Fiz Compulsive

Fiz Compulsive

 Québec, Quebec, CAN


Fiz Compulsive is often told that he’s an unconventional thinker with a gripping compulsive nature. He’s a zombie loving, computer geek with a passion for songwriting and music making.

Growing up in Quebec, he was the typical kid taking classical piano lessons until he heard Eruption by Eddie Van Halen. Fascinated, he picked up the guitar and blasted his household with rock and roll. With the encouragement of his parents (God bless them) and the desire to become a better musician, he pursued an education in music and studied various styles ranging from classical to jazz.

Like most young musicians, the dream of a rockstar life and the desire to make music that would one day be recognized motivated him to put together a band. Eventually, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and toured the southeast with the band U-Phonik. They performed throughout the region for seven years and attended the SXSW, Atlantis Music Fest, and FMF music conferences. The journey was an irreplaceable experience of personal and cultural growth.

Since then, he has returned home and is producing his own music in his basement studio. Now more than ever, he’s digging into his songwriting craft. With a retro, garagy, surf like sound, storytelling lyrics, and driving rhythms, Fiz Compulsive hopes to get you out of your seat.


Don't Let Her Walk By

Written By: Louis Fiset

Don’t Let Her Walk By

You’re staring at the tiles of the staff room
You can’t hear your boss on the intercom calling you
There’s someone special on your mind
And you find yourself falling behind

Every time Lucie’s near
You suddenly disappear
Crazy how you want her
But your weak knees can’t hold you together

Don’t let her walk by, she could get swept away
Go for it, don’t wait another day
Don’t let her walk by, could be the last chance you get
Jump on it s’not worth living with regret

You’re planning with care, how to approach her
Reciting your fancy lines over and over
Inspired you want to break the ice
You’re totally psyched it’s time to roll the dice

Nothing to lose so much to gain
Rejection is still lurking in your brain
Nothing to lose so much to gain
You’re afraid to relive the past again

At the coffee machine, there she stands in sight
You make your move praying everything will be all right
Funny words spoken and a laugh comes out of her smile
A Friday night date made it all worth the while

Every time Lucie’s near
The world now disappears
Crazy how you want her
But with weak knees, you still held it together

Where's The Love?

Written By: Louis Fiset

Where’s The Love?

Buzzer blares, hit snooze, but I got to get up
Roll out of bed, hit the shower and I suit up
Coffee’s black, toast is dry, read the paper and choke
Headlines these days really ain’t no joke

Grab my keys, lock the door and back out my drive
Stuck in traffic, sirens wail and the cruisers fly by
Running late, need some tunes to change my mood
Radio blasts, a news flash, it’s all bad news

What is wrong well what is wrong in the world today?
More violence, anger, hatred, more every day
Shooting, stabbing, cheating, stealing, dreams wasted away
It will spread again, spread again, it’s not ok!

Hey, hey, where’s the love love? Where’s the harmony?
Hey, hey, where’s the love love? Can we live peacefully?

Back from work, brutal day, I need to unwind
Grab a beer, hit the couch and I recline
Turn on the tube, jump the channels to skip the news
No can do, lockdown, felons on the loose

Stop what you’re doing and start thinking, how to lend a hand
Tune in and listen to what he was saying and give peace a chance
Just give peace a chance
Just give peace a chance

Tones Of Gray

Written By: Louis Fiset

Tones Of Gray

Her endless love, it penetrates
Splendid wonder, she radiates
Streams of serenity, fields of peace
Does mother earth have to bear the torments of our needs?
It’s time we give back

Her brightness blown
In a universe of her own
In her distinctive way
Dissolving into tones of gray

Wounds on her face are slowly revealed
Her bruised body waiting to heal
The harm we’ve done, brought upon her
As she spins on forever

It’s time we give back
And show we care
It’s time we give back

Her brightness blown
In a universe of her own
In her distinct way
Dissolving into tones of gray

As we learn of her pain
Will we love or will we live in vain?
The sorrow she displays
Dissolving into tones of gray

Together can we come?
Unite and be one?
Find it in our core
Make this planet soar


Written By: Louis Fiset


Firecracker, sweet talker
Cherry lips, sarcastic laughter
She’s a bombshell babe, bang bang, love bullets in my heart

Foxy hair, cool swagger
Fine pair, slippery answers
I got a bad feeling she's found comfort with someone else

Degenerated this whole thing became
Emasculated and played as a pawn in her game

I got tricked by her fancy lies
I should have questioned the obvious signs
I got tricked by her succulent wine
And I’ll be history in no time
And the con goes on…

She told me this was the real thing
Like a sucker I held onto the dream
She’s a bombshell babe, bang bang, love bullets in my heart

Jab, jab, uppercut, knockout
Down, down I’m going down for the count