This is one of those bands that you can never forget...the sound, the reason, the impact, the quality, and the performance! Our hearts main desire is to have ministering oportunities to reach out to people and try to get them to know Christ in an intimate relationship.


At the young ages of 20 to 22, the boys of fiveshadesred have developed a startlingly mature sound with a penchant for melody, heady arrangements, and emotionally charged vocals from lead singer Adam Jack Marcus. Go to their page or page to listen to their single "All I Need."

Coming Straight out of Clanton, Al and from having no songs to an EP within a month or so.....fiveshadesred is very extraordinary. With already an EP and a Full Length CD, fiveshadesred is garnering a lot of attention. None of this is possible without their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These guys are a Christian/Alternative Rock band with a fanbase stretching from all across the United States. These guys have made a name for themselves with the help of Kevin Derryberry, their manager and also a contemporary Christian Recording artist, and Jesus Christ.

fiveshadesred recently put out a six song EP titled, "In Regrets of Starting Over". After they got done recording the EP, Kevin was absolutely amazed and pushed them to start writing new songs to begin work on a Full Length. Through several weeks of writing and praying, these guys wrote some extraordinary songs about how we live everyday, our relationships with others and with Christ, and mainly praising God for all he has done. Adam, Heath, Matt, and Michael are passionate about their relationships with God and are stongminded about getting their music and God's word out to everybody. In completing the Full Length CD, In Regrets of Starting Over, these guys are getting ready to storm the Southeast, East Coast and Midwest in support of it. They blend all of their musical tastes and influences in their music and songwriting and put on an energetic and exciting show with lots of energy and stage performance that is exciting and interesting to watch. fiveshadesred is Adam Marcus(Lead Vocals, Guitar), Matt Carroll(Drums, Percussion), Heath Scott(Bass), and Michael Carroll(Lead Guitar, B.G. Vocals).

Coming a long way so quickly helped define fiveshadesred and the band is poised to redefine and reinvent the realm of Christian/Alternative Rock. fiveshadesred are the new voice of the talent-packed Alabama scene and these boys are ready to make the whole world fall in love with "In Regrets of Starting Over" on January 10, 2006.

So who are our influences?
--Jesus Christ our personal Lord and Savior
--Our parents
--And a list of bands that could go on and on for days!

And, what is different about us from any other band?
--First off, we're not out here to become rock-stars...we want to be servants in doing God's will and getting the name of Christ out to people who may have not heard it in a way we do it before. We are all very passionate about our relationships with Christ and how we minister to people through songs of everyday life and our daily struggles. And last but not least, our live performance will blow you away..we sound just like we do on the CD, if not better! We jump and move around A LOT...probably a little too much...nah...

Contact us:
-Adam - 205-389-4070 or 205-755-6933
-Michael - 601-917-2392 or 662-615-9990
-Matt - 601-917-2687
-Heath - 205-389-3395 or 205-646-2026

For Booking Right Away: Email our manager Kevin Derryberry from his website he does all of our booking! We look forward to working with you in furthering Christs' kingdom!


All I Need

Written By: fiveshadesred

Open my eyes so I can see how great you are. Open my heart so I can feel your love.

Let your light shine down on me. Send your love, let me see.

I need your mercy. I need your grace. Want you come and fill this place? I need your love to flow over me. Cause you're all that I need.

Bombs and Rockets

Written By: Adam Marcus, Matt Carroll

Tired and Broken from this war inside, watching shattered pieces fall from the sky. As I keep on running and I try to hide from you.

My life is like Rockets in the sky.
It's better than the fourth of july.
Now I'm home complete and new.
Your bomb explodes, when I'm lost in you.

Welcome to the fallout in disquise.
Noone ever noticed a strangers' eye.
I'm so tired from this radiation tonight.

I'm lost in you, I'm lost in you, yeah.

welcome to the fallout


"In Regrets of Starting Over" EP
"In Regrets of Starting OVer" LP
Songs that stream and on airplay include
--All I Need
--Sunday's Best
--Bombs & Rockets
--Lead Ons & Let Downs
--Butterfly with Broken Wings

Set List

We usually play about a 45 minute set with an average of 8-10 songs, and a tesitmony from one of the band memebers....the 8 listed below and sometimes we play some of our new songs that are unrecorded.

-Wretched Sinner
-Sundays Best
-All I Need
-Bombs & Rockets
-Diary of a Broken Heart (She Cries)
-Lead Ons & Let Downs
-Butterfly with Broken Wings