Fitz Roy

Fitz Roy

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The best rapper under 18!


Screaming in the recording booth, "P.A.C. onnnn mee!!!" Is the 17 year old Phenom Fitzroy, Also known as "the boy wonder." He is the PacMann Poster Child, literally, by all means. As he steps out the booth and asks, "Are we good?" he sips on a blue flavor Gatorade. Still in his school uniform, as his phone rings off the hook, he answers, "What's up mom? I'm on my way home right now." He is a survivor of the dreaded "single parent household." And has over come the obstacles with the harsh reality of growing up in south central Los Angeles plus everything that comes along with that. Still he remains focused never missing a studio session and continuing to keep his grades up to meet his mother's standards. He knows how to juggle keeping his 3.0 GPA during his senior year, while being the hottest 17 year old in the city. He has two mix tapes circulating in the streets pf Los Angeles, which is an unheard of resume for a 17 year old in this independent driven west coast music game. He has performed at nearly every major venue in Los Angeles including the famed BB Kings at Universal City Walk. His drive is unmatched. His smooth, yet "in your face style" is almost intimidating, as he starts rapping at a drop of a dime. His raps tell his story vividly. You can feel his pain, you actually become a witness to his struggle, as he bounces back and forth. He still manages to crack a smile with every slick line that floats out the side of his mouth. But now the 5'7 Fitzroy sounds 6'5 and all you hear is oohh's and ahh's from his fellow PacMann members who have been converted into spectators as the spotlight remains on this 17 year old poet. Who has struggled through it all just to do the simple things like make it to school before the 1st period bell rings.


The Pac'Age(2007)

Set List

FULL SET (25min+)
1) Keeper
2) Watch ya back
3) See what I see
4) It's Natural