare and Hounds - Birmingham
– Moles - Bath
– Cavern Club - Liverpool
– The Thunderbolt, Bristol
– The Hope - Brighton
– The Malt Cross - Nottingham
– The Head of Steam - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
– The Guildhall - Lichfield

(Among many other venues across the UK.)

– Liverpool Sound City 2012 - Leaf, Bold Street
– 2000 Trees Festival 2012 - Leaf Lounge Stage



Sam Fitzpa


Bare Bones (2012)

'Caves' (2012)
'Maps' (2012)

Patchwork (due mid-2013)

Set List

Variable depending on set length