Five Minute sin

Five Minute sin


A raucous hard rock revival band featuring vibrant vocals, screaming guitars and ferocious percussion. Sheer energy, pronounced musicianship and vivacious stage presence combine to deliver original, yet stunningly vintage rock n' roll.


Like so many rock n' roll pioneers before them, Five Minute Sin has taken conventional hard music to the limits. Twisting seemingly melodic expressions into a whirlwind of innovative, yet strangely familiar riffs, this Southern Hard Rock band has set in motion the turning of the wheels for a new world of true rock music to emerge. Formed in 1999 as a party band, Five Minute Sin played several shows on the underground music scene in Albuquerque. The four original members of the band split ways in 2001 and reunited in early 2004 with a new sound and a powerful new sense of energy. The band worked vigorously in 2004 to produce a 3 song demo album with the help of producer Mike Wilson. Currently the band is working in the recording studio to produce a full length album which is expected to be released in early 2006.

Since their rebirth the band has played an exhaustive schedule of performances to small and large crowds alike. The band has been featured in the Weekly Alibi Magazine and on 104.7 the Edge radio's "Morning Edge". The capstone of 2005 came for the band as they played The Red River Biker Rally for a packed house in a small mountain town which was transformed into virtual city of bikers overnight. Current venues in New Mexico include Burt's Tiki Lounge, The Atomic Cantina, The Sol Arts Theater, The Launchpad, The El Rey Theater, El Morro Theater (Gallup), Bull o' the Woods (Red River), Rallies Pub, Harlowes on the Hill, and Puccini's Golden West Saloon. Five Minute Sin has always been about entertaining friends and fans. Combining powerful music with energetic spirit, Five Minute Sin hopes to change the direction of hard rock music today.


Single - "She Tells" 2005. Played on Clear Channel radio 104.7 the Edge in Albuquerque. Also streaming on

Single - "Sandi Green" 2005. Streaming on

Single - "Mind on Fire" 2005. Streaming on

Upcoming - Full length EP expected for release in early 2006.

Set List

Five Minute Sin has an expanding catalogue of original music which has received acclaim from numerous sources. Principal lyricist Jesse Korman, a noted poet, combines forces with the vintage yet innovative musical styles of guitarist Frans Dinkleman, drummer Bart Wenz and Bassist “Diamond Dan”, to deliver musically complex and artistically potent original songs.

While Five Minute Sin enjoys any opportunity to perform original music, the band also draws from an extensive catalogue of cover songs. The band performs unique, but recognizable renditions of music from genres including classic rock, southern rock, metal, blues, folk, and alternative. Recent covers include selections by popular artists including:

Pearl Jam
Guns n’ Roses
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Doors
Jimi Hendrix
Alice in Chains
The Black Crowes