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Five Star Iris

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


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Five Star Iris @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Five Star Iris @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Five Star Iris @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"This Atlanta indie-pop band comes equipped with a big, shimmering guitar sound and hooks that go down easy." - Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel

"...sometimes you just want that soulful, hard (but not too hard), guitar-focused, good ol' rock 'n' roll, and Five Star Iris is just the remedy...this band from Atlanta may be a new kid on the block but clearly is here to stay. Their performances on the Rock Boat of contagious tracks like "Let It All Out" and "All I Am" (which was co-written by Collective Soul's Ed Roland) immediately won them new fans." - Jezebel Magazine

There are so many independent artists out there today that are releasing music on their own. Few of them are good enough to be recognized by the masses as something new and exciting because, frankly, the numbers game has allowed the market to become flooded. But bands like Atlanta’s Five Star Iris remind us all that there is a key element missing in most of the rock landscape: good songs. At the risk of sounding like a broken, er, CD, good songs are what separate the mediocre bands from the great ones. Five Star Iris, with its self-titled debut, is not great yet but has the potential to be. With a guitar-driven, melodic, slightly alternative collection of songs that bring to mind fellow Atlanta products Butch Walker or Collective Soul, as well as a more modern sounding Tonic, this is a band to keep your eyes on because they could break out in a big way. “Follow You Down” and “Starry Eyed” kick things off nicely, but the best tracks on this album are buried a little deeper. Witness the semi-ballad “Luckiest Man” or the positively spine-tingling “Weathered.” ~Mike Farley (11/09/06) -

This quartet is from Atlanta, but it strutted its stuff all the way across the Atlantic last year to win the 2005 United Kingdom Songwriting Contest. Singer Alan Schaefer can take most of the credit for that, as he wrote or co-wrote everything on this nice debut.

Schaefer tackles the usual subjects like infatuation (“Starry Eyed”) and the break-up (“Follow You Down”) with panache, and you can just picture a live audience swaying back and forth slowly to his romantic, breathy vocals on “Is There Something I Can Do.” “Let it All Out” features a slight nod to the band's southern roots with a bit of sweet slide guitar and the song also has the feeling of any number of hits cranked out by Collective Soul.

If you like the Collective Soul sound you will probably like Five Star Iris which is not only produced by that band's producer Dexter Green but Schaefer shares songwriting credits on two songs here (“Anyway,” “All I Am”) with Collective Soul's Ed Roland.

Grade: B+ -

Making music is a tricky endeavor, and for Five Star Iris, returning
tonight to Cactus Creek Cantina and Grill in Rock Hill, it's very much an
ongoing process.

This Atlanta-based group features lead singer/guitarist Alan Schaefer
with Rob Schaefer, bass/vocals; Alex Winfield, lead guitar/vocals; and
Dan Fishman, drums/vocals.

The guys' long road of creative development has led them to where it
seems everything is coming together. The anthemic first single's title,
"Let It All Out," on the group's self-titled debut album pretty much
sums up the triumph. Five Star Iris's soulful rock melodies, strong
songs, lush harmonies and positive message maintain the belief of
liberation and expression.

"What we captured was really more of an evolution of a process," says
Schaefer. "We grew individually and collectively in such profound ways
and truly learned how to work together. It's really incredible when I
stop to think about it." Schaefer maintains that along the way in the
creation and recording of the album, it took on a life of its own.

"We are a modest bunch, but (we) knew deep in our hearts that we
were creating something special and," he says, "for the first time ever
we know that not only did we do our best...we gave more than our all."

The CD is selling well, getting airplay and "the feedback from fans is
amazing," Schaefer says. He adds that the guys love to connect with
fans and it's "OK for anyone to come up and talk to us" at the show.

In early 2007, the group will head out on the road supporting fellow
Georgian rockers Collective Soul, but you can catch Five Star Iris
tonight at Cactus Creek Cantina, 1935 Cinema Drive off Dave Lyle
Boulevard at Interstate 77. Call 325-1336 for show time and ticket
information. For more on the band, go to or fivestariris.
- The Herald/Charleston SC

Five Star Iris sounds like they just missed their record deal and big break right before the Goo Goo Dolls got theirs. Frankly, I’d rather listen to Five Star Iris than many world acclaimed band. The band put on an incredibly fun show on Saturday night at Eighth & Rail.

Alan Schaefer has a star aura about him when he’s singing their originals and creative cover songs that captivates an audience beyond belief.

The first cover song they performed after their first set was Pink Floyd’s “Speak to Me/Breath,” and they did a good job at it, too. Their next move was a series of covers of Pearl Jam, Oasis and even some Guns N’ Roses. Their creativeness and skill as musicians allowed them to move fluently between each of these bands’ style of rock.

When it came time for originals, the audience seemed a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but they played “Starry Eyed” we all knew at once that these guys could rock.

Alex Winfield on lead guitar, Rob Schaefer on bass and Dan Fishman on drums will be back with Alan to Eighth and Rail in April. Check out their Web site at - Randy Khrut for The Corner News

AL ASAD, Iraq (July 23, 2007) -- The stresses of a combat deployment can sometimes overwhelm service members. Increased operational tempos and separation from loved ones can start to take their toll. When that happens, service members need a little something to vent the stress.

That is exactly what the band Five Star Iris gave them during their concert at the Al Asad base theater, July 12. For two hours the four-man band shook the house with melodic guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics.

The concert was just one stop on the band’s 25-day tour of the Middle East. The tour’s 15 shows took the band everywhere from Qatar to Iraq, with their last show scheduled in Bahrain.

“We’re big supporters of service men and women, and we were fortunate enough to be asked to do this,” said Alan Schaefer, the lead singer for Five Star Iris. “We’ve done two tours with the Navy, and when they asked us about Iraq we said ‘absolutely’.”

The band consists of Schaefer, Alex Winfield on the guitar, Robert Schaefer on the bass, and Dan Fishman behind the drums.

The band played many of their own songs, including “Let It All Out,” the first single from their self-titled debut album. They also played a few cover songs. One highlight of the evening was when Winfield surprised service members by singing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.”

“We’re having a blast,” said Alan. “We get a chance to go around and learn what everybody does. We got to sit in a zillion dollar plane and put on flight gear. It may be an everyday thing for (service members), but it’s an experience for us.”

The band says they have been welcomed with open arms at every stop, but have developed a special affinity for the Marines they have met during their tour.

“Marines have been the most welcoming,” said Fishman. “Everybody has been nice, but the Marines have done that little extra. And they’re a lot more laid back. If it wasn’t for the Marines, we wouldn’t have been able to do the Iraq shows.”

The band was almost stranded at their previous destination. If not for a Marine KC-130J, the band would have missed several shows, explained Fishman

The Marines in the crowd returned the sentiment. Many stayed after the show to get autographs from the band and to take photos with them.

“Five Star Iris is going to be a big hit in the future,” said Lance Cpl. Jessica Perez, the maintenance management chief for Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28. “They’re an All-American band that supports the troops. We had a great time, and I definitely look forward to getting their CD.”

Even though the band is having fun spending time with service members in the Middle East, they can not wait to go back and share their experiences with people back in the states, according to Alan.

“It’s been awesome,” said Alan. “We’re excited to go home and let everybody know about all the good stuff that is going on here. It’s amazing.” - Marine Corps News


Live acoustic album "Live Fools" - 13 songs including 1 previously unreleased - recorded live and "unplugged" at Wise Fools Pub, Chicago, IL

Self-Titled Full Length Album
Singles "Is There Something I Can Do" and "Let It All Out" over 800 spins at KENZ Salt Lake City - additional airplay at WXLO Olean, NY & WBOW Terre Haute.

Self-titled 6 song EP
Single "Day In The Sun" received spins on more than 40 commercial stations in 2004.



For years, singer/songwriter Alan Schaefer has tried to deliver music that is positive but not preachy, while clearly coming from the heart. His efforts can be heard on the past four releases by Five Star Iris, the band name under which he records and performs. Often described as a modern version of classic rock, Five Star Iris’ appeals to a wide variety of music fans. Honest songwriting that refreshingly touches on relatable themes such as personal accountability, social commentary and communication has attracted a uniquely supportive and loyal fan base for the band.

Five Star Iris takes great pride in the connection that they make on and off stage. “It’s all about people,” says Schaefer. “To have the chance to make such a profound difference in other’s lives by simply doing what I love makes me luckier than most. It’s certainly something I try hard not to take for granted,” he adds. This theme is expanded on in the beautifully orchestrated song “Luckiest Man” which is a song near and dear to Schaefer’s heart and was written after his father underwent quintuple bypass surgery. “While in recovery, my father told me that he spoke to a voice and asked why he was so lucky. Why was he still here? That experience had a profound emotional affect on me and in dealing with those emotions the song practically wrote itself,” says Schaefer.

As an independent band 5si has had the opportunity to do some pretty major things. Recent years have produced a number of milestones including multiple appearances on national television, articles in both Spin and Billboard Magazines and music features on well known television shows. Additionally, 5si has traveled the globe entertaining U.S. servicemen and women in more than 15 countries including places like Iraq, Japan and Australia.

Look for new music to be released in 2010.