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Ithaca, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | INDIE

Ithaca, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Through the album's 11 songs, Five2's members politely but firmly refuse to be pinned down to any genre. They can wrap their tight harmonies equally around folk, country, jazz and pop, sometimes mixing and matching to create a new formula that best showcases their skills... Those who like variety in their listening experience should find a lot to love"
- Chris Kocher, PRESS & SUN-BULLETIN

"Top 10 Releases of 2006,
Best Contemporary Folk Record, and Best Producer [Kevin Kinsella]"

::of FIVE2::

"[They] craft gorgeous three-part harmonies like it's their destiny... their angelic vocal harmonies will likely take them soaring beyond the recording credits the Lucentes chalked up in John Brown's Body and what Uniit achieved in seven years with the Sim Redmond Band." - MUSEFEST Magazine - press quotes


“I am absolutely blown away by the beauty of your pure, untainted, and bewitching harmonies.” – Brandon, from Harrisonburg, Virginia

“These ladies could sing the ingredients off a cereal box and you would have never have heard anything as beautiful in your entire life. Go out of your way... far out of your way to hear the beauty that is Five 2.” – Joel, from Syracuse, NY

“I really felt, on Sunday, that I might have been in Liverpool at the Cavern where the Beatles had been before they hit it big, listening to the next group waiting to hit it big.” - Jon, from Tully, NY

"These three have amazing voices that they blend together most sonorously, forming a beautiful whole that is much greater than the sum of the parts." - Vic, from Canada - audience raves


“You will melt into the couch as you listen to their dreamy, tight harmonies. Do you remember the sirens from the book The Odyssey? That's them. You'll fall deeply in love and never look back.” –Owner, FELICIA'S ATOMIC LOUNGE

"These three beautiful women have warm and lilting voices that blend into a sound which is hauntingly greater than the sum of its parts. Some of their Latin-folk-country songs will break your heart, some will warm it, but every one of them will touch it." - GRASSROOTS FESTIVAL - promoter raves


Sweet End limited edition | 2006 Vivid Sound (Japan)
Sweet End | 2006 ITown Records
Demo | 2004 self-released



Five2 was awarded "honorable mention" for the 2007 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase

Five2's debut record, Sweet End, was named by Ithaca Journal as
“Best Contemporary Folk Record of 2006” [tie]
"Top Ten Releases of 2006"
"Best Producer of 2006 (Kevin Kinsella)"

A striking female vocal trio from Ithaca, NY, Five2 captivates listeners with lush three-part harmonies, poignant songwriting, and one guitar played in an uncommon style. A performance by these three women exudes warmth, rare musical chemistry, and a love of folk, country, jazz and pop. The group, which features vocalist/guitarist Uniit Carruyo (formerly of Sim Redmond Band) and vocalists, sisters Charisse Lucente and Yvette Lucente, released its debut CD, Sweet End, on ITown Records in the Summer 2006. Sweet End was re-issued on the Japanese label Vivid Sound in the Fall of 2006.

Sweet End, produced by Kevin Kinsella (of acclaimed Reggae band John Brown’s Body,) gave Five2 the opportunity to realize their dream of making a fully produced record and working with other accomplished musicians. A beautifully executed homage to classic country, folk, pop, old time, and jazz, Sweet End was built on inspired vocals and well-written songs, the result diverse, touching, and timeless.

Five2 came together in late 2003, after appearing together as harmony singers for Kevin Kinsella. The three women, who forged an instant bond the day they met, have much in common: South American heritage, a love of harmony singing, admiration for one another and her talents, and a height of 5 feet 2 inches. This bond comes across in every live performance as well as the new CD.