Fixed Idea

Fixed Idea

 El Paso, Texas, USA

An El Paso (El Chuco) based ska band influenced by El Paso's diversity, from cumbia to reggae and punk. Fixed Idea cunningly blends them all together to come up with its unique sound of ska. Our music hits up all generations and leaves the audience wanting more.


Celebrating 20+ years, the latin ska/punk band, FIXED IDEA, is a local powerhouse. With roots stemming from a talented and energetic group of high school friends in the lower valley of El Paso, TX; the band has matured into an act that is recognized nationally by the committed ska/punk enthusiast.

FIXED IDEA consists of keyboards, a full horn section, percussion, drums and guitars. We offer a blend of ska with heavy latino, punk, reggae, and 60’s rock n roll influences. We are committed to bringing our blend of music to a diverse audience. All ages and backgrounds can be seen enjoying a FIXED IDEA performance at various venues throughout the southwest.
We have been around for a long time playing for local audiences exceeding 300 attendees and are willing to play for as few as two. We have performed with many national acts including Ozomatli, The Skatalites, The Slackers, Rancid, Voodoo Glowskulls, The Toasters, The Pie Tasters, The Queers, Chris Murray, MU330, Mike Park, Alkaline Trio, HR (from Bad Brains), The Pepper Pots (from Spain), and Roco from (Maldita Vecindad).  

We have played for many festivals and events in and out of town such as the Los Angeles Skacore Invasion, Neon Desert, KLAQ Balloon Festival, El Paso Downtown Street Festival, the El Paso Mardi Gras event at the El Paso County Coliseum, Music Under the Stars International Music Festival at Chamizal National Memorial, Tattoo Conventions at the El Paso Civic Center, El Gymnasio Municipal (Luchador wresting venue in Juarez Mex.), and of course countless varieties of Bars and Clubs throughout the city. We have even played private shows for weddings and as entertainment for pilots participating in the Amigo Airshow. Some fun experiences included appearances on televised shows such as Good Morning El Paso and on a small TV sitcom on a Monterey CA station. Besides playing El Paso, we have played isolated shows throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Mexico. We love to play, we try to play out at least twice a month and practice multiple times every week; music is our life.

Although symbolically, the name FIXED IDEA carries the connotations of being fixated on an idea and following through with the members’ internal goals. The band name has proven to be the driving force for us as we continue to grow, change, and develop; fixated on an idea of fun, friendship, music, dance, and fellowship. Band members have described their experiences with the group as self fulfilling, a reflection of their craftsmanship, and autobiographical in their lyrics.

FIXED IDEA as won awards such as Best Local Original band in 2013 and 2014 in El Paso, and were runners up for Best of The Border in El Paso.  Two albums to be released August 2014 and September 2014.  The full length album 'Walk Like A Warrior" with 10 tracks, and a 5 song EP "Cruise To My Blues" to be released on vinyl.  One of our tracks 'Ya Murio' was featured on the Hellcat/Smelvis Records CD compilation 'Dale La Bota' in 2013.   FIXED IDEA listeners and music lovers can enjoy FIXED IDEA’s existing catalog which includes the bands first recorded 7” album released in 1996, “Skankin Oldies”-1998, “Fixed Idea”, LP-2000, “Traditions of My Addiction” - 2002, “La Muerte”-2005. and "Live, Raw, and Personal"-2012. We have never stopped playing and growing as musicians, we never plan to either.


Things I do For You

Written By: Fixed Idea-Juan Francisco Mendoza

I'll pick you up, I'll take you down..Things I do for you.
I'll cheer you up when your wearing a frown... Things I do for you.
You make my world go round and round...Things I do for you.
You make my six ft hole in the ground.. Things I do for you.

You know I wanted you for so long x2
I stand in front of you and sing to you.
Things I do for you.

Fixed Idea

Written By: Fixed Idea-Juan Francisco Mendoza

I've always had a Fixed Idea stuck inside my head.
I know what I want, you can't take that away from me.
I just don't know how you're gonna take it.
Irie or irrate.
I don't come to bow, I come to conquer, obstacles I reign.
I'll wake up and do it all over again but this time I'll do it better.


1996-Chuco Town, 7" record
1998-"Skankin' Oldies"
1999- Puro Eskanol Volume 2 "Rice and Beans" compilation, "Check it out".
1999-Self titled C.D.
2002-"Traditions of My Addictions"
2003-Chuco Life
2003- Broken Bonez Records Comp. Volume 1.
2004- Broken Bonez Records Comp. Volume 2.
2005-La Muerte
2005- Broken Bonez Records Comp. Volume 3.
2007- "Luz Verde" Television show, theme song " El Chuco".
2012- "Live, Raw, and Personal" Live album

Set List

Typical 45-mins sets (13-15 original songs)

At the Side of the Park
Rude Boy
Ya Murio
Fixed Idea
Feel My Wrath
Rock This Joint
La Bomba
Building A Future
Check it out