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F. J Blues is as Australian as the original F J Holden car which introduced the concept of the ‘ute’ to the world. They currently are domiciled in the Southern areas of the Greater Brisbane Area. FJ Blues has been playing around South East Queensland and gained praise in the local paper at Tambourine where they were written up as ‘making ears smile’ during their scarecrow festival. They have also played such places as the Cedar Creek Markets, Jubilee Hotel, Chalk Hotel, and the Mansfield in Brisbane itself.

Like most bands with some longevity, FJ Blues has had several previous iterations, however the current line up is a simple and basic three piece, guitar, bass and drums, which means that each player has room to breathe musically while the concentrated whole produces a united sound that is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.

Lady Jade; Percussionist, vocalist and bass player.
Jade was originally a bass player, but before coming to the band switched to drums and percussion. Her enthusiasm and willingness to try new horizons, as well as her ability on the kit, originally won her the place in the band. Lady J has progressed a long way from those original beginnings and is a valuable and core member of this unit.

Johnny Blind Dog; Bass Player, vocalist and guitarist.
John has been playing in bands for many years. Perfecting his trademark bass playing that is as solid as the continent that spawned the F J Holden and F J Blues, he is the heartbeat of the band. But he is also its primary voice, and just to change things around switches to acoustic guitar for quieter sets. John was given his moniker in a previous band back in the 1980’s and it has stuck ever since.

Detroit Scoey; Guitarist. Vocalist, Bass player.
Scoey, after one gig, was told he was black on the inside by a large man of the darker persuasion. He is here playing blues and roots, making his guitar speak for him with riffs, licks and rhythm chops that are a mixture of Deep Southern Electric and Detroit blues.

Together, these almost unlikely three musicians form the band F J Blues. Having been written up by one journalist as making people’s ears smile when they play they continue to please audiences where ever they perform. Take their unique blend of blues, from the classics to almost unknown numbers, roots songs from bands such as Credence and the Stones, and original rock and roll, blend with an acoustic set, pour over ice, and there is pretty much something for everybody.