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Gilroy, California, United States | SELF

Gilroy, California, United States | SELF
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"Local Music Spotlight"

In the summer of 2001, while most teenagers were busy twiddling their thumbs and perfecting the art of sleeping, a young band was busy perfecting another craft; music. With their high energy stage performance and ever-growing fan base, Five Minutes to Freedom have managed to make quite a name for themselves in the midst of the competitive local music scene. With a catalog of 45 plus songs and a tight knit history, the band has enjoyed the success of their 2005 EP, which has taken them to venues all along the West Coast. Making appearances at the famous Whisky A Go Go and the Great American Music Hall, they’ve accomplished a feat which takes many bands years to achieve, if they ever do. The band has an undeniable likeness to Taking Back Sunday and Story Of the Year, and not only have they long extended their five minutes in the spotlight, their hard work and dedication paid off, landing them a spot on the Vans Warped Tour. After the release of their debut album on May 2, 2006, Five Minutes To Freedom have been evolving as musicians and band-mates. Their self-titled debut album is available on Itunes and at Tower Records, so everyone can have a piece to themselves. There’s plenty of talent to go around so make sure to check back on the band’s website for future show dates and releases.

Article URL: - Zero Magazine - September 2006

"Five Minutes to Freedom to play in Vans Warped Tour"

Thursday, March 24, 2005

By Nathan Mixter (

Five Minutes to Freedom has earned more than five minutes of fame. The local band, which on Saturday will be headlining a show at The Gilroy Gaslighter along with The Calm, another popular Northern California band, will also play on the Vans Warped Tour 2005 in San Diego on June 30.

The band is made up of Kevin Pfeffer on vocals and guitar, P.J. Jammal on drums, brothers Tomas Carrillo on vocals and guitar and Daniel Carrillo on vocals and bass, all of whom are from Gilroy.

The band formed in the summer of 2001 with the guys who have been friends since elementary school. Their music is described as alternative rock with an "emo-style sound."

"I have definitely seen a progression in our careers because when we first started out, we were just playing to see where things went," Daniel Carrillo said. "But now that things have picked up this past year, we have become more dedicated and passionate about the band. I would say that the progression is natural because we have all become more experienced as musicians, and that experience is evident in the new songs we write constantly."

The Vans Warped Tour, which plays in locations across the country between June and August, features some of the top bands in the nation such as Thrice, The Transplants, Hawthorne Heights, Atreyu, The Starting Line and Avenged Sevenfold.

Band manager Michael Shane filled out the application for the tour, sent in their bio, a DVD and a CD. He said he knew the chances of being selected were slim and said he was surprised after receiving an e-mail saying the band was chosen from more than 100 applicants.

"When I opened it, I didn't expect to read that we had been selected to play on the tour," Shane said. "Though it was only one date, it was better then no date. None of us were expecting this so we were extremely ecstatic."

It was a surprise for the entire band which had almost lost hope that they would be chosen.

"Being selected to play on Warped Tour brought a lot of sentiments upon me," Daniel Carrillo said. "The initial feeling I got was 'No way!' But, after asking our manager about five times to stop joking around with me, it finally set in, and I was just amazed that we were selected. I just can't wait to play."

"Definitely excited," added Jammal. "I'm really stoked to play a show like this with so many of the bands that have influenced us so much."

Shane has had his hands full booking numerous shows in Northern California. The band hasn't had the chance to headline at many events except at The Whiskey a Go Go in Hollywood in December. But between events, they have found time to record a CD.

The group is hoping to book some additional shows especially in Southern California before the Warped Tour.

"We're going to have at least one date booked every weekend until June and are scheduled to be in the studio recording new material for the month of June," Shane said.

Usually Five Minutes to Freedom headlines the shows it arranges, Shane said, but that was not the case for the week's show in Gilroy. The promoter selected the show that was most likely to draw the biggest crowd.

"We're probably the biggest local band right now, and in the case of this show specifically it was The Calm's management that did the booking," Shane said. "However, since we have a good relationship with them, and they know that Gilroy is our home town, they felt that it was only right for us to headline this show."

About 250 people are expected to attend, Shane said.

"These guys are extremely passionate about their music, and it shows," he said. "You're going to see an extremely powerful show from them. The show this week is going to be huge - one of the biggest they've played thus far."

Band members hope that the increased interest is a sign of good things to come.

"I sure hope this is the next step towards bigger and better things," Pfeffer said. "This is a chance to do something extraordinary with our lives. It is our dream. I have never wanted something so bad."

"We've all put a tremendous amount of time and energy in the band, and we refuse to give up," Tomas Carrillo added. "If there are bumps in the road, we find ways to get around them, and we do whatever it takes to make this band work."

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At the Gaslighter

Five Minutes to Freedom will be headlining the show at The Gilroy Gaslighter, 7430 Monterey Street in Gilroy Saturday. Other bands include The Calm, Life with Jonas, Olympic Year and Switch Syndrome. Five Minutes to Freedom will be performing new music from their new album. The event begins at 7pm, and tickets are $8.

Nathan Mixter
Nathan Mixter is a staff writer for South Valley Newspapers. - The Gilroy Dispatch

"Five Minutes to Freedom Highly Anticipated Album Due out Early 2006"

The buzz behind small town band "Five Minutes to Freedom" from Gilroy, California will be releasing their first highly anticipated album due out early 2006. The band is also "in the process" of their own independent label which the album will be released on. Currently recording in Los Angeles, California at Love Juice Labs, known as the professional recording studio where bands such as "New Found Glory" and "Travis Barker" from "Blink 182" have all recorded.

(PRWeb) December 8, 2005 -- Love Juice Labs, known as the professional recording studio where bands such as New Found Glory and Travis Barker from Blink-182 have all recorded is now working with upcoming alternative rock band Five Minutes to Freedom. Currently in Los Angeles, California until mid December, the band is recording their first highly anticipated album due out early 2006. The band is also “in the process” of their own independent label which this album will be released on. Five Minutes to Freedom has previously recorded two successful EPs albums with Love Juice Labs alongside owner Dave Swanson.

The small town band from Gilroy, California is made up of brothers Tomas and Daniel Carrillo, PJ Jammal, and Kevin Pfeffer. The success from their previous EP’s has awarded them with an established and dedicated fan base all around the nation; they seek to establish major industry attention with this album. They have performed at this year’s 2005 Van’s Warped Tour, as well as Great American Music Hall, Whiskey A Go Go, and Universal City Walk. Band manager, Michael Shane, states “the goals for this album are to finally make a complete album which encompasses their evolved sound and that expresses their feelings through their music”.

You can check out Five Minutes to Freedom on their website which features bios, contact information, performances, music, and photos. - PR Web

"FMF on the Rise"

FMF on the Rise

Thursday, December 28, 2006

By Kelly Savio

Members of the local band Five Minutes to Freedom have resumes that are starting to resemble a true rock star's resume. FMF has already played at 2005's Vans Warped Tour in San Diego, they've done interviews for Podcasts, they were featured in the September 2006 edition of Zero Magazine, San Francisco's alternative monthly magazine, which has featured the likes of AFI, Flaming Lips and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

FMF has also played at the famous Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood where legends such as Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana have played.

The band's star is still rising, but before they make it big and play to sold-out arenas, South Valley residents have a chance to go see these native sons at smaller venues at reasonable prices - keep an eye out for possible shows next month in San Francisco. It's clear band members Tomas and Daniel Carillo, P.J. Jammal and Kevin and Cori Pfeffer have come a long way from their Gilroy roots, and they aren't slowing down.

Q: Where did your name come from?

A: "Time is always a factor in whatever people do, but the definition of freedom is different things to different people," said Kevin, lead vocalist and guitarist. "Freedom is whatever you want from life. Our name is about the time element to getting what you want."

Q: Who are your musical influences?

A: Musical influences include Pink Floyd, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday and Blink 182. Band members listen to music that ranges from classical to alternative rock.

"Our music isn't just influenced by other musicians, it's influenced by our life experiences," said P.J., 19, drummer and percussionist. "So, even though we might listen to a lot of different kinds of music, we might write a song just based on our every-day experiences. Our music is always changing."

Q: What is your ultimate goal?

A: The band ultimately wants to play music as a career and hopefully making a mark on music history.

"It's not really about the fame or fortune," said bassist Daniel, 20. "It's about doing something we're passionate about, and music is our passion. We want to reach a wide audience and share our passion with them."

Q: At what point will you say, "We've made it"?

A: Ideally, the band will say they've made it when they land a national tour, sell out amphitheaters and hear their songs on the radio all the time.

"In a sense, though, I think we've already made it," said Kevin, 22. "Maybe we're not super successful in terms of fame and money, but we have a growing number of fans, and we've been together for five years now. So many bands can't stay together nearly that long. The fact that we're still together and growing, and we're still going strong is a pretty solid accomplishment."

Q: What kind of interesting experiences have you had thanks to your career so far? Any highlights?

A: At last year's Warped Tour, FMF ate lunch at the barbecue the event hosted for featured acts. They ended up having lunch among bands such as Strung Out, Thrice and Emery. Later, as they were giving an interview, the Warped Tour's founder, Kevin Lyman, walked by and gave them a head nod.

After a performance at Hollywood's Whisky a Go Go, film director and actor Kevin Smith came up to offer congratulations on a "sick set, man." The band's name was also up on the same marquee that had once featured names of bands such as The Who, Blondie, The Ramones and Metallica.

Q: Are you in school?

A: All the members of FMF are graduates of Gilroy High School. Though most band members have some college classes under their belts, everyone is currently taking a break from school to play performances and to work on writing the band's next record.

Q: How did you get started playing music and how did you form the band?

A: Daniel and Tomas' grandfather was well-known mariachi musician who played multiple instruments. When he passed away, his grandchildren were each able to pick out one of his instruments. Daniel picked up the bass and Tomas picked up a guitar.

P.J. had always wanted to play the drums, so he convinced his mother to buy him an electronic drum set. He taught himself how to play on the set. When his mother saw how talented he was, she bought him a real set.

Kevin and Cori's parents were always playing classic rock as they grew up, and being surrounded by music from such an early age got them interested in music. Cori did musical theater, took voice lessons and went on to attend the Boston Conservatory.

The band came together because they were all friends in school with a shared interest in music.

Q: Is there a down side to the lifestyle you're leading?

A: "We've done some touring in California, and that's pretty hard," said guitarist Tomas, 21. "It's tough being away from home and your family for a long time."

FMF compares being in the band to a marriage. Before planning anything, such as vacations or school schedules, they have to consider the band, what events and shows are coming up and have to check with other members before committing to anything.

Daniel also said he thinks about school a lot and when he's going to get back to classes at Santa Clara University, where he is currently on a leave of absence.

Q: What do you hope to communicate to your audience?

A: "I hope we show the audience that music doesn't have to fall into any one category," said vocalist Cori, 26. "The band's music has been influenced by so many different sounds, and I think that comes through. I don't think we sound like any one kind of music. So, I hope the audience sees that bands don't have to have just one sound forever."

Q: What's next for you?

A: FMF is currently writing lyrics for the next CD. They hope to put together another tour of California, though they're aiming for a national tour eventually.

Keep an eye on FMF. With everything they've already accomplished, bigger things are surely right around the corner.

Kelly Savio is the Lifestyles reporter for South Valley Newspapers. Reach her at (408) 842-2205 or

Lyrics to 'The Frail end' by five minutes to freedom

The sky is blank tonight

An open canvas for us to paint the darkest of nights and fill the fire in the sky

And so we seal our fate again

The inevitable end lies fragile on the edge and so we wipe this canvas clean and start over again

The new day will begin

This ignorance has never been so bliss

How can we deny our fate when everything is lost

How can we define our selves when all we know is what we make

The new day will begin with the fate of the world in our hands

Like a pawn were stationed here dazed under the deep thick haze which imprisons the sun from any attempt to break through the eternal white

I can see the pieces but I just can't place them, just can't place them tonight.

Link: - The Gilroy Dispatch


"Temporary Madness" Summer 2012

"Somniloquy" - Jan. 2009

Five Minutes To Freedom - Self Titled Debut, May 2, 2006

Remember Yesterday - Jan. 2003 (currently available through digital distribution only)



"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."
-Carl Jung

The awakening of the band Five Minutes to Freedom has its roots in both dreams and reality. For the Gilroy, California based band, what started out as merely a dream to create music has evolved into a clear vision of a musical sound that transcends dreams and reality and provides the listener with an escape to a deep, melodic state of musical abandon where free expression reigns.
The recent release of Five Minutes to Freedom’s sophomore EP titled “Somniloquy,” exemplifies this musical sound which weaves its way between dreamscapes and reality. With the notion of dreams as their focus, Five Minutes to Freedom used the task of a concept album as the catalyst to create “Somniloquy.” The result is a rich, harmonious sound that captivates listeners.
Having nationally toured to promote their self-titled debut album released in May of 2006, Five Minutes To Freedom began to establish a following, gaining new fans at the 25 shows they played in a month and a half’s time. Appearances at the Van’s Warped Tour as well as Summerfest also proved that this quartet was capable of reaching new heights. Upon their return from touring, their dedication was put to the test as one of the members of the band began to question his passion for music and decided that he would pursue other aspirations. For the rest of the group, this was a critical time of reflection and growth. What emerged was a deeper resolve, and a greater dedication to the band and to the evolution of their musical sound.
With newly found inspiration, the trio used this transitional period to better their skills as musicians, as well as take on other musical endeavors, including a meticulous practice schedule and forays into music production. This provided the foundation for the group’s new approach which ultimately resulted in the completion of “Somniloquy” and a more mature sound for Five Minutes To Freedom. “We took this opportunity to push ourselves in a new direction. We wanted to have complete freedom with the writing process and having a concept album about dreams was a great way to express that creative freedom,” says guitarist Tomas Carrillo. The EP’s single “Dancing On The Moon” expresses an upbeat, utopian feel, a similar emotion one might experience in a pleasant dream, whereas “Nightmare” contrasts those sentiments with its dark and melodramatic sound. “Dreams are often very random; you experience a slew of emotions in a short period of time. We felt it fitting to capture that essence through our music,” states front man Kevin Pfeffer. It is evident that the group’s new release is not limited to one specific style. This diverse sound demonstrates the band’s depth and musical creativity and, ultimately, has sparked the attention of fans everywhere.
Five Minutes To Freedom’s 2009 release is only the start of the group’s ambitiously planned agenda. The band has goals of releasing a full-length, follow-up album to their EP, “Somniloquy.” While touring to promote their new sound, Five Minutes To Freedom plans on working hard to spark the interest of music lovers everywhere. “We just want to create music for music, something people can relate to on any level. I don’t think we necessarily have a specific style, I think our sound has just begun to mature and evolve and we’re all looking forward to that experience,” says bassist Daniel Carrillo. It is clear that there is no end in sight for the group as they continue to create and evolve. What is certain, however, is that Five Minutes to Freedom has found a vision, and truly awakened a mature and enthralling musical sound.

2010-2012 has proven to be a period of refinement for the band as they have locked themselves away in the Lab writing their newest master piece and highly anticipated 4th Studio Record "Temporary Madness". The group plans on embracing the new digital music age by releasing the album in digital singles, track by track throughout the year. Once all of the tracks have been released the band will release a special limited physical copy of the record filled with extra goods and bonus material for the fans. The record has been 2 years in the making and will without a doubt greatly impact the music world when released. The first installment of Temporary Madness is set for release summer of 2012.

It is no secret that the founding members of FMF grew up in Gilroy, There could be no better home coming, or come back show than, the Thirty Fourth Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival 2012!