Five In A Hand

Five In A Hand

 Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Our Band is a rock/funk/electronic experimental band. We play many various styles including rock, funk,rap, blues, electronic and anything that strikes our mood at the time. Our kinetic energy and varrying styles combine to form a musical adventure.


Five in a Hand started with only three members Aj, Brian and Nate. Mostly they hung out, jamming and playing pool. After a few months the random licks and progressions developed into songs such as 93% Lean, Empty Bottle and Bunch O' Little Fishies. Soon a small set list was developed and the band started playing open mic’s and small house parties. At this point the band was still nameless, until one night while playing pool at Sammy's in Cedar Rapids, Aj reached into the table for the pool balls to rack up a new game, when he pulled out five pool balls in one hand! Surprised by the seemingly impossible event the band became Five in a Hand. Soon after a great fan and better friend named Percy expressed interest in joining the group. After hearing his unique style and adaptation to the groups’ already ever-changing style, Percy became the fourth member of the band. The band was feeling great about their new addition but was still in need of a drummer. After playing with a few drummers they finally found someone to permanently fill the spot, Alfred. He was fun, full of energy and 100% rock and roll. Since forming the final line up they have played several festivals. They're first festival was Summer Camp which they won a battle to get into. They have also played with such acts as That 1 guy, Mike Dillon, Dave Zollo, and many other great acts.


We released an album in 2009 titled "If Your Lucky". It is a full length album with 12 songs. Many of the first songs the band came up with together. The album is always running on our website The album has anything from the sounds of classic rock, electronica, rap, funk, reggae, blues, and much more. With this album Five in a Hand was trying to show that they don't have to stick to one genre, but could still always keep a certain sound. Our album has been played in its entirety on KRUI radio multiple times.

Set List

Our Set list changes each show. We have about 30 originals and can play several cover songs. We can play up to 4 to 5 hours of material.