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sensational. thought provoking, and definitely not for the weak hearted and simple minded. Its a mix between conscious rap, r and b, and spoken word.


.. Alot of people ask me about what do the initials F.K. stand for...it stands for Felony Knaledge(Knowledge)...and in interpretation of the name it means the way I drop knowledge in my raps it ought to be a crime...Getting into my music...I"m not your typical rapper or person for that matter. By that I mean I actually go deeper into my music and lyrical content than most would even dare to go. My music consists of rather than just a couple of songs thrown onto a cd together to call it a project I actually take my time and give you a hundred percent of my thoughts. So basically with me it's more than words...you are getting true emotions, excellent lyricism, cocky sarcasm, and just an everyday down to earth black male giving you his own views and opinions on a variety of topics. Real Life is Stranger Than Fiction "will" be an album that most should cop especially if you are looking for something way more than something to dance to in the clubs. I call it Real Life is Stranger than Fiction because I dont force myself to go outside of the box, but I realized that I am outside of the "box" because my attitude and my actions set me apart from most in a unique way. I offer you way more than just another manufactured artist claiming that he is a hustler, gangbanger, and a self-proclaimed murderer...I'm doing me being me...real talk and no lies...I'm not going to give you raps about rims and the ice on my watch and how many women I've served up. Basically Real Life is Stranger Than Fiction is about "musically" showing many people that there is something else to look forward to and that Hip Hop is not dead, but on a social level its showing a young black male overcoming all of these negative stereotypes and showing that real people dont sacrafice their integrity...album out now


Damage is Done

Written By: Donald Sutton

Lo and behold this is the evolution of an emcee
I present to you "The Growth" unlike a Joe Budden cd
I'm not expecting this song to be very well received
But I had to rearrange my bowels and burst the gas bubble deep inside of me
My issues dont stem from growing up piss poor
Or never being able to afford the latest jordans from the shoe store
Is was more from moms divorcing pops by the age of four
And how he was always behind on the child support
I have emotional scars that will never ever heal
How can I give it back when I dont know how love feels
He claims he was always there reaching out with a helping hand
So how is it my other had to try to teach me how to be a man
For years my heart has been wounded depply
My twin and I dont share the same point of view so equally
He's holding up well I never knew why I took it so rough
I didnt know I needed a father figure so much

On the table are my deepest intermost feelings
For years Ive been hiding behind my words my emotions I was concealing
Might have given birth to him but he never knew his son
I have to pick up the pieces and keep moving the damage is done
I never knew why I loved little kids so much
Until I realized I wanted what I've never had growing up
A father figure who couldve shaped me to be a better man
I hope you understand my story this is who I am

Moms remarried May 16th 1992
Times were difficult living under another mans roof
Feelings began to surface and then came the obvoius hate
After my little sister came on mothers day 96 and little brother came in 98
It became evident my twin and I were fighting a losing battle
Just floating up the river and we didnt have any paddles
I could never express myself I could never speak out
Everytime I tried I was always told to close my mouth
For years Ive held for my mother deep rooted resentment
I felt like she chose him over us and put us in a bad position
And she will tell you about the trouble and the smut I was bringing in
But I cant help the fact I was introduced to porn at the age of ten
Although I felt like I was born a bastard I shouldve never put you through it
Now that I"m older I understand the pain that you are coping with
I understand now you're still struggling to find happiness
I hope you accept my apology for the things I did to you as a kid

It was you who was there when nobody else cared
I'm glad we patched up our relationship when I got out of jail
My stepdad used to tell me no one really wants you
To let the truth be told your own daddy doesnt even want you

Thats some of the most sickening words I have ever heard
Regardless if there is some truth behind those words
How can you get off trying to cripple a growing mans pride
If death came to you I probably couldnt shed tears to cry
I know I'm wrong I was raised up in the church
How can you forgive when you're dealing with so much hurt
How are you suppose to feel when you're dealing with so much pain
When you're so deep-rooted in depression and you dont think you can smile again
When you're on top today everyone wants to follow
And when you're on the bottom no one comes around tomorrow
I gave tickets to those I didnt want at my graduation
It seems the only time we get together is to make funeral arrangements
Some say if you need something call and they will come around
And whenever you reach out no one is there to be found
Havent spoken to some fam in over three years why?
The afforementioned bars is my explanation why
Ushers not the only one who needs to be confessing
When I know someone who gets a kick out of seeing little boys undressing
I was molested so how can I actually be considered gay
Dude used to try to "Johnny Gill" me and "Rub me the Right Way"
We dont speak till this day I left it at those terms
It seems some memebers of the fam got afflicted with the hate germ
I see them coming after the sucess I see the big picture clearly
The damage is done this is my drama filled movie starring yours truly


Real Life is Stranger than Fiction, Mission Impossible Vols 1 and 2

Set List

The Five Star General, Stand Behind Me, Cocaine is a Helluva Drug, Only the Strong Survive and Damage is Done