Five Eight

Five Eight


Five Eight takes on desperation and gives it hope through soul and song. Mike Rizzi (drums) describes it as “personal and heartbreaking, for the most part, but for some reason I want to sing them loud." Indeed, never before has it been so enjoyable to listen and sing along to someone else's pain.


Five Eight is one of the Southeast’s pivotal rock groups. They’ve been untiring torch bearers of the Athens music scene for the past 15 plus years, sharing bills with everyone from hometown mates R.E.M. to punk rock brethrens the Ramones while amassing a heaping of praise from critics who have declared them the best live band most folks have never heard. When it comes to a thrilling, no gimmick, full throttle, rock ‘n’ roll experience, no band delivers on stage quite like Five Eight. As explosive as they are in concert, the band has always been about songs. Great songs, as a matter of fact – the kind of songs that are full of melody and an unchecked desperation that is rock ‘n’ roll at its purest. They’re songs that possess an undeniable appeal that calls for repeated listenings and have lyrics that are earnest, confessional and sung with the sincerest of force and effect.

Five Eight has weathered every storm the biz has sent their way. They signed to Walter Yetnikoff’s Velvel Records in 1997, and yes, their deal with the former CBS Records chief and music leviathan went south, just as his label did. But that’s something that seems to be par for the course these days. So is the departure of band members, and perhaps so is even a divorce, depression, drugs or a manager’s death. The real story though – the one that separates Five Eight from the rest – is not that they’ve faced the worst; it is that when faced with the worst, they have always survived. And that is what Five Eight’s new record represents like no other Five Eight album ever before. Survival. After living through what would destroy most bands a hundred times, Five Eight is still standing, and this time they have turned their wounds, their pitfalls, their pains into a full-length set of glorious rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a result that has finally earned the Five Eight name – self-titled and deservedly so.

Five Eight is the band’s most compelling album yet. One moment relentless, another stark and beautiful, the 12-song recording, which was mixed by the masterful John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, The Breeders, Jay Farrar) and produced by Five Eight and Geoff Melkonian (of the Josh Joplin Group), is an engaging yet volcanic amalgam of manic infused melodic rock that flows and explodes from song to song as the band delves into the darker depths of life, death, regrets and relationships.


Magnetic Fields

Written By: Five Eight

Magnetic Fields
I can't hide from myself
But I wish I could I know I couldn't
Drag you from my heart
Over and over again
From the spike in my skull
There's a burning sweet desire
Of the kisses that inspire me
Out of this darkness again
There is a war between us
And everyone knows but you
There a war between our
Magnetic fields irradiating from the spike right
Through my head
Nothing like me ever before
When we were young and still unscarred
Not aware of all the parts that bend us
Never together again
When you stand in front of me like nothing ever happens
And I'm struggling to contain it all
Over and over again
There's a war...
There's a war...

I'm Still Around

Written By: Five Eight

I'm Still Around
Can you tell that there's a thrill
That I'm feeling when I hold myself still
You’re behind my breath that I take shallow now
Can you tell the change has come to me somehow
I need to find something to do on Friday night
I need someone to take your place but not my hand
I'm okay again
Cause I'm still around
We need to make some medicine to
Help us get over everything
Cause I loused this thing up
One too many times and
I'm having trouble finding out what's mine
Come on over bring me out and lets disappear
Tonight is beautiful and the sky's so clear
Make me laugh when your near
Cause I'm still around
When I'm talking to my self about my dreams
I'm so sorry I can't help myself at home
I'm no good alone
I'm still around


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