Five Star Homeless

Five Star Homeless


More often than not people will try to lump Five Star Homeless into the category of Alt-country. That is until they witness the music first hand. Whether it be on disc or a live setting Five Star Homeless leaves no musical stone unturned.


Five Star Homeless, led by Matt Griffith, has steadily gained popularity on the Canadian prairie roots music scene since the year 2000. Hailing from the heart of their beloved province of Saskatchewan this Saskatoon band continues to seduce audiences with a unique and original brand of music. Their distinct musical style resonates with the traditional sounds of country, bluegrass and rockabilly while never failing to make a connection between the old and the new. This versatility enables Five Star Homeless to entertain a listening audience ranging from the younger and more aggressive listeners to those with a more mature and refined musical taste.

While Five Star Homeless takes pride in their instrumental diversity, the band's primary focus is on storytelling. Not of the tales and myths commonly associated with the Saskatchewan prairie but the stories of the people whose effect on this proud and unique culture has been considerably more subtle and indirect.


Hurricane Harley

Written By: Matt Griffith and Five Star Homeless

Hurricane Harley

Hurricane Harley was a hard headed man
He came from northern blood
Down from the Promised Land
And his uncle Tim
He had balls of steel

They’d tell each other stories
By the television lights
Someone’s always knockin’
When you’re livin’ this life
And they never suspected a thing
When the call came in

But Tim hung up the phone and said
My adventure leads me to the town of cows
And it’s not the kind of trip
That you take by the light of day
And I got to get there early
Or those boys of mine will surely
Break my bones and how
I my line of work
There are bills you’ve got to pay
So brother when you say you’re in
You’re in
All the way

Now Harley wasn’t one
To leave anyone behind
Not quite a slave to his conscience
But he was raised to be kind
And he could tell by the look in Tim’s eyes
They better get a move on
And three hours later
The roads were four lanes wide
At a hundred miles an hour
You just prey and hold on tight
Then Tim made the suggestion
“Maybe we should take the back roads”
And Harley said

But I ain’t drivin’ faster
My disaster dances in the back
Of my head
And my momma needs the car
To get to work again
Come Monday
But let’s just keep on truckin’
There ain’t no way I’m fuckin’
With the born
To ride
In our line of work
There are bills you got to pay
So brother when I say I’m in
I’m in
All the way

Some people like to talk
Say they still walk the walk
But with locks on all their doors
And the walls in between
Will be seldom unseen
It’s only fools who wage the wars

And when it all went down
You could hear his heart pound
But you can’t stop the hurricane
And Tim played it cool
He just played by the rules
He always knew just what to say

So brother when I say I’m in
I’m in
All the way


- "Prairie Farm Report/Western Producer" July 2008
- "Lost Wages" June 2006
- "Comfortable Distance" Nov 2003
- "Comin' Right Up" (7 song EP) Dec 2001

Set List

Five star Homeless has a broad musical repertoire consisting of an always-growing list of home-grown original material, as well as a healthy dose of hand-picked covers. We usually play three 45 minute sets but are capable of so much more (or less depending on the engagement). Musically our sets range from traditional bluegrass and country right on through to borderline psychobilly. All songs performed with a little bit of the hillbilly charm generally associated with the Canadian Prairie.