The Truth Is Back!!! Aggressive/Melodic punk band from western massachusetts. The sound is very guitar driven with phenomenal drum and bass parts. The raw but melodic vocals then become the centerpiece to the music with very real-life lyrics. Very explosive and entertaining live show.


This is far from another self-written, long-winded, pretentious biography. We feel our original sound is brought by taking influences from not only many genres of music, but also from the passionate moments in our lives. As one of the most hardest working bands in the area, we've put blood, sweat, and tears into this band for over five years now and the results are more rewarding everyday. But don't take my word for is the language of truth, and it speaks much louder than these words. Take the time to listen to our band, you will not be disapointed.


Jersey Nights

Written By: Matthew J. Spence

And when it breaks,I hope I get too close.
These clothes are drenched, my socks are soaked.
The boardwalk's bright with neon lights, these stars strech wide this endless sky.
Into my eyes you stare, for something thats never there.
I swear tonight I vow, if i had the tounge to speak i'd scream it now.

crashing down, where lightning meets the air. and when it leaks, you wont find me there. rest assured, keep talking in your sleep...your secrets safe with me.

so i walked alone, hood-up head-down just let me sleep, just let me drown, in the best of my emotions, the thoughts of leaving town. feels like drunk, but so surreal, i feel like jumping off so i can steal the center of your attenion, feel the center of your attention.

crashing down, its poisoning the air, and when it fills your lungs, you wont find me there.

rest assuared, keep talking in your sleep...

i'm begging you to keep me waiting on my knees. after years it doesn't mean a thing. keep talking in your sleep, all your tired washed up dreams, never meant a thing to me.


Rock Over London (CD/EP) Uglyfuzz Records - 2004
Eyes Stay Red (CD/LP) - 2003
The Black Albumn (CD/EP) - 2001
Loser's Lunch (Demo) - 2001

Upcoming in 2005:

10 song split with "Day To Dismember"
American Afterglow (CD/LP) record label T.B.A.

Set List

The "typical" set will usually run for approximately 30 minutes and will included usually around 10-12 songs. However this will really vary depending on the venue and the crowd. We will try to keep our new songs in the set but always leave room for the crowd favorites and the occasional cover song towards the end of the set.