Five Pound Fire

Five Pound Fire


Five Pound Fire is a "Home Grown" Rock n Roll band from the mountains of North Carolina that embodies the spirit of good time music that'll leave ya feeling brand new


Five Pound Fire was formed in late 2003 by Caleb Burress and Doug Weaver. Since their inauspicious beginning,Five Pound Fire has built a strong fan base of true believers in the freedom of rock and roll. Blending together a pleasing mix of rootsy rock w/ a defined appalachian feel,this fearless foursome's edgy,original brand of "Homegrown Rock & Roll" is sure to put more swing in your step and keep you coming back for more.


Independently released e.p.'s "Stashbox" and "Live Tracks and Demolitions"

Set List

Our typical set includes approx 3 hours of original music in addition to some respectful nods to our influences(i.e. select covers)