Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, DEU

Atmospheric quiet noisy band which drinks more beer than your band from Aschaffenburg, Germany. Imagine Envy jamming with Oceansize, discussing the best recipe for barbecue with Aereogramme while listening to Mono, Melvins and Portishead. We love Vintage Amps. And Beer. Did I mention beer?


Fitzcarraldo exist since 2006 and released 2 Longplayer and 3 EP´s so far.

After increasing to a 5 piece Band in 2011 playing with 3 guitars and 1 bass since then, the boys are back in town with a brand new EP, which was recorded and produced on their own.

But where does the journey lead to now?

After their loved emotional excursions in atmospheric soundspheres with brutal outbursts Fitzcarraldo takes another direction now, a few steps away from the dogma of so called post rock, the media´s favorite drawer when it comes to unconventonial sounding music.

The new songs from FITZ EP now seem to be more focussed, compact and more on point.

For the first time songwriting and vocals have a bigger role and the dream of 3 guitars became loud reality.

Despite of all the new features the boys from Aschaffenburg have not lost their sense for big melodies, elaborate twist and turns and their love for every single detail.

To put it in a nutshell: Fitzcarraldo never sounded so eclectic, direct and alive than now.

Fitzcarraldo are Daniel, Ulrich, Matthias, Heiko and Jan.


09/2007 Herbst (CD, DIY)
03/2010 Lass sein was ist (CD, Baxxbeat Music)
03/2012 Hansestadt (Single, Download, Baxxbeat Music)
06/2012 Oldenburg (CD EP, Baxxbeat Music)
10/2012 Fitz (Vinyl EP, Baxxbeat Music)

Ox Sampler
Eclipsed Magazine Sampler

Set List

45 - 50 minutes
60 minutes
75 minutes
90 minutes