Five Dollar Friend

Five Dollar Friend


Why do so many bands today need gimicks or an image to stand out? It is because they do not write or play music with the blunt honesty, passion and conviction of Five Dollar Friend. Five Dollar Friend is the cure for alternative rock


Cradled in the heart of the central Texas music scene, Five Dollar Friend brings alternative rock back to the main stage. Combining the moving lyrics and soft chords of founder Jacob Trevino with the blues inspired styling of bassist David Wechsler, the graceful melodies of backing vocalist/ pianist Xochitl Salinas, the precision drumming of new arrival Steve Pridgen, and driving guitar licks courtesey of Matt Bell, Five Dollar Friend has made a name for itself in the live music scene of central Texas.

Moving along in their journey, Five Dollar Friend is finishing production on their freshman LP entitled XOXORx (Kisses, Hugs, and Prescription Drugs). With selected tracks produced by Matt Novesky of Universal Record's Blue October, it was released April, 1, 2006. To quell audience demand for the LP, the band has previously released a series of Demos and EPs, most notably the five song Open Mic EP. Armed with poignant songs and an avid following, Five Dollar Friend brings honesty and simplicity back to the world of alternative music. With a repertoire of hook laden songs that maintain a sincerity that is hard to find in so much of today's music. With radio play in Austin and a heavy touring schedule (which included dates in Europe in July 2007), the audiences of central Texas and beyond are already embracing this new taste of rock music they relate to.

Five Dollar Friend is currently working on the follow up to 2006's "XOXORX" in Houston, Tx with producer Matt Noveskey (of Universal Recording Artist Blue October) and features guest performances by Jeff Crowder (Deep Ella) and Ryan Holley (Wartime Social and A+ Machines)


Open Mic Ep (2003) - 5 Songs Acoustic EP featuring Acoustic Guitar Drums and Bass

XOXORx (Kisses, Hugs, and Prescription Drugs) (2006)- A 12 Song LP featuring the single "I'll Be Good (I Promise)" Produced by Matt Noveskey of Blue October
The single recieves weekly airplay on 93.7 KLBJ (Emmis Communications) in Austin
The Album has sold over 800 copies in central Texas since its release in April of 2006

Set List

Our typical set lasts from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours depending on neccessity. We have constantly growing repetoire that is currently at 30 original songs.