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"NXNE Festival Reviews"

There may only be two women (singer Silver Shuter and bassist Seka Destroy) in the trio that make up Five Hot Bitches but their presence and hilarity make the numbers add up. Thunderous distorted bass worthy of a Napalm Death record and punk rock drumming courtesy of Toby Thistle inspired Shuter into one of the most impressive displays of estrogen-heavy James Brown moves ever. Visually stunning and full of as much gusto as they were kitsch, these Bitches belted out tongue-in-cheek sarcasm for a wildly enthusiastic capacity crowd. They ruled the late-night roost. - Exclaim! Keith Carman

"Chart Attack Report Card 86%"

You know how the Ben Folds Five were really only three people? Well, this is sort of like that, except instead of nerdy, overly precious dudes you have two hot bitches and an honorary bitch on drums. And instead of nerdy, overly precious indie pop, you get dirty, sexy rock 'n' roll, puppets and costume changes.
With pounding songs about licking, sucking and fucking, the Bitches bring a Peaches-style sexuality to the world of rock. If you don't think that sounds cool, then you have no soul or libido.
Any band can take the piss out of the sponsor of their showcase, but it takes real balls (or, more appropriately, ovaries) to cover Hawkwind's "Death Trap" and change the lyrics to "Death Pill" when said sponsor is Plan B (the morning after pill). The fact that that moment didn't' seem out of place in the rest of the set is a real testament to just how brassy, funny and awesome Five Hot Bitches really are.
With a loud, sloppy, Death From Above-style bass and drum attack and the aforementioned Peaches-style lyrics, the Bitches deliver dirty rock in tight, short packages that never overstay their welcome and always leave the audience wanting more.
With a cockfighting puppet, a costume change, a dance move, a smoke machine and helpful lyric sheets to encourage singalongs, Five Hot Bitches know exactly how to keep an audience entertained and engaged. - CHART, Sarah Kurchak

"Best Concerts 2006 - Show and Tell"


(May 18, Gladstone Hotel) Apparently this show was some kind of artists' soiree (dubbed the Fool's Luck Party), with cutesy wares being sold from carefully arrayed booths. But when the Sabbath-y, Ramones-infused Five Hot Bitches (actually a bass/drums/vocals female trio) hit the stage, you could almost taste the fear among the crowd of comic-book nerds and knitting enthusiasts. Caveman rhythms and monstrously distorted low-end marked "Cock Fight," while smutty ditties like "Hot Bitch Sundae" and "Addiction To Friction" boasted near-brown note decibel levels. After a pummelling 30 minutes, a super-brief take on Black Flag's "Wasted" was offered before disoriented audience members were left to reflect on where their lives had gone so terribly wrong. CHRIS ROLFE - EYE Weekly


Five Hot Bitches EP
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Five Hot Bitches are a kick ass garage-punk power trio that will assault your senses with grumbling, big muff infused bass, gut wrenching vocals and a pure punk drummer reminiscent of Rat Scabies. Guaranteed entertainment and amazement.
Since 2003 Five Hot Bitches have been drawing in audiences with their well promoted, raw punk rock. You are not only there to be entertained, you are expected to get involved with the show. Songs like "Cheater, Cheater" give you a chance to confess your cheats, lies and sins or out someone elses. Consider an oppourtunity to come clean and leave feeling baptized in Bitchy goodness.
Influences such as the Slits and the Plasmatics are apparent when Silver Shuter challenges audience members to chug a pitcher of beer in the span of a 29 second cover of Black Flag's "Wasted".
Five Hot Bitches have just finished recording their first EP which will reflect their live performances.
This self titled EP will be released independently in March 2008. Armed with a new Drummer, Mr. Lee, The Bitches are ready to go full force in 2008. More new songs, more cheats, more lies, more costume changes.