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Our music is dub-hip-hop-soul and our message is spiritual activist street- hop. Our likeness is a melding of Black Thought from the Roots meets Lauryn Hill, backed by a rockin ass, dubbed-out, soulfull boombastic beat. Our fans and audiences are always left drenched but satisfied.


According to Fiyawata, the radio is a great example of what NOT to do. Fiyawata finds its pride of artistry in the fact that it steers clear of tired convention and strives always to create music that is original. As evidence of this musical ethic, look no farther than the band's music. Fiyawata boasts a signature sound, the mark of aural auteurs. Distinct songwriting flavors permeate every tune that Fiyawata writes and records. This group of musicians isn't interested in finding its place in the current scheme of things. Instead, Fiyawata is only happy carving its own niche.

Talent Convergence
Bringing together personalities from opposite ends of the country – Ambessa from Brooklyn, New York and Zakiya from Oakland, CA – these two have joined their talents in the Bay Area in order to forge a formidable new sound. Fiyawata's sound consists of a heady blend of hip-hop stylings, reggae groovaliciousness, deep and powerful soul and Afro-Latin elements. It's a transcendent brew and it's a good thing, too, considering what Fiyawata has to say. “Our message is a fine concoction of spiritual enlightenment, activism and day-to-day street life.”

Stage Time
Fiyawata has earned a special place in the realm of music and the band's popularity continues to grow. Fiyawata's magnificent music has earned the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Yellowman, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Planet Asia, Latoya London, Blackalicious, Dead Prez, Killa Mike, Zion-I, Prophets of Rage and the Crown City Rockers. Fiyawata has appeared at such noteworthy venues as Studio Z, Last Day Saloon, New College of California, The Oakland Box Theater, The Jahva House, Blake's of Berkeley, CB's Gallery, Wetlands and Nkiru Books.

Erotic Sorcery
Fiyawata's self-described “dubHIPHOP and rocking soul” is a potent brand of spellweaving. “Our music is high frequency medicinal erotic sorcery that sways humanity into cosmic ecstasy.” Indeed, Fiyawata's music is utterly compelling, luring the listener into a transcendent trance. There is fun to be had here, but this is an experience that extends well beyond mere entertainment. For Fiyawata, music is a being that makes the listener feel “ecstatic, energetic, all-powerful, vibrant and like God.”

The Artist at Work
Fiyawata is busy planning a Fall 2007 East Coast Tour. Meanwhile, writing and recording are under way. The band is in the process of wrapping up work on a mixtape entitled “This Is a Journey Into Sound.” A new album, “Journeys of a Destined Nation,” has also been announced. Guaranteed to be icons in hip-hop and the entire field of music, Fiyawata is the inspiration the world has been seeking for a very long time and at last this long-sought force of music is here to turn the party out.

“You could call Fiyawata hip-hop, but that would be kind of like calling Jimi Hendrix a guitarist.”


Journey Inside

Written By: FIYAWATA

Complex like prison industrial,
or bureaucrats with lust to lock up the youth
Like could be so cruel, collected obstacles,
Connecting nostrils to,
The smell of hate surrounding you,
Pounding ya, Pounding ya, Trouble water drowning ya, Till you look-inside God is found ya, What does it mean, does it seem to profound to ya,
Or unreal, made up like a clown to ya,
I break it down to ya, Now it's ya time to eliminate, Thoughts that obliterate,
Your hearing clearly the calling of your faith, Leading to inaction which leads to lack of faith. Feeling like ya beaten, like the masturbated time, your mind's many fears got ya wasting. Time to brace up, face ya maker, it's ya fate what, wake up wake up, yes your soul is your own to control, your goals will unfold soon as you choose lets go. Lets go... How far you want to grow


Live In The Raw EP
Destined Nation Media
Summer 2005

This Is A Journey Into Sound
Destined Nation Media
Spring Summer 08

Journey N2 Sound
Destined Nation Media
Fall 08'

Set List

A mix of all original music and hybrids of original lyrics performed over contemporary instrumentals. Our sets vary in length from 15 to 60 minutes. Our most popular stage set consists of the following tunes:

1. Into- 10 sec 1900 Hustler Instrmental (by Kanye West)

2. Ill Right (performed to The Roots' Don't Feel right instr.)

3. Anthem (100% original music)

4. Body Move (100% original music)

5. Fiyamedley (performed to a mix of Heard Em say instr. by Kanye West and The Realest instr. by The Alchemist)

6. District (100% original music)

7. Warn Dem (100% original music)

8. Move Ya Self Interlude (Instrumental by DJ Hi-Tek)

9. Do ya Know My Name (100% original music)