With newly added troublemakers Ben Melius and Cody Wales, Fizakat has grown exponentially from their humble beginnings. Now Kyle Busey and Phil Chappell teamed up with the youngins are writing with an original rock-funk fusion style that is taking the mountains by storm.


In their search for the ellusive Fizakat, Kyle, Phil Ben and Cody decided to create an original rock super-group to guide their journey. A truly unique character comes from their original songs. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Otis Redding and Cake are just a few of the band's influences. Started early in 2008, the group is working on their 3rd album, amidst constant live recording.


No Room For Danger

Written By: Kyle Busey

When I feel the dirt that covers the earth, and its falling right down on me. If it really was a sin I wish I'd known there and then to change the course that led me far astray The look in their eyes of sheer grave surprise what a disguise for a careful contempt. But here comes the dark, a rumbling chill, and I'm covered in startled regret. When I go I'll let you know if its everything we talked about. Trading lies beneath clear skies, thinking I could dig my own way. If I take your heavy wager, there's no room left for danger. Will you own up to it or just nail it shut again. She took you for a fool with lots of power but no tools. Cruel twists reverse backwards philosophy. Constricting all she can knowing that you're just one man, intoxicate your mind with her grand design. Till that day you stopped her cancer, walked away no fading glances, can you push past the mindless urge. To relapse in her piercing gaze, get lost inside her endless maze, light up again and let her win. Chorus The jokes on me apparently, I lost my will to barely see, a long time girl who never left my mind. Always right in front of me no help from all around, they try, some try but only strengthen her resolve. A wicked circle always comes around, leaves no strangers, only strange acquaintances will know the whole of me. She lights a flame and the circle comes around again.

Public Humiliation

Written By: Kyle Busey

You caught me off my guard. You juked right past me, like I was standing still. You hit me from the side, with that backhanded news, spilling all on the floor. Am I your cleanup crew, for the drama that ensues. You shout my name and think that fixes everything. Public infatuation turns into public humiliation. You got all drunk again, I think that the whole bar knew so except for you. This is a consequence of me leaving the door wide open for you to break on through. Why'd we let it build up, a broken statue of our good intentions. Crumbling down like fallen angels, I realize now I'm falling right beside. You called again last week, left a message, sounding incomplete. Asking me to do You one little favor, well it was too much I finally got that door closed. I guess now things are through, done with me and you. Scream and yell I cant hear anything, Public infatuation turned into public humiliation.


Written By: Kyle Busey

I wander through the clouds, thinking that I know exactly what you're looking for. And the way its turned out now, plays second fiddle to nothing else in my mind. At first you said hello, but wrong impressions were sailing right on by. But the way it turned out now, makes me wonder how I didn't do everything upside down. So when you say what it is that you mean, you could really say nothing at all. We left all the skittles, covering the floor. What do you think, about the way things turned out now? Something complicated came to light last night, when you opened your mind under the full moonlight, now we're drunk again but it's a means to an end, we just get started then its morning again. I have no master plan when my words seem canned by some deepened emotion, over the ocean, put your hand on my tibia and go straight to Namibia when you come back home we'll do it over again. I know the way that you like to play, we'll take it nice and slow we got no place to go, we got no place to go. When you say my name it absolves you of blame and If I just thought twice well it would be a shame, but I tend to over think things, so lets move on.


Written By: Kyle Busey

Before I walked in the door, I had a gut feeling it was over. My heart fell to the floor, seeing you there with somebody different. I knew what you did it for, way back when it seems, I did something stupid. I always take the blame, because its easier than blaming you for something you did. The way I see things now are I can leave or I can stay. If I leave then I lose you, if I stay it could be worse. Are my dreams enough to interpret the whole thing might be too much. You might not understand them, I can barely comprehend myself. There's a floodgate on my mouth and the waters rising, nothings holding me back now. Of course now I swallow my tongue... So many preachers so many ways, too many ears can hear what we say. Through all the lies and the compromise, only there lies sunny skies. Shallow dreams and hollow hearts, empty hallways for plans and schemes. Growing restless from day to day, I need a place to go away. I see the light, at the end of the tunnel, it cant lead me astray. Either thats daylight or its a locomotive headed my way. I turn to run cause I'm not sure if its time to head that way anymore. Words fly at me in holy force, most pass right through but one or two. If there's a god thats listening please take my sins and redeem me. I have done my woman wrong, things have gone off all along. She lost my trust and gained my shame. Hows it feel her head with that pain. A ghost appeared in the lake and said wash your sins from which you ache. I see the light, at the end of the tunnel, it cant lead me astray. Either thats daylight or its a locomotive headed my way. The engine lets out a mighty roar it picks up speed, gas to the floor. Nothings driving this ghostly train, headed toward me in a ball of flame. I made it here and I can make it home so thanks for the help but I'll do it alone. You stick to your guns and I'll reload the test is here its time to show. I see the light, at the end of the tunnel, it cant lead me astray. Either thats daylight or its a locomotive headed my way.


KGNU Boulder and KRFC Fort Collins have played selections off of "Grip N"Rip", including Blue Chevy, and current live tracks. All tracks are available through Last FM, on our website, or on our Myspace page.

Set List

Here is a set from a show on 12-19-08:
Set 1: 55 minutes
No Room for Danger
Come to Be
Blue Chevy
Witchy Woman (cover)
Good Sky

Covers range from Eagles to Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers and so on. With 6 sets of material today, most sets are about an hour, but Fizakat has a tendency to play as long as they are allowed to.