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Band Hip Hop Gospel


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Return Of The God's Son ~ 2002
Body Instrumentals ~ 2002
Backslidden ~ 2003
Street Compilation ~ 2004
Bishop: The Man, The Myth, The Legend ~ 2006
Confessions Of A Sinner ~ 2008
The Resurrection ~ 2008



Redemption means an act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed; deliverance or rescue; deliverance from sin a.k.a. salvation; atonement for guilt. With that being said, it seems only fitting that as the prior owner of P-Squad Entertainment that I begin something new that is aligned with the path that I am on. I have been on both sides of the tracks. I have been in the Word and I have been in the world. One can not walk one foot in the Word and one foot in the world. You will eventually fall and come to a crossroads where a decision needs to be made. Will you make the right choice is what burdens your conscious until you make the decision. I have been to that crossroads many a times and have turned around and walked down the path I just came up. I was not ready to have to make a decision as weighty as that. I knew that God had something in store for me. I knew where I came from and what He brought me through. But I also knew what my flesh wanted. I knew I wanted to pleasure myself in the jollies of the world. I wanted to fit in with everyone else. But that could not be the case. Having been selected prior to my birth to be a great man of God, no matter what I tried, I could never fit into the puzzle called life. I have ran from my calling many times and have kept on running without looking back. I denied and denounced my calling claiming it to be false and the ambition of other men. Man can only run for so long though before God has had enough and He reigns you back in. As previously stated, I founded P-Squad Entertainment now known as The Goon Squad. I released my rights and responsibilities to the company. I finally made the decision and I chose the path less travelled. In the beginning, it was a very hard decision to make because the company was my offspring and I was watching her grow into a beautiful woman. But she was beautiful in whose eyes??? Definitely not God. Hence, my satisfaction was only temporal. I was in need of something fulfilling and permanent. I needed a satisfaction that would last and the only place to find that is in the presence of the Lord. I relinquished P-Squad to the next in command and just seeked God for a while. God healed the wound that I had and replaced that hole I had inside with so much more. I am no longer effected when I hear of the troubles of my former company. I don't even shake my head. I am free. I am delivered. I am redeeming myself in Christ. So what is Redemption Records. She is my child in Christ. She will not be operated in the same manner as my other company. She provides inspirational, thought provoking, substance filled music to help anyone get through the day. Due to the variety of different individuals, Redemption Records will provide a variety of different genres of music with one same foundation... praising God and glorifying the almighty. The ONLY sovereign God. The ONLY living God. So sit back and be inspired through the redemption of Stevenson Benoit. I am the only artist on the label at the moment and I am quite content with that. When God sees fit to make it expand then it will happen but until then, I am satisfied where I am at. I am working on my first project under the new label titled, "Confessions Of A Sinner". There is no tentative schedule for release but from time to time new songs will be posted up periodically. There will be nothing new posted until after 7-7-07 because I am fasting from writing and recording music. May the will of God be fulfilled. May His glory be manifested in all that we do.

From the mouth of The Evangelist:

Biography Bishop, born Stevenson Benoit, was born October 3rd, 1982 in Miami, Fl. He is the son of a preacher. At age 2, Bishop moved down to Homestead with his parents where he spent majority of his childhood. At age 5, his mother sent him to New Jersey to live with his aunt because of the poverty stricken living situation his parents were going through living in Homestead. A year later he rejoined his parents back in Homestead. Bishop attended Campbell Drive Elementary, Campbell Drive Middle, and Homestead Senior High School. He joined the marching band the summer before his eighth grade year and was 1st trumpet. Bishop showed an uncanny ability to pick up and learn any instrument quickly and efficiently. Bishop currently plays the trumpet, drum set, clarinet, saxophone, mellophone, french horn, trombone, baritone, and keyboard. In 2001, Bishop joined the US Army and served his country out of Fort Drum New York station with the 10th MP Battalion. It is then Bishop began experiment with rap. Bishop recorded everything out of his room with the help of a laptop and Magix Music Maker. A year later Bishop released several mixtapes mentioned below. Growing up in the church affected Bishop's music. It was a constant struggle to put out quality music for the public to like and to still incorporate where he came from. In 2003, Bishop started the company, P-Squad Entertainment, and manages several artists in the