“Fixer is like having intimate relations with someone you just met. Exciting, unpredictable, and ultimately explosive.”


Fixer Press Release (Spring 2008)

After enjoying the interest of several labels, New York City hard rock band Fixer has signed with Riker Hill Records, a newly launched IDN distributed label eager to take aggressive action with a short list of talented rock bands. Michael Morrison, Founder and CEO of Riker Hill, couldn’t be more enthusiastic about securing Fixer’s services. “They’re ambitious and totally dedicated,” he says. “I love their vitality and musicality. Their songs grabbed me from the first time I heard them.”

Lynn Lendway, Riker Hill’s COO, agrees that not only were they immediately attracted to the band’s sound, it was also love at first sight. “The minute we saw these guys live we knew they were the next wave. Fixer combines pop sensibilities with the persona of the great rock icons. They’re bringing authentic showmanship back to music.”

The founding members of Fixer came together in college and the band has been cultivating a fervent fan base ever since. Their intense work ethic - rehearsing, writing, recording, and touring constantly - has turned Fixer into a well-oiled machine with monster chops to match. This combination of brains and brawn excites Riker Hill, which strongly believes in live performance and opts to focus on artists willing to hit the road hard, old school-style, in support of a release. With its muscular, crafted sound falling somewhere between GNR, STP, and Green Day, Fixer delivers on that MO. Their Riker Hill debut, ‘Before The Sun’ is scheduled for an early Spring release.

With a road dog mentality, Fixer is most comfortable on tour. Barely unpacked from the last stretch, they’re repacking and heading out again in early February, this time with Fosterchild, featuring members from Fuel and Tantric. (for dates, please check

The band - singer Evan R. Saffer, guitarist Tommy Zamp, bassist J Brown, and drummer Rev Swank - feels equally enthusiastic signing with Riker Hill. “They have great people working with us and the whole label is young and fresh,” says Saffer. “We’ve spent many months hanging out with them, getting to know them, and now we feel like we have the ultimate team. It’s an invigorating time for everyone.”

Adds Lendway, “As a label, we’re interested in bands who offer the complete package: great music, charismatic live shows and non-stop, fearless ambition. Fixer definitely fulfills that description and we know everyone else will agree.”


Tell No One

Written By: Evan R. Saffer

Stain my skin as the water runs down my face
Swallowed the past, but I can't forget the taste
Just pretend my reflection is someone else
Anonymous if I keep this to myself


Uh’d better leave it alone
Uh oh…tell no one
Secrets better left unsaid, so keep it
Tell no one

Paint a picture but the picture is a fictional place
You can't imagine what it's like to live inside this space
Take perfection and you smear it all over my face
All that you love is all that I hate

I hate...

In my eyes, can you see
There's more than one of me
Trust me...

I wanna burn 'cause it gets me high
There's no faking my way this time
We are two different machines
You have no idea what I believe

Down Without It

Written By: Fixer

Do you remember the first time?
You came on a summer night
So beautiful in white…
I was goin' down

Tell me where the love's gone
Have you felt this way for long?
Can I still turn you on?
Are we goin' down?

Taking your love away
I'm fading, I fade to gray
There's no doubt about it
I'm goin' down without it

Sinking here like a stone
Thrown into the ocean
There's no doubt about it
I'm going down without it

Was it all pretend?
So tight until the end
Somewhere you threw it in
Was it love or lies?

Can we make love again,
Like we did in the beginning?
In the middle of the night you said
"I'm going down."

Head In My Hands

Written By: Fixer

Here comes the pain again
Old and full of days
Here comes the rain again
Curse me to my face

In my arms again,
Fallin' outta my life again
Holdin' head in my hands again
Poison into my heart again

Here comes the same mistake
Whistlin' on the wind
Here comes the same earthquake
Pretend to be my friend

Curse me to my face
Will not hesitate
Fear is just a child


Fixer Discography::

Title: Before the Sun (LP)
Released April 8, 2008 on Riker Hill Records

Track listing: Tell No One
Head In My Hands
Down Without It
Before the Sun
Hillbilly Heroin
Mixing In With My Blood
What It's Like
Home Again
Dirty Girl
When It Comes To You

Streaming/Radio: First single "Tell No One" getting adds/airplay in various markets throughout the country. "Mixing In With My Blood" was featured on MTV's "The Hills."

Set List

Most recent set performed 6/28/08 at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC:

Before the Sun
Mixing In With My Blood
Dirty Girl
Hillbilly Heroin
Head In My Hands
Corpse Estate
Down Without It
Home Again
Tell No One