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Five O'Clock Shadow

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Five O'Clock Shadow is a five man "vocal band". You may think you hear drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards, but every sound you hear starts with the human voice; with a little help from electronic effects.


Five O'Clock Shadow, the all-vocal rock band from Boston, is living proof that a band without instruments can still rock! Using the same tech wizardry that guitarists have been using since the dawn of rock, Dan, Oren, Paul, and Caleb morph their voices into shredding guitar riffs and soaring solos right before your very ears. Meanwhile, their one-man vocal rhythm section, Stack, lays down his "beatbass": mouth beats and vocal bass thundering forth from his face, both at the same time! Yet when you take away all the speakers, amps, and microphones, these guys are still singers right down to the soul!

Also known as "FOCS", Five O'Clock Shadow has vocally rocked audiences of all ages throughout the US and Japan, and in every kind of venue. Through their educational program FOCS has presented workshops and concerts to thousands of music students from coast to coast. FOCS also has a long list of distinguished corporate clients including Panasonic, LG Electronics, Clear Channel Entertainment, EMC Corporation, and Mohegan Sun. They've performed for the Boston Celtics, the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, and the NFL Football Hall of Fame. Numerous TV appearances include VH-1's "//break.through/", FOX News, WB's Morning Show, A&E, ESPN, and many more. And MTV Online even called Five O'Clock Shadow "the number one vocal pop band of the new millenium!"


So There (Hot Lips Records, 1998)
Misfit Toys (Hot Lips Records, 1999)
Wonders of the World(Hot Lips Records, 2000)

Set List

Five O'Clock Shadow's set list consists of mostly original music, with a few covers. The set changes all the time, but mostly contains the following songs:

What's it All About
Wonders of the World
Few and Far Between
Inside Her Mouth
I'm Right
Rhymes with Orange
Far Away
Watching the Tracks
Promise You This

Black Dog/Kiss - Led Zep/Prince
Long Train Runnin' - Doobie Bros.
We Are - Vertical Horizon
My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
If You Could Only See - Tonic