Five Knives

Five Knives

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Making their veiled debut at a password-guarded basement party in early 2012, Five Knives is a Nashville band that redefines electro by merging beats with the ferocious energy of a live band. Best described as a blend of M.I.A. and Nine Inch Nails, front woman Anna Worstell, keyboardists/programmers Nathan Barlowe (who also plays guitar) and Zach Hall, and drummer Shane Wise grind heavy synth riffs into an undeniably catchy sound that’s rooted in both old-school punk and new school Pop electronic. With their genre-bending debut EP, The Rising, Five Knives are delivering an intensified live experience and capturing a new legion of fans night after night.


Their live experience totaling just three shows, Five Knives headed to SXSW and emerged as one of the festival’s most buzzed-about bands. As their frenetic live performance fast gained notoriety, Five Knives soon went on to open up for Girl Talk, Die Antwoord, and Araab Muzik and—at the tail end of 2012—hit the road for a string of arena shows with Smashing Pumpkins.

 Now working on a full-length debut, Five Knives are proud to do their part in shattering the notion that Nashville’s for country music only. “Our sound’s kind of schizophrenic—it’s a mix of electronic and dance and rock and pop and hip-hop and punk,” says Worstell.  For help in fine-tuning that sound, Five Knives tap into each member’s distinct background: Hall is hip-hop-obsessed, Worstell and Barlowe both worship the Ramones, and the band as a whole mines inspiration from post-punk/synth-pop pioneers like New Order and Depeche Mode.


The Rising EP - 2013