Five Hundred Fires

Five Hundred Fires


We love Jesus our Lord and Savior. He is the driving force behind our music, our lyrics, and our lives. Our goal is to worship God. We were formed out of worship and it is our passion. Every aspect of what we do is focused on creating refreshing new music that draws people to Him.


Five Hundred Fires, out of Latham NY, got their first exposure as the youth worship band for their home church, Light of the World. They have been influenced by bands like Coldplay, Phil Wickam, Lifehouse, Copeland, and various movie soundtracks.
The two sets of brothers have characters’ and musical talent each distinct but complimentary to each other. Their deep potent sound will intoxicate your soul, while their positive, hopeful lyrics will cause you to look toward heaven. Noah’s Vocals are strong with long drawn out passionate words of worship and hope in the Lord.
These guys have been playing together from the beginning. They learned their first chords together and formed a worship band as they progressed. Only in the last three years have they been playing as Five Hundred Fires, and in the past two years in particular they have come to recognize and accept their purpose as servants, leaders, and musicians. When asked what their vision for Five Hundred Fires was, they replied in unison, “to glorify God”.

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Set List

Our current set is 30 Min. when coupled with multiple bands. If we headline its 45 min. to an hour. Usually about 6 to 7 songs