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The best kept secret in music


"Five Sorrows"

This starts out with a prelude that begins with an almost hip-hoppish rhythm. It has spoken word samples and a fuzzy keyboard bassline incorporated rather nicely into the overall mix. I'm not too much into this type of music unless its done right, and this is done right 10 times over. a good way to start out a disc.
track ..2 " Gate Keeping " starts out with the same type of rythm as the prelude but very quickly into a Nine Inch Nails inspired anthem somewhere between " Pretty Hate Machine/Downward Spiral " it also reminds me of " Musique " era Theatre of Tragedy " throw in a pinch of HIM for good measure and you have a soon to be goth/industrial CLASSIC...track ..3 " Burning Beds " starts out with an errie keyboard type thing with some violin work that builds into probably the best track on the disc. distorted spoken word vocals really set the mood for this track.. i'd like to have about a 30 to 40 minute extended version of this track for those " special "nights if you know what I'm getting at ...This is definitely one of those type of tracks...track 4 " Murder Paints Circles " is in my opinion the most industrial influenced track on this disc. this reminds me of a Gothic version of the industrial band Puncture. the keys and samples in this track are done really well...there is no off-timing here. everything is put together EXACT . awesome song...track ..5 " In Memory " builds up at the beginning and ust when you think its about to get really chaotic it slows back down into a slow paced heavy synth/violin laden track that sets somewhat a somber mood . these guys definitely know what they are doing. the fuzzy guitar riffs at about the 4 minute mark just add to the mood and aura of this song. another excellent MASTERPIECE... track ..6 " Eulogy "
he only thing i didnt like about this track is the acoustic guitar intro. but, once this track kicks in it just gets better... this track will probably turn most metal-heads off for the heavy hip-hop influence, but thats all on them.... i personally like it. call me "untrue" if you like... track ..7 is just a different mix of the song " Gate Keeping "... All in all i really enjoyed this disc. it isnt what im used to but i have a broad musical upbrining which allows me to be absolutely honest about what i like and dont like. I urge everyone to give Five Sorrows a try. just because it isnt the run of the mill rehashed bull---- 3 chords and blast beats 100% of the time doesnt mean this isnt good. It's definitely not for everyone. but, if you have an open mind when it comes to this music give them a try. I am giving these guys a 10 out of 10... definitely a fresh breath to industrialized goth/metal music and also to the underground.... - S.O.I. Records/ Extreme Metal Zine


2004 Flaming Fish Automata 8 Compilation
2006 Prelude EP

"Gate Keeping" has received airplay on Springfield, IL's WQLZ weekly regional band show, Bandemonium and on Penn State's radio station.
Five Sorrows also receives play on Rock For Life's streaming radio, RFL Radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Five Sorrows began by Kenneth Little sometime in 2003 under the project name of Saturnine Mystery. As it progressed and matured the name was changed to Five Sorrows, which represents the Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Christ.
In 2004 Five Sorrows was asked to play the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL and a live version was formed.
Musically, Five Sorrows is influenced by a variety of styles and genres from cinematic orchestra to rock, rap, industrial and various electronic styles. These influences combined form the unique sound that is Five Sorrows.
Five Sorrows' live show is an experience both audibly and visually. Extensive and elaborate lighting accompanied by projected video and TV screens synched to the music make for a live experience equal to that of mainstream acts.