Fitzpatrick is a solo live electronic music act that incorporates various genres of house and progressive dance music while involving the crowd


In 2009, DJ/Producer/Remixer Fitzpatrick Mauldin releases his newest album, “Squares of Reality.” This look into the very essence of a musician not only reveals who is Fitzpatrick Mauldin, but also where he is from. His “Squares of Reality” have lead him from programming MIDI beats as a teenager, to performing with some of Electronic Music’s biggest names in premiere settings. Starting out with simple keyboards and MIDI cables, Fitzpatrick Mauldin began his journey into the world of Electronic Music over 10 years ago. After working on several ndustrial projects, the artist then known as “M-Edge” became “DJ Edge” after being influenced by artists like Christopher Lawrence, Jeremy Dawson (Slyder, Shiny Toy Guns) and Sasha. His early residency at Club Trinity in the Birmingham, Alabama area only fanned the flames and his success.

After totally diving into the world of the producer, DJ Edge gradually faded into a memory, as Fitzpatrick decided to go by his real name in order to let his listeners connect with him on a level they had not previously done. Combining the sounds of House, Progressive, Techno, Electro and Psychedellic, Fitzpatrick began to develop his signature sound. Taking the best of each genre, Fitzpatrick’s sound has become an international export, featured on radio shows from Australia to Miami.

As you can see, Fitzpatrick’s Squares of Reality have taken him to many places. From his beginnings as a bedroom producer, to playing in front of packed crowds, Fitzpatrick continues to push the boundaries of Electronic Music. His craft is constantly evolving as his listeners evolve, challenging them to discover their own Squares of Reality.


2006--“Interstate Traveler” (BTU)
2007—“Flashback EP” (BTU)
2008—“Almost” (Pastdeux)
“Re:Born” (Pastdeux)
“Let’s Get It Started” (Pastdeux)
2009—“International Export” (Pastdeux)
“Looking Up” (Pastdeux)
“Neurotic” (Pastdeux)
“Squares of Reality” (Pastdeux)
“I Voted for Techno” (Pastdeux)

Artist Albums:
1999—“M-Edge” (indie)
2003—“While The City Sleeps” (indie)
2004—“Fits Perfect” (indie)
2009—“Squares of Reality” (Pastdeux)

Set List

A typical Live PA gig will consist of 10-12 sounds over a one hour period of time. Longer sets are possible with a more dj type format. On average 60% of all music played life is original work